Friday, September 26, 2014

Glitter Pumpkin

I know in the past I've shown examples of the burnished glitter technique.  People who inquire further about it are told that I ain't never tried it with the red line style wonder sheets (meaning the thick stuff).  When A Muse Studio offered up a suggested workshop card using burnished glitter and their super tape sheets I decided I had to try it out.  Not only did I get try out the thicker sticky stuff but I got to try this technique with colored glitter instead of the usual transparent stuff.
Here is the end result before the glitter started flaking off like so much orange dandruff.  I think I like the thinner double sided tack sheet better.  I had to work very hard to burnish the glitter onto the sticky stuff and it still seems to be coming off. Of course that might be because it is orange and more noticeable than transparent stuff.  I'd do more experimentation but loose glitter makes me itch.

The Fine Print:  All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamp set used--In the Shadows; die used--Peculiar Potions; cardstock used--onyx petite polka dot, pumpkin, and sugar; other supplies--onyx baker's twine, super sheet adhesive and orange glitter.


Krisha said...

Thanks for the info!
Cute card.

Janeen said...


Leslie Hanna said...

I was looking for Xanax in your supplies list. Yeah, glitter makes me oogy, too. I use the sheets of Be Creative tape (same as the red tape sheets) and it sticks really well.

You can also burnish clear glitter over colored card stock to get the colors. OR you could color the clear glitter with alcohol markers. I've done both, and it's pretty cool.

Not that you'll try them any time soon, but still ...