Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bee Happy

Today is like a bonus day for me because I had forgotten that May had 31 days in it.  I was ready for it to be June but then.... bonus time... we get one more day for May.  And how nice of the bonus day to be on a weekend!
I went to a card workshop today and let me tell you, Honey, we had a great time bee-ing happy.

The Fine Print: Most supplies and products by Close to My Heart except the three dry embossed border folders by Darice, the hexagon embossing folder by Stampin' Up, and the Chalk Time die cut also by Stampin Up.  I hope your bonus day was just as good as mine!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Rudolph Day - The Freezin' Season

It's been way too long since I've joined in a card challenge so I thought I'd jump back in with a trio of holiday cards for the Rudolph Challenge. While I'm not ready for the Freezin' Season quite yet (or quite ever) I could do with a little less heat in the air.  Those triple digits sure can get a bit stifling after awhile.
I decided to use some pre-printed card bases that I had in my Christmas stash and what better to go with these cards than my newish Swanky Snowdudes stamp set that I had to have after seeing it over and over this past holiday season.
I actually had 5 card blanks when I started but one of them was gunked up so I cut out the greeting and applied it with dimensional tape.  I liked it so much that I did it on the second card as well.
I originally was going to put all three snowmen (snowdudes, sorry) on all three cards but I thought they looked a little crowded.  I had to do it for at least one card though.
The insides of the cards are decorated with bits from the card bases I cut up.  I didn't put a "happy holidays" or "Merry Christmas" greeting in any of them. I thought I'd wait and see how things go come the holiday season.  Sometimes it is nice to just have a winter themed card lying around.

The Fine Print: Stamp set by Paper Smooches "Swanky Snowdudes," card bases by DCWV, snowflake punch by unknown (from back in the day before crafting companies put their name on their products), bling by Hero Arts.  Hubby was strangely concerned that I'd mention him on my blog, so here goes: Joe Palmer.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I'll Drink to That!

The Fine Print: Stamps by Paper Smooches "Get Outta Town," designer paper by Echo Park "Splendid Sunshine," flower die by Marianne but I lost the smaller of the two flowers so there's another reason to drink--to drown my sorrows, and scallop border die by A Muse Studio.  I also gave myself a concussion* with a refrigerator, so let's all have a drink to celebrate that kind of talent.

*No, not really a concussion, mom, just a sore head.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I did manage to make a few cards while I was on vacation recently.  Not really enough to justify bringing my entire craft room with me, but I got a few done.
Like this little cutie.  He was part of my campaign to stop hoarding Paper Smooches stamps and start using them.  I'm still more excited by fondling them than using them, but I'm trying!

The Fine Print: Some people would say that I'm very trying...  Stamps by Paper Smooches "Cuteasaurus" and "Spectrum."  Designer paper by Simple Stories "Daily Grind" pad.  Scalloped border by A Muse Studio and flower brad from my stash.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Freedom isn't Free

This is as close to a Memorial Day card as I have on hand, nice and happily patriotic.  Happy Memorial Day and thanks to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice so I can sit on my backside and not worry about unjust persecution.

The Fine Print:  Stamps and die by Taylored Expressions, paper by DCWV, ribbons from my stash. "Unjust persecution" does not include anything dished out by those of the feline persuasion.  They know whatever guff they give me is completely justified.  Just ask them.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Get Well Peacock

Isn't there some wacky saying about an elephant stepping on your toes and the bird of paradise flying up your nose?  Or I am just hallucinating wildly again?  Anyway, if the bird of paradise does fly up your nose... just may get a visit from the Get Well Peacock of Health.  Or you may just get a sinus infection.

The Fine Print: Peacock stamp by Hero Arts "Beautiful Peacocks" set, paper by DCWV, flowers by Prima, ribbon and brad from my stash.  Better the Get Well Peacock of Health than the Chicken of Despair. Always.  By the way, there is a get well greeting inside this card but of course you are psychic and knew that.  Or psychotic.  I can't keep those straight.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Foreign Flair

My stamp club met today and I made this card for the "Foreign Flair" card exchange.
I know a lot of people thought "oriental" for this swap and I originally did too, but then I went for Russian Nesting Dolls because.... well, because that is the only foreign thing I had with me (remember I was just in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, which I think qualifies as a foreign place too now that I think about it).

I received a nice Parisian card in exchange, so see, not everyone thought oriental.

