Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Make Me Smile

My small group of crafty friends is meeting tonight.  I thought I would bring us a card to make. My original plan was to do a card from one of the new a|s stamp sets but we can't order them until August 1st so I figure why frustrate everyone with that. It's bad enough I'm counting the hours until I can order some of the other new things; I shouldn't make all my friends be the same way.

I made a card with this A Muse set instead.  My version of this is a clear set, but it is available in the catalog now as a cling set. It is the exact same thing, no difference in size or anything. I used these colors because they are bright and cheerful...  ..and because I discovered I had a completely unopened pack of it.

Now for a story to make you smile.  I once was heading back to the office after a routine doctor's appointment. The traffic was light and I was cruising along in my trusty pick up truck. I was coming up to a red light so I down shifted my manual transmission to slow me down.  There was no one in my lane. The lane next to me had a huge 70's muscle car sitting patiently at the light.  As I got close to the light, it changed and the muscle car started to rumble. I let off my clutch, but... I was going a wee bit too fast for that gear and *>CHIRP<* went my tires.  The dude in the muscle car took that as an invitation to race and just floored it, tires squealing, engine rumbling and tearing out of there like a bat outta hell.  It made me laugh out loud.  Did that guy really think I wanted to race him in my little 4-banger truck?!  What a riot.  Ah well, I got to keep on my journey, while he probably had to stop at a gas station.

And here's a photo of my fabulous new note paper at work.  I have a bunch of it now. We're currently entertaining suggestions on what to do with several rolls of thermal paper that is the wrong size.  My suggestion of a ticker tape parade was shot down vehemently.

The Fine Print: Stamps and supplies by A Muse Studio-stamps "Vintage A Muse," solid paper, Venetian patterned paper, and ribbon "Lido," stamped in Momento and colored with Copics.


Sandra (Stamping For Pleasure) said...

Aww . . . I LOVE the layout of this pretty A Muse card PJ. Might just hafta have a go at somnething similar.

Like your new note paper! xxx

Sandy said...

Lol I thought you where leaving notes on your toilet paper. kk so its thermal paper, like the ticker tape thing better. Maybe when your team wins in the Olympics. Really like that tree with the swing. Sandy :)