Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wonderful Windows

Here is a card made with stamps from the March A Muse Studio collection.  It is ending today so if fall in love, make the commitment quickly.
I've seen a number of great cards made with this set, however, this is not one of them. I know I titled this post 'wonderful windows' but really this one is rather mediocre.

The Fine Print:All products by A Muse Studio except Stickles glitter glue and brick background embossing folder. Stamps--Wonderful Windows; cardstock--bubblegum pink and sugar; other products--bubblegum pink stitched grosgrain ribbon.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Club Sketch Card

The large stamp group that I belong to (which actually I'm in charge of, sort of like how you leave the least drunk of your friends to be the designated driver) does an optional monthly card exchange.  This month instead of a theme, we did a sketch layout to follow.

We were provided with the following sketch, which someone borrowed from Splitcoast.  I heard lots of grumbling about how people didn't like to be told what to do, this was too limiting, this was not limiting enough (no dimensions given), etc.  Ultimately a record number of people joined in the swap this month.

I did my usual wait until the last minute thing and then whip out a card. I knew I wanted to do something cute and springlike so here is what I came up with.
My card is definitely in the spirit of the sketch even though it isn't exact since my bottom margin is so small and my circle overlap the main image.  I sort of wanted to not follow the sketch exactly to show others how it is done, but mostly it just happened given the size of the image I wanted to use. Below is the card I received in exchange. I just love the light splatters in the background.
The Fine Print: Hedgehog stamp by Penny Black, paper flowers and brads from my stash, and someone's 6x6 designer paper pad.  The card I received (by EM) is most likely made with Stampin' Up products.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Challenging Cards

We've all heard of a card challenge.  That's where someone says, "Make a card with a blue rhinoceros on it," and everyone who joins in challenge makes a card with their version of a blue rhinoceros on it.
No blue rhinos here
These cards, however, were challenging.  How so you ask?  I only had one hand with which to make them.  That makes things a whole lot more difficult.  No, no, I didn't lose an arm in high stakes poker game nor where there any injuries involving trash compactor and a drunken unicorn. I was on the phone while putting these together.  I don't have a hands-free set or a speaker phone, so one hand was occupied.  I did have an elbow that came into play sometimes.
Like having two hands
The Fine Print: It was a really long phone call so I actually got four cards made but I'm only sharing two now because I might want to have another blog post later this week.  Well, that, and the photographs of the other two cards I took look like they were down by a spastic weasel on crack.  Most of the card stuff by Club Scrap, the "Tribal" kit.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

CAS Thank You

I've had this card in my pending file for quite a long time now and since I don't have anything else to share with you today (shocking, I know), I thought I'd share this.
Part of why I haven't shared it sooner is I made a birthday card pretty much just like it and I may or may not have shared that on my blog.  I always meant to see if I did so I could link to it but that sounded like too much work.

If you want to go hunt it down, more power to you, but don't feel slighted if you search my whole blog and then find out I never put it up here.

The Fine Print: It's all by A Muse Studio. Stamps used-Thank You Mix and Mini Blooms, inks used--grapefruit, ocean, sage and papaya, and cardsotck used--grapefruit and sugar.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adventure 'n Paradise

Have you ever been disgusted with yourself?  If you say "no" I suspect you are either lying or delusional.

The other evening I grabbed up one of the many kit boxes I have lying around and it was strangely heavy.  I opened it up and along with  the usual papers, embellishments, and UM stamps that go with the kit there was a big stack of designer paper I felt matched it, seven wood mounted stamps and three embossing folders. Now I understand locking the kit parts up in the box when I'm tired of it, but not regular supplies! EEK! I'd already purchased a replacement for one of the embossing folders and been puzzled about a couple of the missing stamps.  After I discovered that I had to sit around and be disgusted with myself for a good 45 minutes.
After that I put that box back (yes, I left it as-is *deep sigh*) and picked up another one.  This one was totally light! I opened it up and it had 6 sheets of random colored cardstock and a couple of clear envelopes with card bases, designer paper, card toppers and a few die cuts. I remembered receiving those from a friend!  They've been languishing for a long time.  I put the cardstock away in my stash and pulled out a couple of the some-assembly-required cards to work on.  They were really easy to put together so I have no idea why I didn't do it sooner.
So there you go! I have several more of these packets (6 more of these big toppers!) to play with so expect to see them in the not so distance future so I can call that box done and over with.