The Fine Print: Doll stamps by Close to My Heart (March stamp of the month), greeting by Hero Arts (Tree, Birds, and Messages set [seriously that's its name]), paper by Pebbles (Garden Party).

Friday, May 23, 2014

Early May Birthdays

Every day I get up and it's a new day.  They just keep coming and coming! I can hardly keep track of them all. And I certainly can't keep track of things to put on my blog.
Since I'm too lazy busy to monkey around with the camera here are some of the cards I sent out for early May birthdays.  This top one is from when I was still in iris folding heaven.
The Bird-Day chicks are for my birthday buddy (same day as me).
This last one I made when I was puttering around with my excess of Club Scrap boxes. You should recognize it as the same style and design as the other cards I made recently. I still haven't finished off that box and I was so close to the end!
By now though it probably multiplied to being completely full again.  If only the money in my wallet would do that!  Maybe I should stick money into a Club Scrap box?!!!
The Fine Print: Top Card-black & white papers from DCWV's black & white paper pad (a must-have item!) and greeting by Stampin' Up.  Middle card-stamp by DeNami Designs and other products from my stash.  Bottom tri-fold card by Club Scrap "Tilescapes" kit, flower by Prima, and greeting by Hero Arts.  How horrible. I'm actually going to have to get off my butt and motivate if I want to put anything on my blog tomorrow.  *big deep sigh*  Such a rough life...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Up a Tree

This is another scheduled post.  Just because I got back yesterday doesn't mean that the first thing I want to do is put up with y'all, demanding creatures that you are.
So instead of leaving you all hanging out on a limb, here's a card of cute little kitty in a tree.  He's up there so he doesn't have to go to the V-E-T and get a S-H-O-T in the H-I-N-E-Y, which is actually where my cat needs to go.  It's time for her annual checkup.  Oh Poppy..... where are you?!??
The Fine Print: Kitty stamp by Great Impressions, dies by Cheery Lynn, blue paper from my stash, and bark looking brown paper by Club Scrap.  Shhh.... don't wake the sleeping kitty.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hump Day

If all goes well today, I'll be seeing this:
If things get weird, I'll be seeing this:
And you all can see this:
Although maybe I should have warned you to put on sunglasses first.

The Fine Print:  Um... yeah... the aliens brainwashed that part of my mind that had the info on who made those stamps. I want to say The Angel Company.  In fact, I am going to say it; I might be wrong, but I'm saying it!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Live. Love. Laugh.

Words to live by, especially the "laugh" part and especially at this card which failed to match the vision in my head.  It is still kind of fun though, with all those pop up butterflies.
I'm probably still not anywhere, which is why this is a scheduled post.  I'm off living, loving, and laughing.  Presumably. Or dying, hating, and weeping.  Both are options.

The Fine Print: Butterfly cutting plate, inlay butterfly dies, and greetings "Chalkboard Elements 2" by Taylored Expressions.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Make Up Monday

Yep, still yet another scheduled post.  Since I brought out some Tilescapes cards I made recently, I thought I'd share this one from back in the day.  It has been pining away in the pending folder since then.
Just coincidentally it is another of the same tri-fold cards.  The stamped greeting is from a different Club Scrap kit.  The very inside just had a plain panel so I didn't photograph is.
Here is a fall card that got repeatedly overlooked .  The pumpkins have distress glitter glue on them, which turns out to not be the best choice.
And here a a birthday card from quite awhile back.  I made this in a workshop.  The colors make me think of fall. I love that glitter ribbon!
The Fine Print: Top card all parts by Club Scrap; harvest card stamps by Taylored Expressions, paper by DCWV, dies by Spellbinders; bottom card all stamps and parts by Close to My Heart.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

High Fa'Luting Chick

I know Easter is said and done for for this year but that doesn't mean we have to pack away our fancy spring bonnets quite yet!  This chick proves it:
In fact, there might even be a horse race or two we can wear our styling headgear to!

The Fine Print: Chick by Penny Black, flowers by Prima, stitched circle die by MFT, paper and ribbon from my stash.  The flower centers are punched paper covered with glitter glue so as to not add bulk to the card.

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today I thought I'd share another Club Scrap card that I made at the same time as yesterday's card.  I'll bet you can spot the similarities!
Yep, same color scheme, same layers, same tri-fold style, same concept with a paper flower.... Love the gigantor brad!
The inside panel has another pre-printed matching piece, as does the inside panel with a nice birthday greeting.  I haven't used this card yet, so if it winds up in your mailbox try to act surprised, like you've never seen it before.
By the way, if you are wondering about me, I'm not there.  I'm not anywhere (as most people who find themselves in New Mexico say).  These posts have been scheduled so you won't know that I'm among the missing.

