Saturday, October 31, 2015

Everybody Scream-It's Halloween!

Everybody shout and scream!
Everybody make a scene!
It's Halloween!
It's Halloween!

The Fine Print: Since I didn't buy any candy this year I'll just have to offer any trick or treaters shots of liquor instead.  That's both a treat and a trick in one!  Witch and greeting chipboard from K&Co.

Friday, October 30, 2015

And You Thought it was Like a Box of Chocolates

I know you thought life was like a box of chocolates or a bowl of cherries or maybe even a circus or a cabaret but nope, it turns out that life is much more simple than that.  It's like something we can't live without...

The Fine Print: Ooh, see what I did there? Card toppers and stuff from Club Scrap "Tilescapes" kit. Nothing like a little toilet humor for a Friday.  I'm at another work training thing. Apparently they think I have the capacity to learn new things.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Iris Fiddling

Last weekend I attempted to teach 40 women how to do Iris Folding. You know, it actually went pretty well. I shared samples and passed around a magazine that had detailed instructions with photographs, so before we started everyone had an idea what it was about.
Right away a few women decided it wasn't something they would like to do so they took their supplies to make something else with and that's totally acceptable.  My samples were card fronts with open backs so everyone could get a behind the scenes look at what Iris Folding looks like. The one above doesn't even have the middle piece in it so they can really get a good look at its inner workings.
The other three I put in middles and jazzed up a bit so folks could get an idea of the end result. Everyone received either a black, white or red card front with a square cut out of it, their choice of two patterned papers in black and white, and either a black, white, or red middle piece (which was really just the bit cut out of the card front.

While I think everyone who participated had fun I don't think I made too many Iris Folding converts. It is one of my favorite techniques.

The Fine Print: Black and white papers from Recollections and DCWV (I had two B&W paper pads), square hole via Spellbinders die, and greeting stamps by DeNami Designs. Did you notice the sample card that the cat bit a hole into?

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cute Halloween

When I was going through my stash recently I found these pre-cut and layered cards that I had picked up from The Paper Cut at a convention a while ago.  I decided the colors were perfect for Halloween so I made five similar cards.
I used some of my little used stash like the spider web embossing folder, the pumpkin embossing and cutting dies, tiny googlie eyes, and a spider eyelet.  They were fun cards to make and since they were all similar they went together very quickly.  To jazz them up a bit I decorated the insides with designer paper, two different kinds.
The Fine Print:Witchy Bird by Hero Arts, greeting by A Muse Artstamps, embossing/cutting folders by Cuttlebug, and spider eyelet and designer paper from my stash.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Where am I Going and Why am I in this Handbasket?

This month my big stamp club had a rather different card exchange theme.  The theme was to depict the title of a song. When I mentioned it to the group last month I was met with quizzical expressions and blank stares.  I had to agree with them but came up with "How Much is That Doggy in the Window" as an example.

Luckily we have a creative bunch and left to their own devices we came up with some gems like "You Light up My Life," "Singing in the Rain," "Call Me" and several Christmas carols.  I don't know what anyone expected of this former punk, but here's my card:
What do you mean you don't know what song that is?  Oh, honey, obviously you've never driven from Tucson to Phoenix before.  That there is the Highway to Hell.

The Fine Print: Cityscape dies by Memory Box, reverse pinking circle by Spellbinders, Phoenix sign from The Google, cloud template by Printworks, and the other stuff from my own little hands.

Monday, October 26, 2015

I has the dumb

This meme says it all:
Earlier today I was trying to talk to someone about PTK--which is an honor student society and something I was a member of back in the 80's.  I keep getting invited to join but I thought membership was lifetime.  Anyway, I was told I could log onto my account and use the prompts to be reminded my username and password and make sure they had me marked as active.  I had to explain to the poor girl that I was a member before people had personal computers in their homes and the internet was just a baby (or was it just still a sperm and an egg?).  Anyway, I'm getting a referral to the chapter president. I'm sure they are now talking about that dinosaur who wants to rejoin PTK.

The Fine Print: Meme shamelessly stolen from someplace on the internet. You never know, maybe PTK has special scholarships for dinosaurs.  That university stuff ain't cheap.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend

Sometimes I repeat myself. Sometimes I repeat myself.

