Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hello, My Deer

Do you ever look at a card and just dismiss it?  That is what I did with a recent workshop serving suggestion from A Muse Studio. They said, "Hey make this card for a workshop!" and I responded, "Yeah, right..."
It just didn't speak to me, yet I kept it around.  Since I lack samples I thought I'd just go ahead and make this darn card.  I had a ton of fun making it and really like it once I saw live and in person. I liked it so much I made a second one. It uses a variety of products which is why it is good for a workshop. I'm not sure I want to do flocking at a workshop, but it is a cool card.

Sometimes you just never know.  And that's today's lesson, My Deer.

The Fine Print: All products and supplies by A Muse Studio. Stamps--Hexagon Background and We Just Click; die-Word Art; Cardstock--Mushroom, pistachio, and pebble; inks--mushroom; other supplies--Mermaid splash ink, Bermuda crepe paper, and French Roast flocking. 


Bad Kitty said...

very nice
have a nice day

Carol L said...

It's a fun card, and I love turquoise and brown together. The hexes are a great compliment to those antlers too!

Leslie Hanna said...

Oh, suck it up and do flocking at a workshop. My ladies loved it. It's just glue and fluff; not as crazy as some other techniques.

jimlynn said...

Very cool card indeed! Love the deer head and the papers you used.

Janeen said...

way 2 kewl!!!

Bonnie said...

If flocking acts like glitter, I wouldn't use it for a workshop! I still have embossing powder 10 feet from where they were embossing! Love the deer though and it is a fun card!