Sunday, March 29, 2015

Challenging Cards

We've all heard of a card challenge.  That's where someone says, "Make a card with a blue rhinoceros on it," and everyone who joins in challenge makes a card with their version of a blue rhinoceros on it.
No blue rhinos here
These cards, however, were challenging.  How so you ask?  I only had one hand with which to make them.  That makes things a whole lot more difficult.  No, no, I didn't lose an arm in high stakes poker game nor where there any injuries involving trash compactor and a drunken unicorn. I was on the phone while putting these together.  I don't have a hands-free set or a speaker phone, so one hand was occupied.  I did have an elbow that came into play sometimes.
Like having two hands
The Fine Print: It was a really long phone call so I actually got four cards made but I'm only sharing two now because I might want to have another blog post later this week.  Well, that, and the photographs of the other two cards I took look like they were down by a spastic weasel on crack.  Most of the card stuff by Club Scrap, the "Tribal" kit.


Carol L said...

Your one-handed creations are impressive! I can't walk and chew gum at the same time, so high fives on the great coordination you have! The patterns and papers are really elegant and I love both designs!

PharmacyMichele said...

Two stunning cards, especially as you made them with only one hand!


Janeen said...

ha ha. i love your description. especially beautiful b/c of using only one hand. i have to have a head set. my neck would be all out of sorts if i tried that. kudos to you

Angie said...

Really cool cards and one handed too! You are a stamping magician! I love the images and font on the sentiments.

Holly AKA KopyKat said...

So super cute!!!

Greta said...

Beautifully artistic creations, Judy!

SARN said...

Well, you haven't really LIVED (or nearly died) until you've had an incident involving the trash compactor and a Unicorn now have you???? LOL!

These 2 cards are wonderful and I cannot imagine how you managed to talk, hold the phone AND stick things together one-handed and one-elbowed! But I'm having fun thinking about it!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

chrissy xx said...

WoW! That's one way to get cards made! Making a phone call at the same time,,at least it ties you down to one spot...I might just try this new craft thing lol..
Great card......great colour.
Are you a Gemini by any chance?

Bonnie said...

Go you! I'm amazed you did these cards with one hand and an elbow! I found out today that my phone doesn't have a speaker button. I used to cook supper while on the phone. These flat little cell phones just don't work as good! I can't get my head close enough to my shoulder to hold it!

Leslie Hanna said...

Spastic weasel on crack - HAHAHAHA! He works here, too.

Also, I detest the telephone, so I'm very proud of you for being productive during your call. I mostly sit around and wish the other person would hang up.