Monday, January 23, 2017


I got to work today incredibly confused by the fact that it was Monday. Had I truly been gone for two days? I felt like I had just been here but at the same time it seemed weirdly unfamiliar like I'd been gone for weeks.

That's not all that's confused me lately. I watched some news program only because it happened to be right in front of my face and I was captive. It talked about President Trump's first day on the job. I swear it sounded like this: he walked down a hall, he turned left, he went into that room, he sat on a couch, he met some people, he went into another room... Holy shit, are we going to get a blow by blow of his mundane doings? Is this what passes for news? It'll be like the boringest reality show in history.

And furthermore can you imagine if your first day on the job was analyzed like that? People would be wondering why they hired me since I showed up the first day of my job without a wallet. No idea how that managed to happen. I also got counseled by my new coworkers that 8:40 was the best time to show up and find close up parking spaces.  Mind you we opened for business at 8:15.

The Fine Print: Stamp by Stampin' Up, designer paper by My Mind's Eye "Indie Chic." 


Fiki said...

Your card is very nice.
Oh I think that is very hard when evry move is analyzed.

hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Carol L said...

That's a pretty little bird, and the coloring is amazing! I'm so grateful I'm retired and not under scrutiny for every move I make!

Maxine D said...

Gorgeous card Princess J - pity you are so confuddled about life - mind you after watching a day of Trump-ism, I think anybody would be confuddled!!

Greta said...

Oh you made me laugh with what your co-workers said--too funny! We actually left the TV off for 2 days during the news--just couldn't take it! May not watch the news for 4 years! Just kidding--we're back to trying to watch it & I just leave the room as needed.

SARN said...

Cute card. Lovely image, beautifully coloured.

I make it a rule not to watch tge news, but generally the big news reaches me anyhow. Now, WHO is Mr Trump & why r u calling him The President! LOL! Xxxx

Barb said...

A very pretty card Judy. I like the colouring of your sweet little bird. I had to laugh about your news programmes. had several days of President Trump but now we're back being bombarded by Brexit stuff till our PM arrives in the USA for her visit. Happy Crafting! Barbxx

MaryH said...

1: I loved the card (yes, it had a bird on it, of course I did!) It was also cheery & bright with a nice design.
2: I'm with you totally on the news reporting. I mean, who cares to know that detail. Just tell us: he's gonna keep his promises. He's gonna bring peace to the world. And leave the man alone to let him do the job we hired him to do! Tha's all folks. This was a cute post, said exactly all that needed saying, in a very humorous way. I'm glad you have some coworkers to give you good counsel. I hope they are good advisors, and got vetted by those in charge! (hey, TFS! Hugs)