Friday, January 27, 2017

Great for Meditating

My friend sent me this card the other day and it put a huge smile on my face. You know and she knows that I like all things cat so the subject matter was a winner in my book.

But the thing that really made me smile is that I opened it upside down so it looked like this:

I'm quite sure this is one of the poses that my yoga teacher tries to get us into and then tells us it would be great to hang out and meditate in.

The Fine Print: Cats are yoga masters by the way. 


Di said...

Great card and so funny when you turned it the other way round :) I did yoga many moons ago - very relaxing (I could move my joints in those days!).


Di xx

Carol L said...

Fun card, and those kitties look less stressed turned upside down! It looks painful hanging from one arm/paw - ouch!

LesleyG said...

So funny either way, what a great friend xxx

Greta said...

Oh how funny--cute card either way!

Maxine D said...

What a beautiful card Princess J - it gave me a smile too!!

Fiki said...

this is so cool card!
hugs, Ŧĭƙĭ

Barb said...

cute and very funny. Barbxx