Friday, September 18, 2015

Fevered Dreams

This is a scheduled post. I'm telling you this up front because by the time you read this I may have already died a slow, itchy, snotty death. See, I've not been allowed to have any antihistamines all week so I'm not sure I'm going to live until Friday.
If I'm not dead then I'm at the allergist being tortured with with itchy and snotty things. It has been over a dozen years since I last got tested for allergies. I mean I already know if it grows on God's Green Earth I'm allergic to it so I'm not sure the purpose of further testing, but they who hold the needles make the rules, or something like that.
This past week has been hell with allergies, more allergies, itchiness and snot. One of the side effects of not taking allergy pills is I'm not in a drug induced sleep at night anymore.  That means my brain is free to conjure up all sorts of weird and fevered itchy dreams. It'snot a pretty place.

The Fine Print: Lookie! More of those weird "Dream in Color" Club Scrap cards. I swear this is the end of this kit! I can't wait for this allergy testing to be over with so I can dope up again. 


Bad Kitty said...

very nice

Carol L said...

Great cards with that mirror cardstock, and oh look! Your image is clearly shown with camera in hand on the 2nd card! A new kind of selfie perhaps?! I hope you soon get the allergy thing cleared up - I feel for you!!

butterfly said...

Oh no, does sound nightmarish - I'm happy to say my hideous hayfever seems to be fading as I get older... Hope the allergist will let you back on the meds soon!

Love the mirrored cards - and sneak peeks of the photographer.
Alison xx

Krisha said...

Oh man! You have me scratching all over....LOL
Hope all goes better than expected at the allergist.

I would bet that these cards are even prettier in person. Mirrored card stock is a bugger to photograph.......good selfie!

KT Fit Kitty said...

Hope you feel better soon! Awesome card!

Leslie Hanna said...

ACK! My eyes!

When I don't take my allergy meds, the drainage fills my tummy and I don't eat for days. I finally pass out from lack of food for energy. If I take Sudafed, it dries me right up, but then I'm speeding and not sleeping. Definitely a trade-off. I get a lot of stamping done while I'm speeding.

Stacy Sheldon said...

I am now immune to every allergy med out there it seems like so a couple years ago I cold turkey just flat out quit. I am still alive. (and I am congested with burning eyes frequently) but, my first thought when I did it is OK, this is like being a little kid again. ( you know that first time when a dr. ask's how you lived so long without all the pills and you are just dumbfounded because, hey your parents did not drag you to the dr. for silly things they could not see or fix like allergies... I am rolling my eyes.

so, did they find all kinds of new things to add to your don't buy breathe or look at list? :)
hope you are kicked back & enjoying your new medicated state again.

Greta said...

Striking cards, Judy! Sure hope you're done with the testing & back on meds!

SARN said...

Oh nooooo . . . I sure hope you live PJ . . . you make me smile with your sense of humour. I need you . . .the crafting community of blog needs you . . . please don't die.

Oh . . . and your cards are quite good too! LOL!

Hugs (from a safe distance), Sarn xxx