Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dah-ling, You're Mah-velous!

My big stamp club meeting happened today.  We met at a sports bar and they were nice enough to turn the sound off the TVs in the room we were using.  The Olympics were on, and let me tell you. All those swimmers in speedos were a bit distracting. They were marvelous.

We had a marvelous time minus a bit of a snafu with the sound system (some drunken karaoke dude ran off with the mic). Hey, but we got to visit and play so it's all good.  I turned in my challenge card.  'Member this?---->

Below is the card I got in exchange, which is simply marvelous! Pink and black always rock and I think making the M into the word MARVELOUS is a marvelous idea. I rarely think of abstract words when it comes to crafting with letters. I'm a firm noun girl.
Card by Elizabeth R.
We did an ATC exchange as well. The themes were vacation or rustic. Here are some ATCs from that swap.

Vacation by Becky E.

Vacation by Linda W.
Rustic by Me.

The Fine Print: Sorry that is all in one big line like that. Sometimes technology only does what it wants and it does not want any side by side action.  Pump stamp by Stampin' Up, chicken wire by Art Impressions, background sanded, foreground spritzed withTsukineko walnut ink spray, brads by Recollections. I'm proud of myself for doing a couple different things on one ATC.


Georgiana said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time today. I wish I knew of a group that met here.

Stay Creative,
Carson's Creations

Lisa-Jane said...

I don't think I posted in the end on that object on your card (I mean't to!) It looks like an astrological sign, maybe Virgo is it? Love what you did with it anyway x

Sarn said...

FABBY! xxx