The Fine Print: Card bases, designer paper and card toppers from my friend, so I don't know who makes them.  If I had to guess I'd say these toppers are Graphic 45.  I added the brown ribbon, tiny blue metallic discs, and copper eyelets.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Workdesk Wednesday - Number Tree Oh Tree

I have lifted the desk lid up for this week's Workdesk Wednesday Snoop. An amazing amount of this stuff is the same piles of junk* that have been on my desk for weeks but I do have some new things added to the stacks. There are cards I am working on, cards I have finished, stamp supplies I've used and stamp supplies I plan to use, along with whatever other mysteries there may be.
A couple of Wednesdays ago I said to stay tuned for some interesting desk photos as plans were in the works for this month.  Those plans sort have been shoved to the back burner for some other things that have to be done, but they are still viable.  Just you wait and see! One of these days I will empty everything out of this desk so I can rearrange and reorganize it.  That's the plan; it's not a big secret.  It will be, however, a big mess!
Here's a card I received from a friend yesterday.  I thought she was jumping the gun with this card, but after checking things out, I guess not.  Easter is a'coming!

The Fine Print: *By "junk" I mean good junk, of course! The card my friend send are made with Stampin' Up products. I recognize the stamp from a set in the latest mini catalog that was on my wish list.  I'm on a stamp and supply diet right now so I'll just have to admire hers and not get one of my own.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Week Late and $300 Short

I finally got around to playing Leslie's Second Sketch Challenge, you know the one that ended this past weekend.  I still plan to share the cards though and the Bobra badge (you have no idea how long it took me to convince Dio and Poppy to share blog space with him).  First the sketch:
Nice and simple, a layer on a card base and a focal point about in the middle with a secondary focal point/embellishment in one corner.  I went for a mirror image of the sketch using a circle for the oval and a speech bubble for secondary point. I added glitter to the flames and glossy accents to his puppy nose.
And then because I liked that so much and because I feel cats deserve equal time I made another card. I like how this cat looks grumpy and confused like he knows you are way lying about your age. I put glossy accents on the balloon. There is lots of glitter on that designer paper.
There you have it!  My two cards for the defunct sketch challenge. I'm glad I finally got a chance to sit down and play. I need to try to squeeze that in more often! Both these were made with leftover bits and parts and it it is nice to knock a little off that stack too!
The Fine Print: Stamps by Penny Black, greeting and greeting die by Stampin' Up, stitched circle die by MFT, scalloped circle die by Spellbinders and designer paper from my stash.  I know I'm really only a couple of days later and not a whole week, but after today's vet visit I am definitely $300 shorter (it was Jack, the old bastard).

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Pal, Dio

Here's a card that shows me hanging out with my pal, Dio.  Even though he's a man cat he can do girly things with his mama. He can hang out in the bathroom and do brushing and combing and admiring in the mirror. He really likes to help me put my hair into pigtails, biting and pulling at them until they are just right.
Dio knows what is important when it comes to crafting ("strings, mama, it needs more strings!") and loves to get mail.  He also likes to relax with me in bed in the evenings and read a book.  He's my pal and it was nice of him to pose for this card. How nice of me to get all dressed up like that too.  hee hee

The Fine Print: This is one of the images out of the box of images, so no idea who makes it.  The background paper is by A Muse Studio (their old stuff) and just to make Dio happy there are gray "strings" on it.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Green Beer Hangover

I'm not sure why I doubted myself, but back on St. Patrick's Day I shared the one lone card I received since I thought I had failed to photograph the one lone card I made. However, I had not forgotten! So here the wee lad is!
I know the holiday is past but I'm too lazy to download any current card photos off my camera. I know that sounds bad, but c'mon, even God had a day to rest.  Not that I'm saying I'm God-like or anything, but if you would like to sacrifice an oatmeal raisin cookie on my behalf I'd be honored.

