Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weirder and Surrealy-er

Here are some more! This card came about because this kit has directions how to cut, fold, and decorate a step card including putting this selfmade topper on it. Only I stamped up the topper in the wrong direction so it won't fit right.  That's how this card was born.... and the step card is still not finsihed.
This card has/had stamping on the red portion in red ink.  The day I made the card it was a nice subtle background.  By the next day it had faded to oblivion. If you hold the card up to the light, squint and twist it back and forth the faint lines can barely be seen.  Lesson learned: don't trust red ink.
This next card has the same story only for whatever reason it didn't fade as much.  You can kinda sorta see it on my photo and it shows up a bit more in real life.
And once again the red ink rears its ugly head (or buries it beneath the sand).  All the other cards are A2 size but I made this one an A6 size. I thought the larger topper rather overwhelmed an A2.  Plus this way I got to use this nifty sheer red ribbon that was included.
The Fine Print: Most everything from Club Scrap "Dream in Color" kit except green jeweled brad, silver brad, red swirly brad, felt flower, photo corners and sequins.  Yes the kit had embellishments but they were beads and charms--too bulky for my taste. Loved the ribbon though. And yes "surrealy-er" is a word.


Georgiana said...

ALL your cards are so neat. Love the sayings being the focal point.

Sandy said...

I especially like the sentiment in the top one. I can't explain the odd red ink issue, especially if you used identical card stock for all three. Ah, mysteries, that's why we keep stamping, right?

Krisha said...

All of your cards are very pretty, the second one kept calling me back for an other look. Such eye popping colors!!

Squirrel x said...

These are just amazing hun, surreal maybe, but I love 'em. Hugs xx

Craftychris said...

I like these too! xxx

thecraftycavalier said...

These sentiments are most profound. Love the one about crayons I have the craziest image of crayons chatting and working out their issues. I'm thinking that these kits seem like a fab idea :-) Jayne xx