Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pod People

For those of you who come here to see a card, here's one sent to me by my friend CG.  She made a card with that ridiculous reindeer that drove me crazy earlier this year and it is fabulous.  She made a stenciled background that makes me think of a street map, perhaps all the places Santa needs to visit in town (Rudolph's Sat Nav if you will).
For those of you who come here hoping for more than a card I have a treat for you today.  Last night I dreamed that my mom and dad were all dressed up fancy, apparently headed out to a dinner party (perhaps at the Officer's Club?), but before they left they sat down with me at a table to help me with my math homework.  I had several problems that were two digit numbers being added to two digit numbers.  Even my dream state was savvy enough to know this isn't the kind of math I'd need help on, so I asked about it.

My mom sweetly replied that it was David's homework (my nephew).  Before I could ask why the heck I was doing David's homework, my dad asked me if I saw a pattern in the numbers I was adding.  I looked again and I said yes!  The first number of each equation was eleven more than the first number in the next equation (wait? what? who notices this stuff?). My dad went on to explain some rule of thumb involving the number eleven.  The dream was very happy and I felt loved and warm and included.

Upon waking I knew immediately that those were not my real parents.  Someone must have traded out my real parents for POD PEOPLE!  My real parents would never stop on the way out to a dinner party to help with homework!  My real parents wouldn't be that patient! My real parents wouldn't willingly give up their time ever!  Oh no! My dad would grab the books and papers from you and start to angrily write down the problems and answers himself. He might even lecture you on how obvious or simple it was or tell you that the how-to's were right there in the book.  My mom would give one of her long sighs and talk about how she doesn't understand why teachers expect parents to teach their kids and why do we send kids to school if the teachers are going to do teaching there? (The concept of homework is lost on my mom).

So the moral of this story is beware of Pod People bringing math equations and explaining rules of eleven.

The Fine Print: Is there a rule of eleven?  Is my Pod Person dad making shit up?  Reindeer stamp by A Muse Studio.


Carol L said...

I think I'd be inclined to go play the lottery and include the number "11" among the picks! At least that's how I'd interpret the dream! LOL
That's really an awesome card with the graphic background and super cool text deer! i likey!

Mrs A. said...

Don't know anything about pods of eleven but I do like your card. Very clever.
Wonder who the third person is. Hugs Mrs A.

Squirrel x said...

I like the reindeer. I am now scared of pod people xx

Leslie Hanna said...

I love math, and used to sit and look at numbers and try to find patterns. I like the number 11, too. And the rule of 9s. I could go on, but I want you to still be my friend.