Other times I almost repeat myself but not quite.  Really, if it works, why not?

The Fine Print: Most stuff from Club Scrap "Tilescapes" except the brads and flowers from my stash. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Big Card, Dear Friend

I had great plans to cut this card blank down to an A2 size and use it but then I realized I wouldn't have a card large enough for the card topper that essentially came with it.
So I used it as is. Yes, can you tell that I opened up another kit? I did even though I never finished that last one and shared precious few photos from it.  You know, the world hasn't ended yet so it could still happen.

This is a scheduled post because I'm off to attempt to teach Iris Folding to 40+ people. What possesses me to do these things??!! Happy Day to you, Dear Friend.

The Fine Print: All stuff from Club Scrap "Tilescapes." Little tiny squares cut from my little tiny Spellbinders die one square at a time. Seriously, what is wrong with me?

Friday, October 23, 2015

Repurposed ATC

I ran across a couple of Halloween ATCs I made a while ago and decided to turn them into cards. I didn't get very creative with them but I did do a bit more than just slap them onto a card front.
Yes, there is only one card here but really I made two but apparently only took a picture of one. If I find and photograph the other one before this post goes live it will be below.
I'm at a work retreat today (because we are too wimpy to stand and fight). I'm trying to figure out how to stage a coup. I'll let you know how that goes.

The Fine Print: Spiderweb stamp by G Stamps, greeting by A Muse Artstamps, pumpkin punch by Martha, other random stuff from my random stash.

Thursday, October 22, 2015


This card is the reason I took the whole fancy schmancy card making class. This was actually a card class of its own so really I took two classes last Friday.
They called it an envelope card. The middle that is popped out toward you will fold back in so that portion of the card shuts. That smaller piece on the left is like a flap that goes over the shut card. It is a very neat design and was not as tricky as you might think.*

I didn't take a picture of it shut tight as we didn't decorate the outside of the flap or card in anyway but you certain could. We made a plain white version that isn't put together so we can keep that as a template. I don't know how many more of these you can expect from me, but this one was fun!

* No, wait! It was terribly difficult and there is no way I'm teaching you how to do it.  I learned my lesson over that with that card in a box!

The Fine Print: Paper by Graphic 45, fancy scrollwork by one of those electronic machines, fence punch by Martha, and spiderweb punch by either Martha or EK.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

More G45

Yesterday, I shared the curio cabinet I made in a fabulous class last week. As someone who always is the one teaching the class let me tell you that having someone else do all the work is a dream!  And so are these cards, or given the subject matter, maybe they are nightmares. They are definitely nightmares if fussy cutting makes you squeamish.

That last card was just a kit of stuff for us to play with on our own time. Several of the ladies stayed behind to make it in class following the teacher's sample. I took it home and winged it.  We didn't decorate any of the insides of the cards in class. I did those once I got home. It was such a fun class and I was glad to have more to keep playing with.

The Fine Print: Papers by Graphic 45, fancy scrollwork die by one of those electronic machines and spider web punch by either EK or Martha. Never fear we aren't done with this class yet!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Curio Cabinet

Last Friday was Boss' Day and I couldn't think of a better gift than giving the gift of freedom from me. So I took the day off and took a crafting class that focused on making stuff with really cool papers.... like this curio cabinet.

The Fine Print: My boss was so tickled with not having to put up with me that I'm sure he'll grant me more days off in the future!  Really cool paper by Graphic 45.

Monday, October 19, 2015

A State of Zen

I joined a swap that was all about doodling. I thought it would motivate me to try my hand at Zentangling. So now I've tried it.
I was told that it is very relaxing but I didn't have that experience. I just wished this stupid thing would get itself done and over with already.  I guess I don't have the proper patience for Zentangling.
So there you have it, my first and most likely last ever Zentangle card.  I would cross that off my bucket list if only I had one. I do have a bucket. I use it for cleaning up cat puke.

The Fine Print: Yeah total WYSIWYG* here. I got nothing else.  
* What you see is what you get

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Super Size THIS!

