Sunday, January 1, 2017

The New Calendar

Now that the year has changed it is time for a new calendar. I have a little one in my craft room that shows the dates and precious little else because of its teeny size.

I've often admired the calendar critters, calendar critter accessories and calendar blanks that Taylored Expressions sold. So this year during one of the black Friday, Plaid Saturday, Chartreuse Sunday, or Manic Monday sales I splurged and got them for myself.

This is my January calendar, featuring the bitterly cold weather that January brings with her. I bought a cheap plastic standing frame from the dollar store to house it in. The calendar itself is 3"x4" but since my frame is 5"x7" I had room to add a patterned paper background which is mounted on a piece of white cardstock.

The photo is taken in the dreary gray mush that passes for sunshine this time of the year, so you get what you get. The red dot is my big stamp club meeting date. Since I'm in charge of it I'd be lynched if I missed it.
This here is card showing Cindy ringing in the new year. She got a bit tipsy on milk as you can see. Hope your day is happy and that you aren't too hungover. Remember the dog that bit you and drink his hairs.... I never did understand that cure.

The Fine Print: Calendar and parts by Taylored Expressions--Calendar Critters, Calendar Build a Scene, and Ready Set Snow (the trees). Card stamps and dies by Tim Holtz--Crazy Cats and Crazy Accessories. The pressure is on.... I now have 31 days to make my February calendar.


Carole said...

Happy New Year, Judy! Love your teeny-tiny calendar with it's chilly penguins - great idea to pop it in a frame. Love your celebrating cat card too! x

Barb said...

Loving your calendar Judy. What a fun idea. I love your crazy Cindy cat card. That expressions is fantastic. Your card really does tell a story. Love it! Barbxx

SARN said...

Your new calendar looks GREAT.

It's raining in my little part of the UK as I type . . . so I have grey mush too!

Happy New and all that . . . xxx

Heidi Stamps said...

Your calendar is adorably cute!

The cat getting tipsy on milk is a cute idea for a New Year's card! Love them both!

Fiki said...

your calendar is so cute!
card is adorable!
love it!

Happy New Year!
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Carol L said...

the calendar is perfect with the little penguin! Loving the crazy cat card too with the stripes and milk bottles. I'm glad I haven't been bitten by any dog lately after that cure you mentioned! Hah hah

Maxine D said...

Cute calendar Princess J - and I do love poor old Cindy (card), hope she recovers soon....

Greta said...

Super cute calendar & card, Judy!

Bonnie said...

A cute calendar, PJ! Love that crazy cat!