Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Spirits Bright

I was asked to come up with some card ideas for the A Muse Studio Making Spirits Bright set since apparently I'm not the only one who is struggling to make cards this year.  Well, right off the bat I had an idea:
Okay, I confess, it wasn't my idea but I did have the card to share.  We made this beaut of a card at the workshop I went to this past Saturday.  This card is larger than an A2 card; the front measures 5" x 6".  I think this is a sweet idea for using up those spare scraps of paper.  Also kraft is a cool holiday color.
This is the card I made. My original plan was to use all A Muse products on the card but then I decided that the background had to be embossed.  I don't have any of the a|s embossing plates so I substituted for a Cuttlebug one.  I rather like how it came out.

The Fine Print: The best way to make your spirits bright is to add spirits, the alcoholic kind not the otherworldly kind.  Santa stamp, candy cane striped paper, and red ribbon by A Muse Studio.  Embossing folder by Provo Craft/Cuttlebug, colored with Copics.  I suspect the gray ribbon is Stampin' Up seam binding ribbon but I'm not totally sure.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sparkly Christmas Cards

I made these.

There was a reason for it, but I'm not going to tell you.  
Because, of course, then I'd have to.....

....make sense.  And I'm not up to that today.

The Fine Print: Glitter card bases by DCWV, found in an old stash.  Penguin by Art Impressions and Santa by Impression Obsession.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holly Jolly Holly Day

Well! I done did it!  I finished up the Santa cards from that kit I had.  It is nice to have so many cards done now.  Lemme tell ya that this was a lot of coloring.  There is a greeting on the inside that is colored as well.  Plus there was layering and sponging and ribbon twisting... I like how it came out though.  I may copy the basic layout for some more Christmas cards.  However, right now I'm making some cards that aren't for the holidays.  You know, to save my sanity.
For some unknown reason I made one card with a blue background.  Maybe I was having a bit of a rebellion.
Tammy, the ones below are for you!
The Fine Print: Card kit by The Paper Cut featuring their solid cardstock, Santa stamp by Impression Obsession, greeting by Technique Tuesday, patterned paper by DCWV, calendar page stamps by A Muse Studio and A Muse Artstamps, and sprayed with a|s splash in wasbi and winter sky.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas Card Workshop

I went to a Christmas card workshop today because I knew it would be fun but also to see if it motivated me into making Christmas cards.  I had a fabulous time with great company and made some wonderful cards. I even felt motivated until I came home and saw my new Club Scrap kit sitting there.  Then I decided I wanted to play with that instead...  Oops.

The Fine Print: What do I know about these cards?  The dotted embossing is a Cuttlebug folder, the trees, the tag and poinsettia shapes (which are really snowflakes) and Circuit cartridges.  The stamps in the Joy card are by Clost to My Heart (not so sure about the greeting). And after I cut up my new CS unmounted rubber and put tack it again adhesive on it I went back to coloring Santa Clauses.  Truly.

Friday, November 23, 2012


I worked on a bunch of Christmas cards recently.  However, they were all versions of the cards I've already made and shown you.  They had diferent colored background papers and different colored ribbons, but nothing noteworthy.

In order to create something noteworthy I made this card:
This card came into being when one of my on-line buddies mentioned that she ran across these cool holiday light jewel stickers in her stash recently.  She bought them when she was on vacation awhile ago and forgotten she had them.  It was a happy accident that she found them now when she was making holiday cards and not next summer (which is how it would have gone for me).  That got me thinking that somewhere in my stash was a holiday card making kit.  I found it right off the bat and here is a card from it.  So how lovely that I was reminded I had this when I was making holiday cards and not next summer!

The Fine Print: Everything from Basic Grey "Jovial" collection.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

What I'm Thankful For by Dio

I am fankful that I have this really cool machine that I can emboss my brother's head in.  I am fankful for nummy foods and lots of toys to play with and a fun big sisser who plays with me and two big brothers who lead me into temptation. And I'm fankful that I have claws cuz those people I live with don't always catch me too good when I jump up to get held. And I'm fankful these peoples adopted me instead of that first family otherwise I would have been named after a stoopid reindeer, and not someone cool like Ronnie James Dio.  He rocks.

Have a rocking Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What the.... Wednesday

So what is on my Workdesk this Wednesday?
Why, its lid, of course.  Why is the lid closed you ask?!

 "We have no idea."

"Oh, we know.  It's kind of obvious, isn't it?"

And a card from a Stampin' Up workshop... see, I have to leave home to craft because at home I have unhelpful helpers.  Charles still hasn't told me where he hid the glitter glue.

The Fine Print: Everything card related by Stampin' Up.  Kittens by Satan.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Santie Claus

I tried to share this fine card of Santie Claus with you yesterday but Blogger was having none of it.

