Monday, September 9, 2019

It is Monday.

There I was making lunch to take to work this morning when Cindy came up and sat by my feet. We had the following conversation:

Me: Why are you here?
Cindy: Why are any of us here?
Me: Oh, is it existential crisis day?
Cindy: It is Monday. 

 And indeed it is.
The Fine Print: Fishies by Lawn Fawn. Existential Crisis brought to you by Monday.


Carol L said...

Well said!!! No more conversation required :) Love the fish trio in their bowls, very cute and fun with the knotted twine too :)

Bonnie said...

Cute fish to celebrate Monday! Good to see you PJ!

kiwimeskreations said...

Wonderful to see you here again Princess J - deep and meaningful conversations aside :) It's Tuesday afternoon here so it doesn't apply - well that's my reason and I am sticking to it!!
Love your card - those wee fish are circling in fine style

Craftychris said...

I'm thinking deeply and its Tuesday! Love this cute card! Fab to see you! xxxxxxx

Heidi MyLittleStampingBlog said...

The fish are so cute! That is a good way to think about Mondays, very funny!

Fikreta said...

this is so adorable card!

stampingbowd said...

I stopped by Janeen's blog and saw you left a comment there and realized it's been way too long since I stopped by your blog! Life just moves too fast! Your Existential Crisis Day had me laughing! Your card is gorgeous. What cute fish and I love the fibers you added! Hugs!

butterfly said...

Hey, how goes it? I see I'm more than a month behind the times visiting here, but I am arriving on another existentially-challenged Monday, so I hope I'll be forgiven. There are times I wish I had the reputed 2-second memory circuit of a goldfish. I should like to not remember so much of what is going on in the world at the moment. At every turn, I could smile as blissfully as these fishies. Watch out for the cats though.
Alison x

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hey Judy,

that is really cute :) (the card and the conversation)

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Michele Emerson-Roberts said...

You are always such FUN! I am so BLESSED to know you and have your friendship!

ionabunny said...

Since I was here......... Cindy is very wise. Off to comment on the rest of the 2019 posts. Hugz