Monday, September 26, 2016

Meow Meow Monday

I went to a Kitty Kard Klass Stampin' Up workshop a couple of weeks ago and the hostess was none other than a lady named Kitty. It turns out she couldn't make it to her own workshop, so we all had to make Kitty Kards for her. That turned out kind of fun because we could then use whatever Kitty Kard stash we could get our paws on.

The Fine Print: Most products by Stampin' Up except the twine (top card, A Muse Studio), the spider eyelet (random Halloween stash) and the gingham ribbon. 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mocking Myself

This card cracks me up. Every time I see the thumbnail of it, I ask myself why on earth I took a picture of the top of a Memento ink pad. But no, it's not an ink pad. It is another one of the tri-fold cards I made when in my boat mode.
This other card makes me laugh too. This time it is the greeting that gets me going. Isn't the saying about not having both oars in the water a euphemism  for "crazy"??  So instead of saying get well, isn't this card actually implying that you hope the recipient finds their sanity soon?
The Fine Print: You know it, why do I have to say it? Okay... Club Scrap "Sail Away." Hope the voices in your head stop soon! THere's a greeting you'll never find at Hallmark. 

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Get Naked!

Maybe not like totally naked, like maybe just your shoes and socks, and only if you don't have stinky, gnarly hobbit feet with hickorynut toenails.

The Fine Print: It's Club Scrap "Sail Away." We haven't escaped that stuff yet.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Frisky Friday

I've been sitting around debating if today is or is not payday. That's how life gets once you put yourself on a budget--you know longer count the moments until payday as you and your checking account drift into it on fumes.
It also means you don't buy every new crafting product that catches your eye. In fact, you tend to ponder your purchases carefully, making sure you would get lots of mileage out of them and that it's not just a whim that makes you want it.
I'm not perfect; I still pick up a thing or two that in hindsight isn't going to go far with me. However, these two cute animal sets are not like that. They are complete winners. I can see using them for years to come.

The Fine Print: It's true that I was sick of both of them last week, but I got over it. Stamps by Stampin' Up "Bella and Friends" and "Pretty Kitty," card topper and bases by My Mind's Eye. BTW, it is payday. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Llama, Llama Ding Dong

Remember how I said I broke myself and lost my ability to craft? That's still happening but I'm trying to power through it. I found some bits and pieces in a box so I thought I'd turn them into a card. I used a card topper for the front and dry embossed the front panels. I thought that was still pretty dull so I added a festive banner.
A card like that requires that you decorate the inside too, so I did. I failed to stamp the vine flourish well, so I covered up my boo boo with a paper flower. It's all good!

The Fine Print: Card base and toppers by Club Scrap, banner die and all stamps by Stampin' Up "Birthday Fiesta."

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

I may have shared this story with you before, but you'll just have to hear it again. Once upon a time within the last decade I took a Intermediate Algebra class. I got permission from work to adjust my schedule so I could take it in the middle of the day. You know who takes college classes in the middle the day????  College-aged students, that's who.
So there I was, the only old crusty person in the who class, surrounded by wet-behind-the-ears young 'uns. One day before class I was listening to the young lad next to me telling his friend this tale:
You know, you start kindergarten at age 5, then from there you go into elementary school. Then it's straight to junior high and high school. You graduate high school and jump right into college. Here I am in my second year of college, so I've been going to school every year of my life for the last fifteen years! 
Wow! I thought, "Holy crow!" I went straight from college to working at the college. That means I've been going to school every year of my life for the last *mumble*mumble* years of my life! That's like, an awful lot of school.

The Fine Print: *mumble*mumble* roughly translates to 44 years these days. Stamp and punches by Stampin' Up, designer paper from The Paper Cut, ribbon from my stash. Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to school I go, with razor blades and hand grenades, hi ho, hi ho!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Last Gasp of Summer

Okay, it's probably not summer's last gasp for the year, but it is time to switch gears and start making fall cards. However, I had to get this last summer card out of the way first.
It is one of those sideways cards where you pull the two edges and then a flag pops up. When I first learned about them it was called a surprise pop up card. I also only had verbal directions so it was hit or miss on if my flag would pop up properly or not.
When cruising around Splitcoast the other day I ran across it called a wiper card. I checked out the directions and now I know the secret of the flag and how to get it to pop up every time.
I sent this card to my friend. Then a couple of days later I sent her the directions. She called me last night to thank me for the directions because she said she had it mostly figured out from my card but couldn't make the flag pop up reliably. Once she had the directions, it worked a champ.

The Fine Print: Stamp by Stampin' Up "Sketches" an old retired stamp that everyone just had to have and that I missed out on. Then a friend had to give away. Bless her soul! Border punch by Martha, heat punch by EK Success, flowers by Prima, designer paper from my stash.