Saturday, January 28, 2017

Yo' Mama

The regular switchboard operator was off work yesterday which left me manning the phones all day except for those moments when I could con someone else into doing it. It was Friday so usually that means a slower volume of calls and it was. But it also was "have your mother call" day.

It doesn't matter if you are 8 or 80, once you enroll at college you are covered by some privacy laws that state I don't care if this lady did push you out of her vagina after 32 hours of labor, I can't tell her anything about you.* I do try to help in general terms... "Anyone trying to enroll in a class that already started needs to obtain the instructor's permission in writing." or "Mr. Long teaches the Monday-Wednesday math class at 12:10."  But really I can't help but wonder why it is mom calling. You need to learn to do this stuff on your own. It truly will help you later in life even if you flunk out of college.
I was joking with my coworkers about how dependency on momma works, "Come now, honey, we've got to go pick out a ring so you can ask that nice girl to marry you."  And then I stopped. That's not a joke because I had a coworker who married a man she met via an ad in a singles newspaper (this was before the internet was born, kids). Later she learned it was momma who placed the ad in the first place. By that time she'd already discovered that Mr. Right couldn't or wouldn't make his own decisions about anything and expected her to do everything. She left him to his momma and everyone lived happily ever after (probably).

* Except for directory information. I can say yes enrolled, no not enrolled and part or full time. So if you took your momma's money and ran you'd better check the "do not release directory information" button.

The Fine Print: Card topper by Club Scrap, designer paper by DCWV, everything else from my stash. You're probably not really on my mind. It's probably your mom I'm thinking of. 


Angela Bode said...

ROFL! College is a big transition for mom and student! Our little guy had major learning issues and I was actually given a book by a neurologist that gave me instructions on how I had to be his frontal lobe. As he matured out of many of the development issues he took on more and more responsibility but I have to tell you when I left him at the dorm last fall my stomach was in knots. You will be proud to know that I haven't called the college once! He is making all his own arrangements for every class and now his housing for next year. I watched a video of a mom actually calling her son to tell him what time his class was and kept tabs on him all day long. That is just plain CRAZY! I bet you deal with the craziest things! I love your soothing card! Such pretty paper. Fun design with cut outs at the ends of the oval!!! Have a great weekend!

Greta said...

You do have the greatest stories from working at a college! There certainly were times I wished my mom could do stuff for me, but I went way too far away from home--haha! I really like this card--such pretty paper!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

You know Judy I learnt something about you today... and no it has absolutely nothing to do with you putting your mother through 32 hours of labour 😝 It's that you lived in the States.

After about the fifth or sixth reference to mom, I suddenly thought, I wonder why Judy is spellingbit with the US spelling, der!!!!! Cos you're in US. I thought all this time you were in U.K.
My poor deluded brain, need to do more yoga like the cats ...see I did have you on my mind 😉

Great card, AND love the hang in there cat one below from your friend too.
Thanks for sharing your inspiration,
Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Fiki said...

so nice card my friend!
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Maxine D said...

Wonderful card Princess J - once my kids left home they left, without me hanging on I can assure you - I did go and visit when one landed quite regularly in hospital, but that was all, and it was quite a major, ongoing health issue, apart from what I would call 'normal' visits!