The Fine Print: Stamps by DeNami Designs, fabulous funky die by Spellbinders (on the big die buying spree I did last month-last one of the year), designer paper by K & Co.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Feel Gooder

For all you folks out there doing poorly, here's a little pick me up I whipped up last night with some scraps I had lying around.  If that bright blue don't make ya happy, well then you probably aren't human.
The Fine Print: Card base, toppers, and embellishments by Club Scrap, background flourish stamp by DeNami.

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Jar of Sunshine

This year A Muse Studio started this thing where they have 'collections of the month.' They are stamp sets, coordinating embellishments and the like that you can only purchase during that month. I like what they have had to offer but from a salesperson standpoint I don't really want to purchase things that I can only use in workshops for one month.

A Muse's outlook on this was that your customers will have to purchase right away instead of sitting back and thinking about it.  Well, in my case, it means my customers won't purchase at all.  Of course it probably didn't help that I wasn't feeling well (that intestinal thing that tried to kill me) for all of January and February and didn't have any workshops.

So when the March Collection came out I hemmed and hawed about did I want to get any of it.  I really liked the mason jar sets. After consideration I decided I could live without it and THIS sunshine card came out on A Muse's blog and so, of course I had to get the sets that created it.
Here is my version of that fun card.  Since I got the jar set lots of inspiration using the set has come out. I can see that I'm going to have a lot of fun playing with this set.  If you decide you need one too, well, grab it up in the next 11 days.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps used-Mason Jar set (which does have a set of matching dies but I fussy cut these) and Be Brave (also only in the March collection); cardstock used-kraft, sugar and Everything's Rosy 6x6 patterned paper; other products-lemon whip baker's cording (I separated out the white strands).  BTW, a|s said some of the collections might end up in next year's catalog....!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lock & Key

Pretend I wrote something brilliant here.  It appears I'm too busy to think right now.

The Fine Print: Lock and Key parts from Club Scrap, key die cut from a Spellbinders die set with hearts.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Workdesk Wednesday - Three Aught Two

The burning question* of the day is, "What is on Your Workdesk?" And here is my answer photographically:
There are the usual desk toppers, a cat named Cindy and the desk's lid.  Yep, not too terribly exciting.  The lid is closed because of a recent ceiling fan dusting not to hide anything shameful.  Because of course, if it was shameful, I'd be proudly displaying it here. The cats for some reason all felt the need to be included this week so here are Charles, Jack, Dio and Poppy:

I'm not making that up.  There was a brief scuffle about who would get to sit on the desk while it was photographed, Jack kept meowing, Charles headbutted me, Poppy tugged at my pant leg, and Dio circled around and gave cute looks.  Of course that may be because my bottle of antibiotics rattles suspiciously like a treat jar.

The Fine Print: You really should see a doctor about that burning. I did so hence the antibiotics. And I'm sorry that the photo of a big fat happily piled high mess from this past weekend got lost in transit because it was delightfully shameful.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish

Today I had planned to show you the one lone St. Patrick's Day card that I made this year but apparently I don't have a picture of it.  So as not to disappoint you, my faithful dozen readers, here is the one lone St. Patrick's Day card I received this year.
I guess St. P kind of got overlooked this year  It happens.  He can go drown his sorrows in green beer and all will be well with the world.

Speaking of the world, I have to tell you about World Market.  They are an import style store with fabulous household things and weird food that often separates hubby and I from our money.  I just adore their email ads; they reflect a life and lifestyle I didn't even know existed.

"Save big on accent chairs! This week only!"  Wait? What? Accent chairs? You means chairs made only to look good and not to be used to say, sit in? Decorative chairs--Is this a thing?

"The sale you've been waiting for all year-50% of dining furniture!"  Because, yes, you need to replace your dining furniture annually so it won't go bad. And how sweet of you to refer to tables and chairs as 'dining furniture.' It sounds so high brow.

