Friday, December 5, 2014

My Creatures are Stirring!

So the other night I had a dream that had my mother, my older brother, and my dentist in it.  We were stuck in some waiting room with old ratty magazines for hours and everyone was on everyone's nerves.  I can't really think of much more to make that dream worse except for if we were administered a test we hadn't studied for.

I think the dream means my psyche is shot and subconscious is in an uproar.  It is a few nights before Christmas and my creatures are stirring and creating agitation, pandemonium, discordance, disquiet, turmoil and toothaches.
Fuck you, creatures, quit stirring.  And you, Tooth #4...  Your days are numbered.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps--Not a Creature was Stirring; cardstock--sugar, cherry, and wasabi petite polka dots; other products--Snowflake Trio II die, clear twinkle sticker, and cherry satin ribbon.


Bonnie said...

I must have been in your dream because I lost tooth #4 yesterday. No kidding! I love your inchies and the little mouse that is stirring things up!

Carol L said...

You can even make profanity sound amusing! LOL Adorable card with that little mousie!

chrissy xx said...

Yikes! I'm off to the dentist Monday!
just for a check up? I hope.
Super cute image.FABulous design.lush ribbon..LOve it.
Are you aloud to use that word lol.. did make me laugh! x

Leslie Hanna said...

love that background!

scrappymo! said...

Wow! Love this design and love the vibrant colours!