Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish

Today I had planned to show you the one lone St. Patrick's Day card that I made this year but apparently I don't have a picture of it.  So as not to disappoint you, my faithful dozen readers, here is the one lone St. Patrick's Day card I received this year.
I guess St. P kind of got overlooked this year  It happens.  He can go drown his sorrows in green beer and all will be well with the world.

Speaking of the world, I have to tell you about World Market.  They are an import style store with fabulous household things and weird food that often separates hubby and I from our money.  I just adore their email ads; they reflect a life and lifestyle I didn't even know existed.

"Save big on accent chairs! This week only!"  Wait? What? Accent chairs? You means chairs made only to look good and not to be used to say, sit in? Decorative chairs--Is this a thing?

"The sale you've been waiting for all year-50% of dining furniture!"  Because, yes, you need to replace your dining furniture annually so it won't go bad. And how sweet of you to refer to tables and chairs as 'dining furniture.' It sounds so high brow.

"Lovely Lighting-Save 50% on all pendents and chandeliers!"  Wait?  Did you mean necklaces? No, Judy, pendents, because sometimes the word 'chandelier' doesn't sound fancy enough. Or maybe it sounds too fancy; what do I know.
The Fine Print: That right there is a  Large Capiz Lotus Hanging Pendent Lantern. You know a lantern to sound rustic but you can see how fancy it looks.  Have the maid dust that thing.


KT Fit Kitty said...

Hehehe, that's a world I don't live in! Fancy stuff! Nice card you received! We don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day here with cards. There are parties and such but that's about it.

Bad Kitty said...

Gorgeous card

Carol L said...

I love the saying on that card, and I only made 2 St. Patrick's day cards before today myself. I just don't usually make them for some reason. I never heard of World Market, but it sounds fun :)

Greta said...

Bet you smiled when you opened that fun card! You're not kidding--would need a maid to dust that thing!

LesleyG said...

What a fun card and sweet blessing. How nice to dream of a dream house, but would need a team of maids though! Dusting?! Such a waste of crafty time! Xxx

thecraftycavalier said...

Oh man, you are such a hoot! I found you via Squirrels blog and I'm soooo glad I came! I have not laughed this much in ages. Bless you - I have never heard of World Market but it sounds like the place to be :-) Hugs, Jayne xx