"Lovely Lighting-Save 50% on all pendents and chandeliers!"  Wait?  Did you mean necklaces? No, Judy, pendents, because sometimes the word 'chandelier' doesn't sound fancy enough. Or maybe it sounds too fancy; what do I know.
The Fine Print: That right there is a  Large Capiz Lotus Hanging Pendent Lantern. You know a lantern to sound rustic but you can see how fancy it looks.  Have the maid dust that thing.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Coupla Notecards

Here are a couple of notecards I made this weekend.  I'm not sure what kind of flower that is supposed to be (Queen Anne Lace? Dandelion seeds?) ?  Since the kit these came from is called "Wild Flowers" I'm gonna to assume that it is a particular flower ad not an artist's rendition.

The Fine Print: Kit parts from Club Scrap, copper glitter glue by Timmy and border punch by All Night Media.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Do Without

Bored with pulling images out of my shoebox and working with them, I pulled out and old kit and used up some of its leftover parts.
Listen without interrupting
Speak without accusing
Give without sparing
Pray without ceasing
Answer without arguing
Share without pretending
Enjoy without complaint
Trust without wavering
Forgive without pausing
Promise without forgetting

The Fine Print: In other words, do an awful of doing without.  Kit parts (toppers, cardstock brads, jewels and layers) and stamps by Club Scrap, other stuff from my stash.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

From the Shoebox

I recently discovered a shoebox full of stamped images in my stash.  By looking at them I can tell that they date back quite awhile ago (as in they've probably existed at 3 different addresses now and we've lived here 12 years).
Since the images are old many of them aren't that appealing to me now.  But really they probably weren't that appealing back then either.  If they had been they probably wouldn't have sat in a box for 15 years.  I thought I'd do my part to use them up now but also gave myself permission to throw some of them away.

This is an old image by Penny Black, and while I love Penny Black this image isn't really me.  I decided that I would accept the challenge and make a card with it. Many people I know use multiple layers and multiple die cuts to great effect.  The layers were no problem, but I couldn't see a way to add more die cuts onto this thing, but at least I got to use one of my fancy corner pieces.

The Fine Print: Stamp by Penny Black, corner die by Memory Box, flowers by Prima, and sorry don't remember who makes the 6x6 designer paper.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Butterfly Birthday

I made this card for an upcoming birthday. I have seen so many fabulous cards made with this stamp set that I knew it was a fail-proof set to use when making a card during a time crunch.  And as I have learned, if you are pressed for time and lacking cards, make two the same:
The Fine Print: Products except for cardstock (stash) and inks (Memento) by Stampin' Up.  Stamps--"Butterfly Basics" with coordinating Butterfly Thinlet dies, and painted petals cotton twine.  Happy Friday the 13th to y'all!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oriental Card, For Realsies

The other day I was going to share an oriental themed card I made but the post got hijacked by a cat card, which was purrfectly okay since I hadn't actually photographed the oriental card.  Well, now I have!
The background piece with the leaves was originally the front of a notecard someone sent me.  I chopped off the front and kept it to use as a layer. The leaves are metallic and reflect the light oddly making it had to photograph.
Here it is again in a different light.  The panda image came from my shoebox of images, which I plan to either use up or trash (some of them are too odd) over the next several months.

The Fine Print: I already told you what I know about the card parts. Have you ever watched the episode of South Park with the Awareness Mascots?  Well, once you've seen Sexual Harassment.... PANDA! you'll never look at pandas the same again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Workdesk Three-Oh-One

Workdesk Wednesday has rolled around our way again and once again not a lot has changed since last week.  Hanging out with my desk just hasn't been priority lately and that's a sad thing and I need to rectify that immediately. I have some cards that must go out soon!
Here are a few things I pulled out to play with--a new Quick Cards magazine and it's freebie set, some St. Patrick's embellishments from a friend, images out of the shoebox of images I recently discovered and some stamp sets tucked up under the desk ledge.  None of this will help me with the cards that I need to make though.
The postal delivery person made my day yesterday and delivered to me my very own LLJ Original Designs zippered tote bag. Yes, you are allowed to be insanely jealous.  Charles says he has first dibs on it since the green matches his eyes.
That's it for a rather mundane and melancholy Workdesk Wednesday... and here last week I promised you great things to come.  Well, the future isn't here yet so it could still happen!

