Monday, July 16, 2012

A Muse Workshop

Yesterday I did an A Muse workshop for some folks who had not heard the gospel of A Muse Studio.  We had a fun time playing with our paper and stamps.  It is hard to decide what will appeal to people and we're kind of in a holiday dead zone at the moment (with the exception of those crazy people who already have started their Christmas cards).

I opted for this notecard sized card because who doesn't love coffee?  I mean, besides me. I thought that this was a nice card that showed off some of fun stitched ribbon and gave everyone the chance to try out a Copic marker in the most useful color ever-frost blue. I have it in the sketch, ciao, original versions myself.

Then because I once was the victim of a scrolling mouse and ended up with more sky blue gingham paper than is healthy, we made this card.  A Muse has this in their workshop ideas section as a baby card, but since we've all left those days behind, I changed it up a bit to make it a birthday card. I added in a paper flower too to show how you can color them with markers and then have flowers in the exact shade you want. That's something I really like and it isn't messy like the time someone told me to color Prima flowers with reinker (my advice: don't do it).

This last card was by request and has been seen previously on my blog.  This is a slightly different version of it.  This one has a different greeting, different ribbon, different colored pearls,  and no embossed dots, which didn't do anything for the original card anyway.

After the workshop the real adventure begin.  The city got hit with a real humdinger of a monsoon storm.  The soil in Tucson resembles cement.  Pour a bucket of water onto cement and what happens?  It runs all over the place and collects in the low spots.  Now unplug a huge section of the city and drive through that.  I understand the need for caution in these conditions but I don't understand people who buy four wheel drive and high profile vehicles and then freak out when there is a puddle in the road.  Why did you pay for it if you are too chicken to use it?  Oh yeah, and if the traffic light is out, treat it like a 4-way stop.
This person has an SUV and knows how to use it.
The Fine Print: All the everythings by A Muse Studio. Stamp sets: The Perfect Blend, Under the Big Top, Essential Sentiments, Mad for Plaid, Itty Bitty Birthday, Just Because, and Beautiful Botanicals 2. Papers: French roast, sky blue, sky blue gingham, bubble gum gingham, sugar, Bermuda, and grass. Inks: Momento tuxedo black and cocoa, a|s grass, fern, and Bermuda. Other supplies: French roast stitched ribbon, paper flower, black brad, sugar pearls, small and medium scallop dies, sugar polka dot ribbon, butterfly die, and Copic markers.

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Sarn said...

All three are lovely cards PJ.

I especially like the floral one.

Great workshop . .. bet everyone enjoyed it.

Sarn xxx