Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Last Minute

It is officially now The Last Minute where I work.  Last semester we instituted a rule that you had to be registered for your classes the day before classes start (very revolutionary, eh?) and classes start tomorrow.
That won't stop folks from showing up tomorrow and acting clueless and surprised but at least we no longer have to bend over backward to get them enrolled.  It is never too to go back to school.  You may, however, be told you have to delay until October when our late start classes start.

Meanwhile, here is a sweet little felt bird I made at a class once.  The class was all about cards without stamping.  The instructor had all sorts of shapes that we traced and cut out to make a variety of bird cards. It was a lot of fun. I own too many stamps to be ignoring them like that though!

The Fine Print: Wait, I just told you all about that card. I got nothing else to tell you about it except if you really must know the greeting was computer generated.


Carol L said...

The felt birdie looks so soft and sweet, and I love his little beak too! Why do birds and polka dots always go together so perfectly??

Leslie Hanna said...

Love the felt bird!

People don't think much, and "before classes start" can't possibly apply to them. Kudos for making them wait for the late Oct classes. If you got them into current classes, they'd never learn. Well, they still might not, but at least it should make them think.

SARN said...

AHA! Glad I read the small print because I could've sworn you'd stamped on the no-stamping allowed card. Phew! I can get on with my morning now that's cleared up!

Good luck with your official last minute.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Bad Kitty said...

very nice

Bonnie said...

Love the added texture of the felt!

Greta said...

Sweet card, Judy! I have too many stamps, too, to go for non-stamping cards, unless they're using my dies--no digis for me! I do love using my dies with felt!