Thursday, August 6, 2015

There's Magic in the Air

Actually if there is magic in the air, it is black magic, bad ju-ju magic.  And smoke. There is a lot of that in the air too.  This was a photo shared on Facebook last night of one of our local mountain ranges. I like how it looks like an erupting volcano but it is just an average run-of-the-mill forest fire.
It is also the first day of school for the public schools (yes, already), the city bus drivers are on strike, and there is rain in the city (but not in the mountain where we need it).  It is making for a really odd day thus far.
This is one of the cards I made awhile back where I took an ATC I received in a swap and turned it into a card. I still have a whole box of ATCs but haven't ventured back into playing with them since that first sit down.  You know, one of these days...

Updated to add: Photograph by David Boulton

The Fine Print: I got nothing for credits, no idea who took the photo or made the stamp. I do know the originally ATC was made by Mark G.  The other bits came from my stash.


Peg Robinson said...

that fire looks awesome yet awful. What a sight!

Carol L said...

Great photo! It's beautiful, yet scarey at the same time. Great card with that cool ATC! Love the hexes.

Leslie Hanna said...

You know nothing, Jon Snow! (Didn't watch the show, read the books.)

I don't think I could live in an area that could burn down. Mountains or not. Scary stuff.

Sandy said...

It is an amazing photo, but pretty frightening as well.
Yup, today was the first day of school here, too. Seems like it gets earlier every year.