The Fine Print: Santa by Impression Obsession, greeting by Technique Tuesday, patterned paper by DCWV, ribbon by unknown (and you won't see more of it as Dio and Charles chewed the rest of it up), card parts from a Paper Cut card kit so I can make 24 more of these. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kitty Kat Kristmas

I made these. It turns out I have a crafty kitty. 
Well, okay, I understand that all cats are crafty, but not like how I'm crafty.  But Charles, he is crafty like me.  I'm not sure what project he is working on right now.
I do know it involves the use of glitter glue, ribbon, several Copic markers and teardrop shaped inks.  I just wish he'd tell me where his craft stash is at as I really need to use that glitter glue.

The Fine Print: Cat stamp by My Favority Things, snowflakes by A Muse Studio and Martha Stewart.  And that's all she wrote...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deck the Halls...

...or deck your neighbor, fa la la la la.... la la la LA!
Look! I made another Christmas card.  That means I'm up to a whole FOUR CARDS made so far. I'm just on a tear, what can I say?  There's no stopping me now.  You'd think with the chilly, gray days we've had lately that I would be in more of a mood to make Christmas cards, but nope.  Not happening.

Ah... I'm so incorrigible.

The Fine Print: OMG! Do you see that fabulous new die I got from Taylored Expressions? Isn't that just to die for (ha ha).  Deck the Halls saying and label stamp (it's all one piece) by A Muse Artstamps, red ribbon by A Muse Studio, red bling by Hero Arts, background paper by DCWV.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Screw You, Academia

Today's blog post has been suspended due to the overwhelming demands of my class.  
Blame my teacher.

Oh, but go check out my giveaway from my Monday post. Or not.  Be a party poopie, we don't care.

The Fine Print: Seriously people?  THIRTY short answer and essay questions?!  I am a terrible student. I lose interest long before the 15 weeks of a semester are up.  I had a new card I was going to share with you but I forgot to take a picture of it and my brand new scanner, printer, fax, copier, dish washer only beeps, which is entertaining, but hardly useful.  So instead, have an old one.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Simplicity of White

I know people who say that the reason they want to own a house is so they can paint the walls any color they wish.  I live in an apartment and I can paint the walls any color I wish, so long as I paint them back to white when I move out.  But personally, I don't see the point of having walls that are colored.  I suspect it is because in my house, you don't see much wall.  The living room has one wall of glass, one wall of 8-foot books shelves, and one wall open to the rest of the house.  The one remaining wall is "blank" and is kind of restful after those other walls.  And I use the word blank in quotes, because it has it's far share of stuff in front of or on it.  The rest of the house follows the same idea.

The whitest room in the house is the kitchen because someone painted the cabinets white and put white tile on the floor.  I get that was probably done so it wouldn't feel so claustrophobic but frankly, white kitchens are a pain to keep clean.  I once had a poorly lit kitchen that had dark brown cabinets and industrial grade indoor/outdoor brown carpet.  Now, that's the way to go.  No one can see if the place is a sty or not!

Since overall my house is so busy, don't mind the bits of white walls peeking through, or even the white on white kitchen.  White is considered clean, open, and simple (unless it is in a kitchen or at least my kitchen).

I've seen some white on white crisp, clean cards lately and thought I'd try my hand at one.
I opted to use on of my 110 lb card bases to make the card more elegant feeling.  I was surprised that the 80 lb cardstock, by the same company, that I used to emboss was a different shade.  At first I found that a bit troublesome but now I think it is okay as it help to delineate the layers.

So that's my card!

The Fine Print: If the lack of cleanliness in my kitchen bothers you, the cleaning supplies are under the kitchen sink, knock yourself out!  Embossing folder by QuickKutz, swirl diecut by Magnolia,poinsettia diecut by A Muse Studio, clear jeweled brad by Recollections.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Earth Tones Challenge

I'm hosting the challenge at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog this time around.  My challenge is to create something using Earth Tones.  To me, earth tones are the color of autumn.  However, I learned if you want to start a heated discussion ask different people what colors they consider earth tones.  Red and blue, are very controversial.  Who knew?!  It's all in good fun though. 

 I hope you can make something using earth tones and join in on the challenge.  I know, I know, the challenge is open only to those residing in the US.  But never fear, my loyal out of country readers can have an opportunity to possibly win something too. 

If you do live in the US and make something to link to the challenge you are entered to win off the A Muse Studio Challenge site.  If you use A Muse Studio products in that project, then your name goes in twice. To win from my blog, leave me a comment on this post.  The official a|s prize is this month's special paper pack called Harvest Hues (very autumnal colors).  My unofficial prize is a ball of French Roast and white baker's twine.

Those of you familiar with A Muse Studio are now saying, "Hey, what about that bird??!!!"  Well, that bird is just to show you that earth tones do not have to be all about autumn.  What?  Oh! You want to know where in the catalog that bird is?  Ah..... it is from one of the new sets in the Valentine's catalog that will go live December 1. I snuck a sneak peak in!

