Saturday, December 6, 2014

More Snowy Weather

We are having another gray, damp day that if we lived somewhere other than where we do would probably mean it was going to snow.  Luckily we live where we live so the only snow we have to deal with is on paper.
This is a CASE card that I am going to have the ladies make at a workshop next weekend. I hemmed and hawed over if we should do another Christmas card or not and finally decided not.  My reasoning was that people should pretty much have them made by then.  I opted for this winter card instead. My thought was that  the workshop is a week away, if you were to order then the order won't come in for another week after that... so in two weeks Christmas stamps are too late but a snowman can carry you through January (and maybe even February depending on where you live).

Not that what we make in the workshop has any bearing on what gets ordered.  Sometimes it does and other times it doesn't. I think that is interesting how it works out.  More often than not it is a sample card I brought along to show off that garners orders.  You just never know.

The important part is we get to play and have fun.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio. Stamp set--Cozy Back; cardstock--kraft, cherry petite polka dot, winter sky, sugar and cherry petite pinstripe (the snowflakes); other products--onyx stitched ribbon, Snowflake Trio II die set, and Cozy Back matching die.


Carol L said...

THis is such a cute card! I love the colors, snowman and big snowflakes too!

Sandy said...

Cute card, and you could use it for Christmas if you wanted (or I would, anyway).
Nice snowman image. (I personally hate snow, but I love snowmen images and snowflake images --go figure.)

chrissy xx said...

WoW! I'm loving this..FABulous design and I LOve your colours..These snowflakes are awesome.

Leslie Hanna said...

SO cute! And yeah, some of my SU customers would order everything we used on a certain card, and others came with lists of things they needed. Either way, I'm good. :)

Angie said...

I LOVE your winter card! Guess I should get myself in gear. I have worked on Christmas cards all year (not as much as usual though) but I haven't addressed a single one yet!

Love the dotted paper and that is a super cute snowman!

Becky Evans said...

Such a cute card! Love those colors and the layout. Snowmen and snowflakes are favorites of mine since I grew up in Minnesota.

scrappymo! said...

This is a wonderful card. The snowman is adorable and I love the design on this one. The crisp red and white with the pop of black ribbon...fantastic!