Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weird and Surreal

Do I have to s'plain this to y'all or have you already figured out that these cards are me using up the leftover parts from the latest Club Scrap kit I'm working on?  Kit cards make good weekend blog fodder. I make 'em on a week and I post 'em on a weekend, just not usually the same weekend.

This card was me trying out a blue mirrorcad piece of cardstock. I'm not usually into mirrored, shiny or shimmery cardstock. My inner crow finds it terribly distracting.  However I decided that since everything about this kit was weird and distracting that it would work out and it did.
This card came out really striking for being so odd. I copied an idea they had on their sample page. Their card was a large square card so I scaled it down to A2 size.
I thought all the extra "scraps" of cardstock were plain but I discovered that some of them were printed with more of that surreal stuff. So I paired this one with a card topper and called it good.
Lastly I tried out another version of one of their samples to come up with this card. I really like how this one came out too. I'm not into stamping my own backgrounds (there is way too much designer paper out there to ignore) but my favorite two cards in this bunch are the ones I did.  Go figure.
The Fine Print: All things by Club Scrap "Dream in Color" kit except green glitter brad and tiny sequins.


Leslie Hanna said...

If this card kit was in my house, I'd have to burn it. Or enter the cards into the current Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers challenge to use ugly paper.

You are obviously more flexible than I am. And not in a yoga sort of way, either.

SARN said...

Well I think these are fantastic PJ in their weird surreal way.

They kind of remind me of some of my early Sarntangling attempts - espcially the Mooka design.

Hugs, sarn xxx

Georgiana said...

Your backgrounds are awesome!

Craftychris said...

I like surreal so I they are cool! xxx

thecraftycavalier said...

Oooh, wowzers! I imagine that looking at these papers give the same effect as tripping on mind bending drugs - only cheaper and way more healthy! I really like the middle one - the image is a bit like a shell only to be found in the weirdest sea ever! I really like this kit - it has a life all of it's own and it's cheered me up no end. Love every card and they are sure to bring a smile to any lucky recipient. Also you totally make me howl :-) Jayne x