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio unless noted. Card 1-Fresh Foliage and Autumn Days stamp sets, leaf dies, French Roast twine, Spellbinders die and cardstocks: woodgrain, evergreen, orange, and toffee.  Card 2-Autumn Leaves set, French Roast twine, buttercup felt, Spellbinders die, cardstock: woodgrain and squash.  Card 3-Autumn Days and All for Love, cardstocks: cocoa, toffee, fern and sugar.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

If It Pleases Your Honor

I used to read a lot of true crime books, which more often than not include the trial proceedings.  You learn the caliber of lawyer by reading about the trials.  The best ones make sure their clients aren't railroaded and make sure all the technicalities are by the book.  They try to put some doubt in the jurors' minds but not to the point of utter ridiculousness.  However, those types of lawyers make an appearance quite often too.  The favorite tactic is to try to discredit each and every witness and an oft used method goes like so:

Defense Lawyer: Ms. Witness, what was your reaction when you found your husband's nude and dismembered body hog tied on the kitchen island and drained of blood?

Ms. Witness: I was in shock.

Lawyer.  I see.  Ms. Witness, are you perhaps a doctor, a nurse, or an emergency medical technician?

Witness: What?

Lawyer: Just answer the question.

Witness: Um.  No.  I'm a housewife?

Lawyer: So you tell us that you are not a medical professional yet you've just diagnosed yourself as being in a medical state of being.  You do realized that "shock" involves the circulatory system and is characterized by pallor, sweating, weak pulse, and very low blood pressure and can only be offiically diagnosed by a trained medical professional, yet you want us to believe that you, a lowly housewife, can just magically call upon some unbeknownst medical knowledge and say that you were in shock?!  If you are willing to lie to us about your state of being, we can't believe anything you say!!!!

Booya! Stick it to ya!

Bring it on home!

Neener Neener!

Those lawyers really need to glad they don't have me on their witness stand.  Because I'd be all:

Judy: Booya yourself, Bugaboo! Since I am a layman I was obviously using the layman's definition of shock.  Someone bring me a dictionary, better yet, whip open your smart phones and go to dictionary.com  and someone read me all the definitions of "shock." 

Double Booya!



Oh, and while we're at it, could someone get the defense lawyer a piece of dental floss?  That's shit's gross.

The Fine Print: I realize this has nothing to do with anything, but you read it, didn't you?  Turkey by Hooks. Lines and Inkers.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Aiy Crarumba!

After much duress and threats of bodily harm I started making Christmas cards last night.  And let me tell you... It was just as every bit as painful as I thought it would be. 

No, really, I had a hard time coming up with things.  I'm sure I'll get into the swing of it in no time.  I hope!  As you can see, I have this interesting red and green ribbon that is reversed on one side.  Expect to see more that in future!

The Fine Print: Stamps by Hero Arts, DeNami Designs, and Stampendous (in that order).

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's Next to Your Workdesk


Last week the big news was NEW CATS!  Today's big news is NEW CAT BOXES!
Yes, just a thrill a minute in our household.  But seriously, this is crafting related because in order to fit those two cat litter boxes in their place, that shelf had to be moved over a couple of inches.  That meant, having to remove all the stuff piled high on it and in it and next to it.  I have also cleaned it up and rearranged it, which if you aren't my husband, you may notice.  However, I still have a lot of things aren't put away yet and causing havoc being piled around in other places. Some day there will be a spot for everything and everything in its spot.*
Meanwhile, here is the actual desk, the side of it that is mildly clean, that is.  These are my new A Muse Studio Valentine's goodies (and one lost winter set).  I realize I haven't even started my Christmas cards yet, but a|s wants us all to be forward thinking and check out the new Valentine's stuff.  I laugh because I spy the same 3x3 card and envelope I shared with you last week. Yeah, you can't rush greatness.
And here's Poppy making an appearance for her fans.  She didn't want to show her gooey eyes off so she turned away demurely.  She may have allergies or she may have caught the eye goo from her baby brothers (who had it before they were adopted).  She'll go to the V-E-T tomorrow to see for sure.  And yes, she can almost like her baby brudders now.

* A girl can dream.

The Fine Print: I don't want to imply that nothing is fine today, but I got nothing for here!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

lesser of two ebils

i had a hard time deciding if i should vote for a repelican or a democat
there are many issues that require much deep thinking
we must vote with our brains not our hearts
or we can vote with our hearts
really as long as we votes 
that is important

my name is dio and i approve this message
The Fine Print: Why yes, that is a recycled card. I mean, WTH, you've giving me a recycled candidate!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Harvest

Either last year or possibly the year before I bought one of Basic Gray's card making kits to make Halloween cards.  I've purchased far more than one of Basic Gray's kits as I thought they would be good to work on during crafty get-togethers with friend.  It has never worked out for me, but it was a good plan.

