Monday, December 8, 2014

Make Up Monday

As promised here are some more of the autumn cards I made on a card making marathon at the end of last month. 
I thought this printed card topper was rather odd and I was at a loss of what to do with it.  I paired it up with some fall paper from my stash and turned it into a Happy Birthday card.
Here's another topper that was a bit random, so I added more designer paper, a leaf and some brads and called it good.  Happiness is a good thing.
This topper had these odd splatter dots on it, like dried raindrops on your windshield.  With the addition of some fancy schmancy sheer ribbon and a big fabric leaf it became a worthy card.
This topper was much more normal.  I turned it into another birthday card, but really the special day could have been for any reason (as long as it happened in the fall).  I liked that I perked up such dark papers in this kit with this bright and airy paper.
Another normal topper!  I added a sponged and wood grain embossed background some ribbon and called it done.

That's it for today's post, but never you fear there are more of these cards to share....  coming to Make Up Monday near you soon!

The Fine Print: Card bases, toppers, and cardstock layers from Club Scrap's Comfort Zone kit.  Designer papers, brads, leaves, and sheer ribbon from my stash.  Wood grain folder by Stampin' Up.  These sure beat looking at Christmas card, don't they?!


Joe Palmer said...

I like this blog so much I married it.

Carol L said...

LOL at the comment above :)
I'm loving the leaves on these pretty cards, especially the anniversary card!
BTW, in case you haven't heard yet, even though the word verification shows when you comment on my blog now, just type your comment and hit "publish" and it goes through w/o having to type those annoying numbers! Blogger is trying to send me to the funny farm I swear!

Leslie Hanna said...

That Joe is a keeper. :D

Angie said...

LOL! I like Christmas cards...giggle... Funny, I made a Birthday card today (the first non Christmas in awhile) thinking it would be on my blog Thursday but I just heard that we are waiting until January. So......if you visit will find more Christmas. :)

I do love these Fall cards! Gorgeous colors and fun designs!!!! Feel better soon!

SARN said...

All totally fabulous. xxx