Saturday, September 20, 2014

Diary of a Hurricane Survivor

Look! At long last! A real post from me so I can update you on how that hurricane went. This picture hits the nail on the head:
It's true.  They forgot to include the water with their hurricane.  Well, whatever.  Now what I am going to do with these leftover sandbags?!
The Fine Print: I don't actually have any sandbags. People know better than to let me play with a heavy bag of sand.  I'd probably knock someone out with it... most likely myself.  All card products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps--Go, See, Do and Stamp Collection.  Cardstock--French roast, wasabi, vanilla and toffee.  Other Products--French Roast twine, antique brass brads, and Halloween washi tape trio.


Carol L said...

Fun poster and card, and you're lucky you can laugh about it, because if you had gotten the rain, it most likely wouldn't have been an adventure!

Jessi Fogan said...

A dry hurricane :) lol! Well, that's something. We get the wet ones up here (and the tail ends of them, often) and it's definitely sobering to see how badly other areas are affected. I figure we've just had so many that all the weak trees & power lines have been taken out already!

Irish Cherokee said...

Where do I sign up. A dry hurricane. That sounds like fun.....almost. LOL. You might have a problem getting rid of the sand bags though. - Jim

Sue said...

You can always make me laugh. "It is a dry hurricane". I will have to remember that one. Glad you are safe!