Monday, July 2, 2012

Life's a Beach

In keeping with The Best Season on The Whole Planet theme (that's summer in case you missed that), here are some beach inspired cards. I've mentioned before that I've never really been to a beach, but that's a lie.  I've been on the lovely shores of Lake Winnebago, Lake Michigan, Lake Patagonia, and the Erie Canal. Okay, okay, I suppose not very beach-like but I think I would recognize one should one go airborn and blow in my eye or crawl up my shorts, which is where beaches go isn't it?
I've also been to the beach at Elephant Butte Lake. I even waded in up to my knees but I had to stop because there were these huge menancing fish lurking in deeper waters for me. I knew there were direct decendants of Jaws himself with a bit of pirana thrown in for good measure and would have eaten me in a New York minute (which I hear is faster than a New Mexico minute).  My hubby said I was being dramatic, but how would he know?  He is a desert dweller just like me.  When it comes to beaches, this is more what we are used to:

The Fine Print: Beach scene stamp by Copperleaf Creations, pool party stamps by A Muse Studio, wave punch by Fiskars.  I just realized that I've also been to the beach at White Sands, New Mexico. Baby, that thing lives up to its name, lovely unsullied white sand as far as the eye can see.  There doesn't seem to be any water associated with that beach though unless you packed it in yourself.

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sandee said...

You always make me smile, you have a true writing gift for being able to do that, I'm in quandry if spell check doesn't work mush less trying to be entertaining! lol Love the cards, especially the second one! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)