Saturday, December 31, 2016

Almost Time for a New Calendar

When I was a young kid I remember being allowed to stay up late to ring in the new year a couple of times. I think we tended to do our own thing until we were all called to gather in front of the television set to watch the ball drop in New York city.

Since we never lived in the east coast time zone I'm sure we watched a re-broadcast of the big event. I remember the big count down. FIVE......
 FOUR..... THREE..... (everyone is counting along now)  TWO.....  ONE!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone on TV would be jumping, yelling, blowing noise makers and smiling. In our house usually my mom would jump and yell and we'd join in, but really it felt so forced and fake. So what? The date changed. Big deal. It changes every day.
I remember one year as a young adult looking forward to the new year, but ultimately I was the same old me, everyone was the same old everyone, and the only thing that was different was the date.

If you think the date changing is a party-worthy event, then certainly enjoy your date changing party. If you'd rather catch a few Zs then enjoy that too. Whichever you prefer, just remember to write "2017" when you write checks.*

The Fine Print: *That's a joke, no one writes checks anymore.... Happy New Year dies by Cheery Lynn, various gold washi tapes from Amazon, star dies by Sweet & Sassy.


Carol L said... of us still writes checks today :) I already wrote 2017 into the next few in my book too Hah hah! Old school never dies :) I'm loving these golden beauties and I especially like that filament behind the white star! Happy New Year JP, make it a good one :)

Diane said...

Gorgeous colors and designs Judy.

Best of the New Year to you.


Camille Short said...

Beautiful cards to inspire and create! Love the gold and white!

Georgiana said...

Happy New Year to you! I sure do like the color combination. hubby is old fashioned...he still writes checks. : )

Sarn said...

Like Carol L - I still write cheques - but only occasionally . . . I expect I'll be used the new year date by the time I have to write another!

Fabulously glitzy New Year cards PJ.

Sounds like someone needs a bit of New Year spirit . . .

Sending you happy and positive good wishes for the new date - all 365 of 'em.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Fikreta said...

very nice cards.
Happy New Year!
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Greta said...

Us oldies still write checks--haha! I did manage to stay up until mn & then spent the next 24 hours in bed with a not nice bug, so this year's changing of the year is one I'd just as soon forget! However, I really love these New Year's cards!