Friday, July 27, 2012

My Mother--The Trickster

I remember as a little kid my mother would sometimes tell me, "You'll like what we're having for dinner tonight. It is made with hamburger meat."  I don't know if this was in response to me asking what was for dinner or if she just volunteered the information.  What I do know is you should never tell a little kid that they are having "hamburger meat" for dinner.  A little kid hears the word 'hamburger' and stops right there, pleased with the world and all that is in because there are going to be HAMBURGERS and there is nothing more exciting on this earth than hamburgers for dinner.  This is a philosophy I still subscribe to. Give me T-bone steak and I'll snub you.  Give me a hamburger and I'm yours for the taking.
Somewhere along the line I grew up enough to learn the difference between "hamburger meat" and "ground beef."  Hamburgers are yummy and awesome and mean happiness.  Ground beef means some slop that will be boring and bland.  In my mom's defense, she says it was because of my father that she made all our meals bland.  She said that's how he liked it.  This man moved to the Southwest and embraced Mexican food.  You be the judge.  But then again, I have no sense of smell so maybe I think many things are bland that the general public wouldn't agree with.

Hamburger meat!  How rude is that?

The Fine Print: I'm having hamburger meat turned into hamburgers for dinner, bitches!  Just try and stop me!  Cow stamp by Penny Black, papers by Recollections, stamped in Versafine and colored in regular bland and boring markers.


Wanda G (stampcat) said...

You are hilarious! I totally get your sense of humor... LOVE your card for today - bright and happy with the black, white and red. Have a wonderful weekend Judy!

Squirrel x said...

Oh but babes, you have not yet tasted Squirrel Stew - that may change your mind about hamburger meat! Love the cow - hope that is not destined for burgers. Hugs Sxx

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Hope you stack it high!! And the hamburger...... :D