Since the employee population where I work is old, fat, and terribly unhealthy our human resources department is always trying to do something about it. They offered a gift card for a wellness check earlier this year (so we could know just how bad off we really are), they only allow healthy foods at any employee function, and they offer tips, like this gem:

Employee Wellness Activities
Did You Know?
Walking sideways burns 78 percent more calories than walking forward. Lateral motion takes extra effort by working your body in unfamiliar ways. Try adding this in to your regular fitness routine for some variety.

I can just see all us employees scuttling about the campus sideways now.... and students fleeing in terror.  It makes for a great visual.
The Fine Print: Any bets before HR starts fielding a large amount of claims for broken bones and dislocated body parts? Fattening stamps by Paper Smooches.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


It's the weekend now. Pull up your beach chair and enjoy!

The Fine Print: The laundry can wait!  Stuff by Club Scrap "Cape Cop."

Friday, October 16, 2015

Keep Moving Forward

I'll share another of these random doorway cards with you because the only other thing I have to share requires me to think up some words and write them and that sounds suspiciously like too much work right now.

The greeting reads, "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading on down new paths."  I'd like to mention that curiosity also killed a few cats in its time.

The Fine Print: Ribbon from my stash all the other stuff from Club Scrap "Random Doorways."

Thursday, October 15, 2015

No Entrance

The other day I made some doorway cards that actually opened. I made this card at the same time but the doorway doesn't open. Which if you believe all those memes we see, means that there is a window open somewhere because that is what God does--He locks yours doors but leaves your windows open.  It sounds to me like God doesn't live in the same neighborhood I do.
The Fine Print: Parts by Club Scrap "Random Doorways" which by the way, I've heard if you wander around almost any campus or large business complex at night you can find random doorways that are open.  That God, always leaving something open! It sounds like not only his kid was born in a barn. Yeah, I'm going to hell for this post and so are you because you laughed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Steampunk Halloween

No desk this Wednesday because I have too many other things going on to play along. I do have this card that I put together recently that I am quite proud of.
I think it came together well and I managed to use more of my Halloween embellishments. Just think, a couple hundred more cards like this and I'll have a reasonable amount of H'ween embellishments!

The Fine Print: Steampunk girl by Stampendous, spiderweb corner and large fence punches by Martha, date chipboard, evil clip and pumpkin button from my stash.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Drunken Squirrels Hooked on Crack

I don't want to imply that it has been a weird day at work or anything, but I've had the opportunity to use the phrase "like a drunken squirrel hooked on crack" three times today.  And it is only Tuesday... And they were all in reference to people I work with....

Anywho, these cards were more of me trying to use up bit and pieces and random embellishments. I was not drunk nor was I hooked on crack when I made these cards. I was, however, laboring under the idea that I was just tired and did not yet know that I was "teeming with bacteria" (to quote the doc). I'm all gooder now though.

The Fine Print: Witch and cat stickers from K&Co., pumpkin punch by Martha, scallop border by A Muse, and all that other stuff was just lying around waiting to be used.

Monday, October 12, 2015

No Coloring Required

This morning I was sorting through my Copic markers after a failed attempt to reorganize them differently.  Hubby was leaning over my desk and helping me pull out colors.  He didn't hand me R00 when I was putting away the pinks because didn't realize it was pink. As I picked up the first one and then the second one I explained that I used it for flesh tones and that was why I had duplicates of it since I teach classes and look, here's a third one. Oh, and now a fourth and gosh, I have five of them. I mentioned that I thought that five might be a bit excessive.  Hubby allowed that just might be....
...Especially if you are going to go all crazy and make cards like this with no coloring required.  Last month I did a card exchange where the theme was "opposites." I pulled out some of my favorites for this one: black and white, circle and square, and left and right.

The Fine Print: Happy Birthday greeting by A Muse Studio, word window punches by Stampin' Up, papers by DCWV. Do you spot the boo boo? 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Boo! Pop Up

I don't know the official name of this type of card. It is A2 size and when you pull the two ends in opposite directions a tab pops up from the inside with a greeting. Maybe it is just called a pop up card.

