Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bachelor's and Beyond

During my life I watched someone near and dear to me climb the career ladder, being rewarded for his excellent work ethic and hard work with promotions and an increased salary.  Along with that came more responsibility, longer hours, and tasks that weren't to his liking.  This man who once enjoyed his job and his work became agitated, cranky, and hated going to work.  He developed a lingering illness.
Few people could understand why he wasn't happy with his good fortune. He had achieved the American dream! There was no reason to complain. This is what everyone wants, isn't it?

Um.... no.

Some of us are quite happy where we are and have no desire to climb and claw our way to the top of the career ladder. Some of us prefer personal happiness over workplace achievements.  A job isn't always a career, and a career isn't always your life, and if you are happy, why is that an issue?
Where I work is an educational institution and lately there has been some hoopla about how much education those who work here should have regardless of experience or length of employment. A large line has been drawn into the desert sand: the haves and the have nots.  We're talking advanced college degrees here: Bachelor's and beyond.  The highest degree our institution grants is an Associate's.  Suddenly the haves are yapping up a storm saying it is inexcusable for anyone who works here to not have at least an Associate's. And once you have that why haven't you gone on for your Bachelor's? And then your Master's? You never thought you'd get ahead without those, did you?!

There's the catch.  The have nots never wanted to play the ladder game.  They were happy where they were.  They did not want to be promoted out of a job they loved and into something they didn't.  Oh sure, some folks dabbled with the idea and got a few college credits here and there but their hearts weren't in it.  The haves don't seem to understand that.  They wanted it; they got it.  Doesn't everybody?

Again... no.  Someone has to peel the damn potatoes.
The Fine Print: Random weird cards to fit my random weird babbling. Card stuff by Club Scrap "Dream in Color" except metal embellishment and glitter flower.


thecraftycavalier said...

Ooh, it's that fab kit again. I love these cards :-) Your post made me sit and think. Unfortunately, some people don't realise what's important until it's too late. I'm stuffed full of education and I gave up my career when I had children and then I got sick so I couldn't return to work. But I look at it this way; on my death bed am I going to be devastated that I didn't reach the top of my profession or am I going to be thankful for the time I got to spend with the people I loved and the 'little' things I did like go into school and help kids with their reading? I think I'm a 'have' who realised that being a Mummy was more important to me - shocking though that is to a ridiculous number of people. I am quite sure that the experience and dedication that the 'have nots' have mean that their contribution to the workplace in invaluable. Someone once described me as a slacker Mum. I can live with that :-) Good luck with work. I think personal happiness is the greatest achievement of all! You need to come to the UK and stand for Prime Minister, I like your style :-) Aww, you both depressed me and cheered me up all at the same time!! Sorry for my waffling on, I shall go have a cup of tea! Hugs, Jayne xx

Sandy said...

Funnily enough, I was thinking today about my niece, who earned 3 college degrees, then decided what she really wanted to do was cut hair. As her sister put it "she had the guts to go back to school with a bunch of 17-year-olds" to get her cosmetology license, and now she happily runs a salon.

Carol L said...

AMEN JP! You said so much today and it makes perfect sense to me! I was a high school graduate who became a factory worker for most of my life, much to the disappointment of my mother who wanted "more" for me. I loved making flags and enjoyed going to work all those years, because I felt useful doing something I loved. By today's standards, you need to go into debt for decades just to get that higher education and I question whether it's truly worth it when you graduate with such a heavy debt to repay before you even get a job. It all boils down to different strokes for different folks and that's what makes the world go round! We all need to make our own kind of happiness, and if that means peeling potatoes, sweeping floors, or washing the dishes, Then so be it! We can't all do the same thing!

Your cards are beautiful today BTW! I got so sidetracked I forgot why I came here! LOL I'm loving those bold colors and pretty elements on each card!

Leslie Hanna said...

I hear you, sistah! So many people I used to work with (including myself) took the promotion, but eventually stepped down. It just wasn't worth the extra work and angst. I was much happier as a grunt than I ever was in management. I think most organizations should realize they need to fill all positions, and happy workers are more productive workers. /rant

And you've used more of that paper that makes my eyes roll back in my head.

Greta said...

You are so right! I'd never go back to being a supervisor--work is not life! Hope things work out OK for you there or something better opens up! Lovely cards!

SARN said...

Hmm . . . new job soon then????

LOVING the creations from this kit, spesh the first two.

Being happy is the MOST important thing in life . . .

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sally H said...

Gorgeous cards, PJ - wonderful colours! I agree with you and I can totally relate to the guy you mentioned at the beginning. I have no intention of carrying on doing what I am doing until I am 68 (my projected retirement age)Nor do I want to climb the ladder any further. Hoping a semi retirement involving card and cake making is only 5 years away!

Bonnie said...

I do love these cards! And I agree with your babbling. Having a degree doesn't necessarily mean smarter! Some "educated" people don't know how to get out of the rain. What would they do without the potato peelers!