Saturday, January 14, 2017

Wild Tag Art

So I was poking around in the depths of my craft closet and I found four sheets of punch out tags with various sayings on them. The four sheets all had the same tags on them and came two different colors. I figured I should at least use one of the sheets and I set to work making these.

For some reason I felt the need to include a wild animals theme along with these tags. As you can see my version of "wild animal" is pretty tame.

I ran out of steam after 3 cards but at some point I may just finish off that sheet of tags.  I am kind of pondering one of the tags though, thinking maybe I should cut off who said the quote. He's kind of a controversial figure these days but back when these were printed he was just a run of the mill millionaire businessman.

The Fine Print: tags by Club Scrap, giraffe stamp by Magenta, wee lion by CTMH, water buffalo die by Nellie's Choice, other stuff from my stash.


Fiki said...

so cute and fun card!
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Heidi Stamps said...

These are fun! I love the sayings with the animals. It makes you feel good about it all :) You know?

Barb said...

Three lovely cards Judy. The sayings on the tags fit with the animals so well. Barbxx

Carol L said...

what a fun set of cards, especially those giraffe rides! I love them all. As for the controversial tag - cut the name off and insert a hand-drawing of a huge orange hairdo - we'll figure it out :)

Maxine D said...

Sad you ran out of inspiration Princess J - they are such fun cards - I especially love the giraffe one :-) Now I wonder who that run of the mill millionaire is ;-) ????

SARN said...

Only YOU would have a stamp with a cat riding a giraffe and the relevant sentiment to go with it! You are PRICELESS.

Good job on using up your older stash.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Carole said...

Super fun tags! Love the cats queueing for giraffe rides and the quotes on the other two are awesome. x

butterfly said...

Well, you know me - adding words is always a pleasure. Love these little tags, and so glad they're finally getting to see the light of day.
Alison x

Greta said...

Good for you, using more of your stash! Great use of those quote tags!

Bonnie said...

These are great sayings, PJ! Love the animal stamps!