The Fine Print: Card and parts by Club Scrap "Tilescapes" collection except for the paper flower by Prima and the inside greeting by Hero Arts.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

When I'm not looking my leftover Club Scrap boxes multiply and make more card parts for me to play with.  Isn't that every paper carfter's dream?  Or is it a never-ending nightmare?  Either way, it means I always have Club Scrap kits that I can work on and make cards from.
I have one box that is almost empty (for now, until it multiplies again) so I pulled out some goodies and made this tri-fold card.  It was quick and easy and begs the question why I never put this card together before? Like maybe several years ago...
...then I remember, "Who am I to question reality?!"  and the proper balance is restored.  Sorry that inside panel looks fuzzy.  The camera refused to focus on it.
The Fine Print:  All the stuff except the paper flower (Prima) and square punch (EK Sucess) by Club Scrap "Tilescapes" collection.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

I [Heart] Paper Smooches

I really like Paper Smooches stamps. I like that they are whimsical and cute and a bit quirky--like me!  Only unlike me, they rarely get used.  I like to covet them more than use them.  I play to put a stop to that nonsense right now.
I thought I'd start with this fun and funky magical unicorn.  How do I know he is magical you ask?  By how shiny he is!  That, and he's a unicorn.  Everybody knows all unicorns are magical.
The Fine Print: Unicorn and sun by Paper Smooches "Spectrum," believe greeting by A Muse Artstamps, cloud dies by A Muse Studio, shininess proved by Wink of Stella.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tips for Better Living

Remember: Always store your black cats up high in a warm dry place.

The Fine Print: Jack was so proud of himself for getting up there. He felt very adventurous.  Why don't you try something adventurous today too?!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wiggle Butt!

I picked up one of those weeble wobble spring thing sets from Art Impressions last month.  I thought it seemed like a fun thing because who doesn't like wiggly cat butt?
Although I was at a bit of a loss at knowing what to do with a cat front, a cat butt, and "a little behind" greeting.  I mean except for making a belated birthday card, what does one do with that?!
I guess make TWO belated birthday cards.  Now I just need to wait for someone's birthdays to fly by.  That shouldn't be too hard.

The Fine Print: Wobble spring, cat front, cat butt, and behind greeting by Art Impressions; birthday hat and "happy" from A Muse Artstamps, Belated birthday greeting by Stampin' Up, stitched circle die by MFT, glitter paper from my stash (probably DCWV).

Monday, May 12, 2014

Birfday Mundays

Hi! My name wood be Dio! My mom axed me to do this post cuz she letted Wendy blow in her ear and it gived her a badness earache.  I don't fink it was the Wendy who is my girlfriend cuz my mom isn't mean like that.
My mom wood come and blow in my ear and say that woz from Wendy; you know she woodn't keep it to herselfs, she wood pass it on. Or maybe she keeped it so I woodn't git a earache.  Well, den that's nice of my mom.  I don't wants a earache cuz then the doctor puts medicines in your ear and then swabs.  I don't wike swabs in my ears. I wike to carry dem in my mouf though!
Anyway, we got more birfday cards to show off.  I might have to have one of these birfday fings so I can get cards too.  Mebbed people wood send me monies too and I kin buy fings from Ma'amazon.  Dey have good fings.
I wood buy crunchie cat foods and cat foods in a can and new jingle balls cuz all my old jingle balls got broked.  And treats! I bet treats come from Ma'amazon too!
And mebbe I would even get a new mouses that hasn't losted his tail yet.  All my mouses git their tails losed.
I wood get my mom some swabs for her ears and a new tinsell ball for my baby brudder. And my dad could have moovees!  He wikes moovees and I wike dem too unwess their is scaredy parts.
I fink I wood like chick flix! Cuz I like chicks. Thems wike birds and I wike birds. I could eat dem if they wood just letted me.
My sister Poppy sez you have to ask mom to put the bird in saw-tay and den in the cooking machine. You shood not eat raw birds becuz you could git A B C D Ecoli which isn't wike cocoa coli which has budtles that tickle yer nose.
The Fine Paw Prints: Mom says my brofver and me got 'dopted in the fall so dat means we gots a birfday in early Septembers.  Mom says I gots to share my birfday with my brofver. I always gots to share. If I git a badness earache like my mom I'll share wif him!