Sunday, December 24, 2017

Stealing My Thunders

Hi, my name is Charles and I'm busy keeping watch for Santa Claus now.  See, I gotta set him straight on something that happened today.

My mom dropped her water bottle lid and it bounced off her foot and disappeared. She said, "Oh no, Charles, Help me!" So I crawled around on the floor with her and we looked and looked for the lid but it was gone.

I told my mom a idea I had, "Get the stick, Mom! Get the Stick! The stick! The stick!" and I ran down the hall to where the stick lives in the closet. Mom got the stick out and then she fished around under the stove. I helped her move the stick so it would right. Just when the lid was about to come out from under the stove my little brother, Dio, reached in and grabbed it with his paw and gave it to her.

"Thank you, Dio!" she squealed, "You are the best cat ever!"

Now he's all saying that Santa is bringing him all the presents and none for me. That's not right! I did all the work. I crawled on the floor and I told my to get the stick and I helped her use the stick. Dio just took all the credit. Well, so I have to tell Santa how it really went down.

I hope your Christmas is merry!

The Fine Print: The stick is a yardstick bought for the express purpose of fishing cat toys out from under things. I got it from the hardware store. They keep them in the locked cage with the drills and other expensive tools because a good yardstick is worth its weight in gold. Happy holidays!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Retro Christmas

I started this post near the end of November with the intention of linking it with the latest Rudolph post, but then there was a shiny thing and I got distracted....

I figured out my problem...  I guess I should explain that a little better in that I figured out one of the many, many, many problems I have. This one won't solve world hunger or even my own hunger, but at least I "get it" a little better. "It" being why I can't make Christmas cards this year.

This has been a year-long problem and I don't get what is blocking me. Many people say that it's the heat and yeah Christmas and 92 F don't really go together even here in Southern Arizona but it isn't like I'm sitting out in a splash of sunshine trying to make cards. My craft room is the coldest room in the house and it has long since been woolen undies, mittens and hot cocoa weather in there.

This weekend it hit me that it was over abundance of holiday crap craft stuff that makes me stop in my tracks when it comes to making Christmas cards. I have drawers and boxes and bins of stamps, a good 3 pounds of holiday DSP, enough holiday embellishments to open a booth at the fair, a garbage bag full of ribbon, an insane amount of holiday punches and dies and so many wonderful complicated ideas swirling around in my head it is no reason I put it all away and go back to reading my book.

So, anyway, I pulled out limited supplies and made these cards. So yeah, sometimes less IS more. And other times more is not enough. Happy Christmas card making!
The Fine Print: Stamps by Stampin' Up, papers and random embellishments from my copious stash (which isn't so copious now that I took a bunch of it to share at a holiday card making crop). 

Monday, December 18, 2017

The First Three Letters Spell...

I have lost 8 pounds on my diet so far, but I confess that it is starting to make me a bit loopy. The other day I came up to one of my coworkers and said, "Talk dirty to me."

Taken aback they answered, "Um.... what do you want me to say?"

In a sultry voice I answered, "Tell me what you ate for lunch...."

Ooh, baby!
The Fine Print: During the weigh in be sure to remove your bundled layers otherwise you'll be horrified by the gain. No need to remove your earrings unless you tend to wear bricks for earrings. Stamp by Taylored Expressions, dies by Spellbinders, and all the other stuff from my stash. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Come Prepared

My coworker and I were heading down to a meeting today when she hesitated. I could see that she was deep in thought. "What's up?" I asked.

"Should I bring a pen to this meeting? It's not like they say anything noteworthy..." She asked.

"Oh, I always bring a pen," I answered.


"You never know when you'll need to write a suicide note."

And that about sums up our meeting. I took some very good notes today though (click it to biggify):

And on a completely different note here's a card I made:
The Fine Print: We're not having a snow day but we are having our first cold day of the season and we're all whining like little bitches. Penguin by Art Impressions, snowflakes by Memory Box and A Muse Studio.