Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Happiness is...

...adhesive that works.

If you pay attention to the words I put on my blog you've more than likely heard me mentioning the adhesive my friend gave me. This friend cleaned out her craft room as she neared the end of her terminal disease and she bequeath certain items to certain friends.

I got the adhesives because I was always bringing make and takes for our group to make. When I say I got the adhesives I don't mean I got a couple rolls of foam tape, 5-6 tape rollers and refills, a roll of tear tape, and a bottle of glue. I mean I got a 20-gallon trash bag shoved full of all of the above and then some.

There had been some suspicion that our friend was a bit of a hoarder but this really brought that notion home. Now that I've had several months to play with her adhesives let me tell you why you need to stop hoarding them right now.  To say it succinctly and to the point: THEY DON'T STICK LATER!

Many of the liquid glues had solidified in their bottles rendering them useless. Most of the foam tape had lost the ability to stick, so much so that even the liner fell off. I threw away dozens of dispensers of regular cello tape and double stick cello tape because it was hopelessly stuck to itself and/or covered in fuzz. You'd stick something together with roller tape and come back to it later and find that it had fallen off. That is, if the roller tape rolled in the first place. One day alone I went through 8 different rollers that would roll for an inch or two and then just break off.

What is the point of keeping all that if it is just going to be useless later? It takes up valuable space and makes you look bad when you keep sending "some assembly required" cards. I've thrown over half of what I was given away already, but when I pulled out the card above and the inside fell off, I decided that the other half needs to be tossed as well. It was a nice gesture but it just isn't working for me.

The Fine Print: The inside of the card reads: Having a friend like you. It is now safely secured with a newer roller tape (I say newer because I haven't used any of my adhesives for months because I've been using the gift stuff). Card parts by Club Scrap. 


trisha too said...

Well that's no fun. I've found that out for myself a couple of times, but certainly not to that extent!

That card is lovely, nonetheless.


Carol L said...

The card is gorgeous and looks like a fabulous piece of art! How sad that someone hoards so many supplies that are now worthless. At least you tried to use what was given to you, but I would be overwhelmed with so much tape and glue! I have one bottle of Tombow currently in use, with a spare in the drawer when that runs out. I only keep 4 boxes of tape runners on hand at any given time and when I'm down to 2 boxes, I'll replace 2. Don't ask me about the paper - that's a different story. I'm wondering if it would be considered modern art if I began papering the walls with it?!

Fiki said...

I can not hoard anything :D
I like double side tape,hate any glues!
your card is very nice!

Maxine D said...

Argh - what a waste - I do have a couple of spare rolls of double sided tape, but as far as rollers, bottles etc go, I replace as needed - too mean to have it go off!
love your card Princess J - the colours are fabulous and the sentiment - inside and out - gorgeous.

SARN said...

Sounds like a good plan to chuck out the remaining adhesives you were given . . . it's making double work for you otherwise, having to restick everything! That's no fun at all. It's a shame . . . but there you go.

It's a salutory warning for fellow crafters . . . . xxxx

Sandy said...

I brought home a variety of glue runner stuff when I cleaned out my parents' condo and you're right, some of it does lose it's stickiness.

Craftychris said...

Gorgeous card! I have foam tape that I have to glue down cause it no longer sticks, I try not to hoard now! At least glue! xxx

Janeen said...

well said, about the tapes. Sometimes we just have to let go and say good-bye. It's too frustrating. This card is beautiful. I love the flower that looks embossed. Such an elegance to this.

Greta said...

You're so right! It's amazing how some products stay good as new for 20 years (Adirondack ink pads never re-inked, for example) & other things don't work well on day 1--haha! Beautiful card--glad you saved it!

butterfly said...

It's a lesson to learn for sure. But the card is simply beautiful, whatever adhesives and tapes you had to use in the end.
Alison x

Bonnie said...

This is a beautiful card, PJ! And a valuable lesson about hoarding stuff and buying more than we need. Note to self: listen to PJ!