Friday, January 6, 2017

Waxing Philosophic

I had a coworker who would occasionally bring in thrift store finds to share with others. She knew my love of paper crafting so the things she brought me were always along those lines. Some were winners and some weren't.
She brought me a card making kit she found for dime once. I'd seen similar kits in the craft stores from time to time and they had much bigger price tags than that. It was opened and while all the parts were no longer there, there were enough there for me to make these cards out of it with bits from my own stash as well.
When she gave me this kit she said that if I'd rather not be given random things to please let her know. She didn't want to burden anyone with unwanted gifts. I told her that I love surprise gifts! It meant someone thought of me. I did caution her that I hoped it was okay with her that if a gift wasn't too my liking I'd pass it on to someone else who could love it.
She said she was so pleased to know that I had already learned that lesson in life. She said it took her many, many years and much agonizing before she realized that you don't have to keep things that you don't love and you don't have to keep things just because they were gifts.
She and I both know that is an unpopular stance these days with the whole "more is more" greed culture that the population is so wrapped up in, but it is very freeing. I know many folks are making resolutions about reducing clutter and accumulating less. If you're one of those people, consider passing on a thing or two that you don't love or no longer love to someone who will.

The Fine Print: The secret is that I loved the card kit but I don't want these card parts in my house any longer, so I will now mail them out to folks. Hee hee. The kit was Sue Dreamer or something like that? Die cut words by Cheery Lynn, stamped greeting by Stampin' Up.


cotnob said...

Fabulous cards Judy, they are all pretty but I especially like the second one.
Have a lovely weekend.

Heidi Stamps said...

Those cards are really fun! It sounds like a fun person to know! I know people who feel so much guilt in passing on belongings, but it is a good time of year to do so!

Carol L said...

what a thoughtful friend she was to share this kit with you. you made a great collection of cards with it, and sending them out for others to enjoy is what this hobby is all about, right? Have fun, and pass on the kindness - what a great idea for all of us!

Greta said...

What a great kit & for a dime?! Reminds me of some very old Penny Black I have. Funny--part of why hubby & his mother never got along is that he has always believed people should get what they want for gifts & wanted them to be exchanged if needed. She never could understand that. Now we mostly give money & no one seems to have a problem with that--haha!

LesleyG said...

Well done on making such lovely cards from the kit, and well said, I decided long ago that I didn't need to keep anything that doesn't make me happy, and hope others find that freedom too, combined with the pleasure of making someone else happy xxx

ionabunny said...

Lovely cards and many lovely words of wisdom. The recipients will be very happy. Hugz

Bonnie said...

What a lovely gift for a bargain price! My key word for the year is ENOUGH! I tell myself that several times a day when I'm not saying TOO MUCH! So far I'm listening. Wonder how long that will last! These are very pretty cards. Your friend will be delighted with what you've done with her surprise!

Fiki said...

wonderful cards
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Barb said...

Some lovely card Judy and it sounds as if your co-worker has an understanding of what's really important in life. It was so nice that she thought of you. Barbxx

Maxine D said...

A thoughtful gift and so beautifully used Princess J - yes, passing on is a joy - freeing one of clutter and blessing another, so it is a win win situation.