The Fine Print: No animals or stamps were harmed in the making of this post.  The batteries in the camera died a brutal death though which is why these photos are less than stellar.  Or maybe that's just me.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Oriental Card

I'm sorry but today's oriental card was preempted by a cat.  And doesn't that just figure?!
I received this fun card from a friend and had to laugh at the little "& me" at the bottom.  It's nice of the cat to give you the tiniest of spaces to be included.

The Fine Print: Apparently I didn't take a picture of the oriental card and took a picture of this cat one instead.  What can I say?!  Meow?

Monday, March 9, 2015

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's....

A hot air balloon straight from the New Mexican skies...
Well, actually I lied.  It really is a hot air balloon straight from my Southern Arizonian desk.  It's just that hot air balloons and New Mexico go hand in hand in my brain.

My mom recently told me a story about how on the TV show The Bachelor the couple went to a visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico, for a romantic hot air balloon date and that the state of New Mexico paid for that to happen.  I believe she said NM paid $50,000 for that to happen and there was a bit of hoopla in all the papers about it.

I found that information interesting.  I had no idea that states were willing to pay so much to pimp themselves out.  (It's called 'product placement' Judy). I also wondered if it was worth it.  Have you ever watched a TV show and based your vacation plans on that?  If you did were you disappointed that handsome hunk bachelor didn't whisk you off for a romantic get away and that you didn't have 10 other women to be catty with and about?

Just wondering...

The Fine Print:  Hot air balloon die by Cheery Lynn, other stuff by.... yeah, I got nothing.

Sunday, March 8, 2015


In this case LOL stands for Lots of Layers!  It had been far too long since I made a medallion card so I thought it was time for one.  Here it is pretty in pink and red, heat embossed (remember I hate that stuff), and layered like there ain't no limit to the postage we'll pay.

The Fine Print: Medallion stamp by Holly Berry House, embossing powder by A Muse Studio, and Hello stickers by some company who makes stickers that barely have any stick on them which is a dirty trick if you ask me.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Purple Posies

So recently in my quest to find out just exactly what all the this crap in my craft room was, I discovered a box full of images.  Quite a number of them were already colored.  I plucked a pretty purple spring one out and made this card.
Since I rarely use colored pencils anymore I know this image has been around for a long time.  Because of that I decided to use an old fashioned embellishment with this card--eyelets.  Yep, those are those things that you pound in place with a hammer and a setter.

The Fine Print: Image by Personal Stamp Exchange, colored with Prismacolors and blended with Gamsol, eyelets by Stampin' Up (from back in the day), and papers from my stash.  One image used from the box and only a couple hundred more to go!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Party Puckens

When I was a kid I used to call chickens 'puckens' and personally I think that is still a better name for them...
...Especially if they are sassy like this line up!  Check these puckens out; they know how to party!

The Fine Print: Birthday Puckens stamp by Penny Black, designer paper, metal tag, and seam binding from my stash.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Big 300

Today is the 300th time the What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday Blog Hop has happened. That is quite the milestone.  You should check it out if you haven't already.  You'll get to visit the work spaces of many crafty people and see their projects in process.
Oh not in my case as nothing is in progress right not except for Dio who is available for parties, weddings, and pettings. My desk looks an awfully lot like it did last week which is interesting since I did actually make a number of cards during the past week.
Poppy was sad that she worked hard to jump up onto my little stand, only to be cropped out of the above picture so I included her here.
And not to be outdone Charles asked to be a part of the big 300.  He says I should show off my computer desk because what is on that desk is one fine handsome cat.
Since this is supposed to be about desks, here are some things I've dragged out in anticipation of using them.

The Fine Print: Stay tuned as over the next few WOYWWs there are bound to be some mighty interesting desk photos over the next few weeks.