Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!

I have tomorrow off work for Independence Day. I know it and my brain knows it (we're aren't always in sync). I also know I have it off for a holiday, not a vacation day (quite brilliant, my brain is).

I'm an asthmatic and asthmatics and oil based paints do not mix so I left work early today since offices are being painted. When I left the giant cement box I work in I was surprised to discover that it was cool (for us, for this time of the year), breezy, and very, very gray.

I stopped by the craft store on the way home to pick up this little gem.  It is a new stack by DCWV. I have learned that if you are strictly a card maker who does not scrapbook, you may be better off buying the smaller versions of DCWV's stacks, especially the non-seasonal ones.  I really like this new stack I have, but wow, the colors sure are autumnal.
The craft store had foresaken summer and moved right into fall.  The colors were fall, the decorations were fall, and there was a huge Thanksgiving display in the window and front door.  Combine those three things-having a holiday, gray skies, and Thanksgiving decoratins and what does my brain think as we've driving home?  "Holy crap, I'd better come up with some special Thanksgiving dinner for tomorrow!"

Um... yeah.  Tomorrow's Independence Day and here's a little card to jog your memory of that.
The Fine Print: Patriotic Teddy bear by Rubbernecker, kraft card base by A Muse Studio, decorative papers and epoxy brad by Bo Bunny, tiny brads by Recollections.  New stack by DCWV "Gilded Orchard."  They have 4 new stacks, but this is the coolest one.  BTW, we have pizza for Thanksgiving dinner so I'm really not sure why I thought about making dinner.  We're probably having hamburgers tomorrow and multi-layered Mexican dip.  America! F--- yeah!


Squirrel x said...

Sounds like your craft store is using the same calendar as our high street clothes stores. It's summer - want shorts? No, you can have thermal fleece PJs though. Good grief. But I like autumn, so I'm ok with that. Love your ted. Have a happy Independence Day off hun. Sxx

Georgiana said...

I bought that same stack...love the colors and patterns.

Stay Creative,
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