Sunday, March 26, 2017

Are we There Yet?

I keep getting spam emails from Uber and Lyft saying that I could make a zillion dollars a week with my car by becoming on of their drivers. I know they are spam because no one who knows me would hire me to drive since I tend to close one eye when I drive since I can't see diddly (or squat) and I drive down my own street at night asking, "Is that my house? No! Is it the next one? No! Is it this one? Wait? Did I just miss it?"
The Fine Print: stamp, card topper and all the other stuff by Club Scrap. By the way, I just had to click all the button to figure out how to make the fine print fine. Obviously I'm not a brain surgeon candidate either.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Bad Words Were Spoken

So once upon a time, not really that long ago, I was looking for something on the web and ran across this cool looking card design. I said to myself, "Eureka! Look at that!"
The reason it caught my eye is the petticoat (crinoline? frilly thing?) under the dress looked like a cupcake paper and that is just what I have this month as a mystery challenge item. So, of course, I had to try to CASE the card so I could use the cupcake paper I was given. Ours was a mini muffin sized paper so I could only get one layer of poofy thing under the dress, but it is all good.

I do want to say that I destroyed lots of designer paper trying to get that dress folded in nice pleats and looking correct. I even said a bad word or six. Engineering is not my thing. Apparently, neither are paper dolls.

The Fine Print: All the parts except the cupcake paper by Stampin' Up, dress form die retired but everything else is current. 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Walking Along, Minding My Own

At a meeting today at work someone mentioned, "It would be cool if we could do this." The people semi-in-change hemmed and hawed and muttered about how that cost money. I called them "semi-in-charge because they are the midlevel management, while the person I report to is the department head honcho.
I thought to myself that we should get a quote and find out just how much that would cost so we could make an informed decision about it. Not too long ago, I would have immediately called up the quote giving people and explained what we needed. However, as of late I get in trouble for just breathing, so I think I'll run it by the head honcho first.

Things just aren't what they used to be where I work and I'm not alone in that statement. Although, if the retirements and resignations keep up at the current pace--I will be alone.

Meanwhile, I'm just minding my own.

The Print: All the stuff by Stampin' Up, some old and some new, but none borrowed and none blue. And maybe it isn't breathing that gets me in trouble, maybe it's thinking that is discouraged. Or maybe existing. Hmmm....

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cold Snap

I have a lot of birthdays coming up in April. Why so many?! What was happening 9 months prior? First cold snap of the year?
I totally don't understand that. I certainly don't want to get naked when it is cold out. And I don't want someone's colds hands all over me. And I don't want to share my blankets. In fact, I'd rather just cocoon myself in my blankets with a couple of cats thrown in for good measure and call me in the spring. Yeah, not conducive to baby making.

It might explain why I have so many cats though.

The Fine Print: Everything except the twine by Stampin' Up. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Just Like Me!

It all started in my later high school years and carried on past that. People I know would say to me, "Oh you need to meet so-and-so, she's just like you!" Whatever that means.... (you are a unique and precious snowflake, just like everyone else). 

Anyway, within a short order of time I got the chance to meet three of those people who were "just like me" and guess what? I couldn't stand any of them. That begged the question though of if I was a lousy person whom no one could stand? So I asked my mother. Asking your mother if you suck is probably not the best way to get an unbiased answer, but she assured me that I was all right.
Perhaps I wasn't reassured by my mother because I later mentioned the whole sad story to a lady in a waiting room (complete stranger). She said it made sense that I wouldn't like people just like me because I already have me in my life and it would be better to have people who complement me or are different than me. That sounded plausible enough, however, it was something that sometimes crept into my brain from time to time and made me wonder.

Then the other day my friend excused herself during our lunch so she could grab a phone call. A quick minute later she was back. "That was my East Coast Judy," she said. What? She went on to explain that she had a friend on the East Coast who reminded her of me because she was just like me.

"Oh, you'd hate her though," she went on to explain.

Why?! "Well, because everyone knows you don't like people who are just like you!" Well, now I'm glad we've put that to rest. And why did it take me so long to accept it as gospel truth? Anyway, I'm glad I don't suck.

The Fine Print: Hedgies enjoying each other's company (because they have different personalities) stamp by Penny Black, corner punch by Martha, flowers by Prima, other stuff from my stash. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hello Sunshine

This is a CASE card from Pinterest. I don't peruse Pinterest much but every once and awhile something catches my eye and I have to try it out. The card I copied was black and white (and yellow) but I went for the in-color, Emerald Envy green since I happened to have the ink, the patterned paper and the cardstock. So matchy matchy!
I did this card at a card making class I conducted. My friends were out of touch with stamping so I wanted them to get a chance to experience the joy of die cutting. We used the negative piece for this card and they took the cut out word home with them.

The Fine Print: All the everythings by Stampin' Up.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

So Cool

Really, you are very cool. 

The Fine Print: Stuff by Club Scrap except that ribbon which I suspect is Stampin' Up.