Since I'm trying to use kits more than collect them (I know, I know, blasphemous!) I pulled this one to use this year.  One of the cards in the kit was the one above.  I think it is a really cool card, but not exactly Halloweenish.  It is good for this time of the year though, but not spooky enough to deserve to be called Halloween.  Although, the original letters that spelled out "harvest" were pretty frightening--they refused to come out of their punch out sheet and then ran and hid afterwards.

The Fine Print: All products by Basic Gray, all but "harvest" from a H'ween kit, harvest letters by Basic Gray from some random paper kit.  Basic Gray, neither basic, nor gray, nor quite as addictive as they once were...  funny how that is.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Surf's Up!

I don't think that I previously shared this card I made from the Serenity kit, so here it is now!  Am I the only one who thinks those three shapes are surfboards?  I'm not even a surfer girl, but that is where my brain goes.
It has been anything but serene and harmonious here in Princess Judy Land.  See, we bought new cat litter boxes for the first time in 23 or so years.  I've tried previously to replace them but never could find ones as large and lidded and the ones I had (I think this is why the cat industry now says that you should have one litter box for each cat plus one, because they are the size of dish pans!  Anyway, I've supported up to 5 indoor kitties on my two large pans).  Luckily, Nature's Miracle has new large and lidded cat pans! A miracle indeed!  However, these new pans are a bit more rounded than the old ones which means the 7mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

That was a message from Charles.  As I was saying, bigger pans means more room needed. It only needed about 2 more inches but that meant I had to move the wood bookcase next to my desk.  The bookcase was loaded with paper and crafting stuff, piled to about 5 feet high.  Yeah,.... that's taken some time. 

The new pans and the furniture are all in place, but all the stuff in that five foot high pile is not back yet.  This is due partly because I decided to go through and organize it and partly because I didn't know where it had gone to.  Now that I'm at my computer though I see some of the missing stuff stacked on my scanner.  Well, that's a job for Some Other Time Rather Than Now.

Meanwhile, surf's up!

The Fine Print: The secret to cat litter boxes is deep litter and daily scooping, don't be afraid to reach in and grab out the tiny bits that fall through the scoop's cracks.  Card pars mostly by Club Scrap "Serenity" kit, which might get completed someday if I ever find the top of my table and desk again.  Flowers by Prima, brads by Limited Edition, embossed background made with a Cuttlebug folder.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Autumn Leaves

I used to live in Ohio so I know that leaves change colors before they fall off the trees, even though they don't do that nonsense here in Arizona.  Well, actually, they do up in the mountains but who wants to drive up a winding, narrow road filled with people gawking at trees?  Not this prone to carsickness kid!
I would like to take this moment to point out just how much I was lied to as a kid. I was reassured I would outgrow my asthma, my allergies, and my carsickness.  I'll bet there is no Easter Bunny either!!!!!   There is a porch cleaning fairy though. I know, he visits often.

The Fine Print: This is probably my favorite fall stamp of all, by Stampin' Up. I bought it used as a single stamp so I have no idea what set it came out of.  If you know, leave a comment. I've always been curious.  Paper by DVWV, bumpy corner rounder by EK Sucess, brads by Recollections, ribbon by unknown. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yes, I'm fully aware that it was Halloween only yesterday, but now it is November and that means time to think of all things pink and frilly and sweet and romantic and blah, blah, blah... Valentine's Day!

I mean it only makes sense since we are so efficient and already have all our Christmas cards made, right? I said RIGHT?!

Yeah, I haven't started them either.

However, November 1st does indeed bring is a sneak peak at the new A Muse Studio Valentine's catalog. This special sneaky peaky is only available to consultants like myself but since you, my fearless readers and my wonderful customers, have helped me win a couple advance copies of Valentine's sets that means I should share the sneak peak with you.
There are 5 new stamp sets, new colors of Splash spray ink, a new color of chevron patterned paper, a fun new embellishment in three colors, baker's cording (a tad thicker than baker's twine they say), new colors of paper straws, a new die set, paper doilies, and a set of three patterned washi tapes.  Aren't you excited??!?!!! Or rather, won't you be excited on December 27th after you've mailed your last Christmas card??!?!!!!!!  These goodies will be available for viewing and/or purchase on November 15th. ish... yeah, I'd better recheck that....

 The Fine Print: Skyline and inside greeting from the new "Love is in the Air" set, outside greeting from"Just My Type," clouds from "Make a Scene,"  bubblegum organdy ribbon, cloud die, cardstock colors-Seattle (buildings), pebble (card base) and bubblegum (clouds).  All products by A Muse Studio.  Stay tuned in case I get ambitious enough for more sneak peaks.