Wednesday, August 26, 2015

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school where I work so masses of students are coming back. I've always enjoyed the first day of school and helping students get on the right track.
I do have to say those who try to help themselves are a much bigger joy to help than those who just show up and throw up their hands.  I don't know if they are used to mommy doing it for them or what. Some of them are quite pleased to be given so much freedom and others still want us to hold their hands.  I'm not always sure that students make my world a brighter place, but they certainly make it a busier place.

The Fine Print: Seriously, untie the apron string, you are not doing your kid any favors.  All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps--School Supplies and Happy Thoughts; cardstock--toffee, eucalyptus and sugar; other supplies--buttercup tiny sequins, lemon whip loose glitter, and toffee twine.


Bad Kitty said...

great card

Sandy said...

The first day of school -- a day that holds so many possibilities.
(We have tried to untie the apron strings, but when the website says one thing, the required form something else, and the person in the office says a third thing.... we get frustrated :)

Love the glittery globe.

thecraftycavalier said...

Fab card! Love the twine and sequins. We have another school-free week :-) Hugs, Jayne x

Leslie Hanna said...

Same is true with adults: people are more likely to help you if you first tried to help yourself. People who don't even bother to try don't get any of my time. I'll sometimes send a lmgtfy link to them, but one guy actually told me he'd rather ask all of Twitter than look it up himself. Loser.

But with kids, yeah, they need to learn that mommy is't going to be there for everything. I am sorry you have to deal with these people.

Cool globe. I need to remember I have stamps like these and USE them.

Bonnie said...

This is perfect for a back to school card! Some parents do too little and some do too much. It's always good for kids to have someone in school that they can go to. Keep 'em straight!

LesleyG said...

Fab card and agree, better to be independent, you must have lots of patience! Xxx

Greta said...

I love this clever card, Judy! Hope the year goes well!