The card doesn't actually open so it spares you from having to write any greeting on it unless you want to put a few words on the back. I have a lot of H'ween embellishments so I've been trying to make a point of using them this year. This has bat punch outs, pumpkin and cat puffy stickers (the cat is on the other end and you can't see it in these photos), bat and spider eyelets, ribbon and a foam pumpkin.

The Fine Print: Witch stamp by Rubber Stampede and Boo! by A Muse Artstamps. The directions I had for this were all wrong--which is why it never worked when I tried previously--but luckily I also had a sample so I measured it up and figured out where the directions were wrong. I'm pretty smart for a girl, huh?!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

In Thru the Out Door

Somehow the card making vibe has been elusive lately. When that happens I often pick up a kit since it comes with a limited set of stuff to play with and often has ideas that you can copy--no brain power required. So I picked up one and it immediately said things I don't usually do like "color with gelatos" and "cut an aperture." It turns out that there was a lot of brain power required for these guys.
They were fun to make though. I am liking that Hero Hues black ink for nice crisp images. You can't use it with Copics because it will smear (which is why I was wondering if I should like it or not). It was fine with the water brush and gelatos. Different inks for different stuff--now I see why some of y'all have every ink out there. Yeah, don't expect me to go ink crazy though. It's never been my thing.

The Fine Print: However, lately my Memento inks have been letting me down. I think there is a limit to how often you can reink a pad before you just need to toss it start over.  Card kit from Club Scrap "Random Doorways." And what do you know, a live post from me on a weekend!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Witch

I have this photo that I named Friday Witch so I must have planned to share it several Fridays ago. Then there probably was a shiny thing that distracted me and it didn't happen, but what do you know?! Today is another Friday and another chance to share it.
The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio. "Witchy Girlfriend" with matching dies, Haunted House designer paper and orange satin ribbon. Happy Friday, Y'all!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wet Workdesk Wednesday

Hewwo! My name is Dio and my mom axed me to dew this post about Werkdesk Wednesday cuz she's sick. I fink she haz Ebola. But dunt worrie she sawed a dockter and got sum pills so she kin be all betters tomorrow.  Enny way this be a short post becuz I got to get back to my napping. I woz up all nite wif my mom, giving her drinks of water and gibing her nek rubs.

So the desk has had stuff on it for days and days! We dun't git that much around here enny more. Aftur my napping I mite haf to nock sum things off the desk jist cuz I can dew it! My mom werked on sum cards + envelwopes like all in wun! Sumbodie sented her a card like that a long times ago. She used to just trace it and kut it out, but now she figgered it out with the score boards and the envelwope maker. She eben founded a better A2 size wun sense the envelwope maker boards lies about the size.
Here, mom sed we shood share the card + envelwope that started this. It kame from Carli Drake. We dunt no who dat is no moor. Dis woz held shut wif a kitty stikker but my mom cutted it off and savbed it. The inside part is big wik 4 and half by six with a quarter.
Dat's all! We bisit lader. We haf to dew biowologies today to. We listin to dis guy tawk about cells and mitosis and meiosis. It iz in yer bodies.

PeeEss... waters comming from the sky today and it only wik 58 deegrees, we need jackets.

The Fine Print: Mom sez maybe we build a puzzle later to. She dunt feel to gud to play with paper, scissers, and glew today. She haznt builded a puzzle in 3 years becuz she finks my brovver wood eat the pieces. He still neber growed up so I dunno. By da way, them cats are old stamps by Tampin' Up. My mom haz em to.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

World Card Making Day

This past weekend brought us World Card Making Day. Did you make any cards? I had great plans to make cards and that is probably where everything derailed. I did manage to squeak out a total of 4 cards and I'll share two of them with you here today,right here, right now, limited time only, buy one-get one, not valid on days ending in Y, tax, title and license not included.

These cards were me using up some of the bits and pieces of Halloween papers and things I have in my stash. I even broke out my Cropadile to give that spider eyelet a squeeze. That sure worked nicely. Thanks to y'all who told me to get off my hiney and dig that out.

The Fine Print: Pumpkin stamp by All Night Media. Next time y'all tell me to dig out a tool, tell me to be on the lookout for sharp things too. Somehow I sliced my hand open getting out the Cropadile. We're lucky I didn't bleed out right there in the middle of World Card Making Day.