Monday, September 22, 2014

Make Up Monday - Under Lock and Key

Here are some note cards I made back in June and just now got around to photographing.  I would have photographed them earlier but I stuck them in a box and forgot they existed.

The Fine Print: All the stamps 'n stuff from Club Scrap from their "Lock and Key" kit.  I wonder how many more boxes have finished cards in them?  I'm betting a lot of them!  It'll be like an adventure to go and find out.  That would be an adventure I'll save for another day though.


Carol L said...

What a gorgeous set of cards! I love the blue & brown colors and all of the thought-provoking sentiments! NJ!

Irish Cherokee said...

How apropos for this day and age. Love the cards and sentiments immensely. Wonderful. - Jim

Squirrel x said...

Now I feel uplifted - great inspirational quotes hun, and stunners of cards. Hugs xx