Thursday, October 31, 2013


happy birthday to me.

happy birthday to me.
happy birthday dear....

happy birthday to me.

i'm jack and in honor of my 15th birthday i will allow you to carry me and cater to my 
every whim.
then we can go play fun halloween games
like this one:
the fine print: if you carry me all will be fine
card by friend joan

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's on Your Workdesk?

My workdesk has a cat in motion on mine.  You know Dio always wants to be included because he likes the ladies and the ladies like him.
There are random bits on my desk--stamps, washi tape, paper pads, and miscellaneous stuff.  The pile front and center in the middle is something I took out of a plastic bin so I could put other stuff in there for a class tonight.  That stuff was left over from some other class I did awhile ago and really could be put away and probably will now that it has found the light of day again.  I hate putting stuff away after workshops.
This is one of the cards we will be doing tonight.  It is almost a stamp-and-go card.  I say almost because it has been glittered to heck and back but you can't really tell it that much on this scan.  The edges of the word "wonderful" have been glittered with that Copic Spica pen. It's so awesome! You need one.
Here is the second card we are doing.  This one will probably give the ladies fits because it is colored with Copics and I don't think they have much experience with them (not that I'm any expert).  I put a Tim Holz distress glitter onto the leaves to give it a little more oomph.  I felt it needed it.  Neither of the these cards are original designs.  I perused the A Muse Studio gallery for ideas because I wasn't up to thinking for myself.

The Fine Print: Except the glitter and ink, all products by A Muse Studio. Stamps used--Silent Night, It's a Wonderful Life, and Autumn Days; cardstock used--navy, platinum shimmer (because I'm out of silver), toffee, currant, and sugar; inks used--Memento Paris Dusk and Rich Cocoa; other supplies--Copic markers, Tim's distress glitter, and the cheap glitter from the no-longer-a-dollar bins at Michaels.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Because it Won't

I saw this person at the grocery store the other day and he reminded me so much of my older brother that I wanted to go kick him.  Hard.  In the shin.  Because he deserved it.
I know it isn't a popular stance to say you dislike your sibling; there is supposed to be some BS unconditional love and all, but in this case all there is, is the BS.  Anyway, after seeing this person my brain reminded me of this little story.

One time there was an issue and my family was sitting around having a lively discussion about it (just about it, not about how to fix it, mind you).  Not one to sit around bitching and moaning and gnashing my teeth over spilled milk (or keys locked in the car as the case may be) I suggested a solution.  I was immediately shot down by my older brother, "That won't work!"  I truly thought it was a workable solution and wanted to know what he saw as the problem so we could troubleshoot it, so I asked, "Why not?"

"Because it won't!" was his answer. And that was the end of the discussion so I left.  Later when I asked how the keys got out of the car I learned it was just as I had suggested, but without any kudos to me.

I immediately saw what his problem with my solution was--HE DIDN'T THINK OF IT.

The Fine Print: I'm sure we all know people like that where if they didn't think of it, it is invalid and unworthy; it is just extra annoying coming from the likes of him.  Anyway, I didn't kick my brother in the shin by proxy and for that some random stranger is grateful.  Or should be grateful if only they thought to think of it.  Stamps by The Saltbox Company/A Muse, fence punch by Martha, green gingham a retired item from A Muse.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Being Krafty

True confession time... I really wanted to name this post Krafty Krap but I figured the A Muse gals would get upset with me for linking up to their blog with a name like that.
The reality is that I'm less than thrilled with the cards I've made for this challenge.  The first one from last Monday was just meh.  This one is boring and crooked and rather odd looking.  The Santa one below is okay but definitely not stellar.
Perhaps kraft and I weren't meant to be friends.  However, maybe you have a better relationship with kraft and can make something better for the A Muse Studio Challenge.  I mean I certainly haven't set the bar very high.  You could totally soar!  You have until November 2 to jump in and play!

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio. Top Card-stamps used: "Quick and Cute Valentines;" cardstock used: kraft, sugar, and cherry; other supplies: cherry stitched ribbon, Spellbinders dies, and Copic markers.  Bottom card--stamps used: "Naughty or Nice;" cardstock used: kraft, sugar, cherry, and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas print; other supplies: cherry and white baker's twine and Copic markers.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Truly Grateful. Truly.

How about that!?  I didn't turn on the computer at all yesterday and I didn't even get twitchy.
Of course maybe you got all twitchy because I didn't update my blog.  I'm sorry about that.

The Fine Print: Speaking of twitchy, this computer is acting like a monkey on crack--completely out of control.  Stamps by Stampin' Up, ribbon by A Muse Studio, and designer paper by Basic Grey.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fly and Be Free

I made this card a couple of weeks ago at a card workshop.  The white piece in the middle is shimmer paper and it looks quite fabulous dry embossed like that.  I'm not a big fan of shimmer paper but then someone goes and does something spectacular with it and then I understand why it exists. 

This was also a good time to be reminded that I own that cut and emboss butterfly trio folder.  I had to come right home and poke in all sorts of nooks of and crannies until I found mine.  It was amazing the other random things I found.  It was like shopping without leaving the house.

The Fine Print:  Cut and emboss butterfly trio folder by Stampin' Up.  The rest I have no clue about.  The celebrate may be a Circuit cartridge.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Never Underestimate a School Secretary

The other day I wrote about Department Chair Julia and how she could talk about paper and pens for hours on end but couldn't bring herself to order any without the boss' permission.  I mentioned how I thought of her often whenever I encountered people at work who couldn't help themselves even when it was in their power to do so.

We don't have any Department Chair Julias in our department right now because the climate has changed in the 20+ years I've worked here.  People who can't think for themselves or do anything without the direct blessing of the boss are left to rot and molder at their lower level positions where they won't clog up the works that much.  So what we have instead are Julias who want to be Department Chair.
Some of the Julias are young and inexperienced and that feeds their inner helplessness.  Those ones hold promise because sooner or later they get it and start standing up for themselves.  They work themselves up in the world.  However, a handful of Julias have been here since the dawn of time and don't get it at all.  They complain about how they aren't Department Chairs but won't do anything to better themselves and make themselves become Department Chair material.

Just like the Julia from my previous story, those folks come to me and wax poetic about their lots in life. They don't believe me when I tell them to the solution to their problem.  They say I don't "get it" or that I don't understand.  Oh, but I do. I do.

The Fine Print: Another thing that has changed in the 20+ years I've worked here is that only the area secretaries can order office supplies.  Nowadays Julia would be justified in asking me for more paper, but my boss would still think she was wasting his time if she were to ask him.  Instead I waste his time asking permission to order a helicopter for our department.  It never gets approved though.  Stamps by Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps, background die by Spellbinders, bra die by MFT.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Please, Kind Sir, May I Have One?

When I first worked at the college as a mere underling to the department head honcho, one of the sub-department heads would wander in from time to time and ask about office supplies.  Every sub-department head was given a budget and the authority to spend it as they saw fit.  Larger items required my boss' signature but your basic office supplies did not require such approval.

Julia wouldn't just come over and tell me she needed paper and pens, oh no.  She'd have to discuss the philosophy behind paper and pens.  She'd ponder the mysterious cosmos and how could it be that her department had run out of paper and pens.  She'd outline the pros of ordering more paper and pens and carefully explain the cons of not ordering more paper and pens.  After this long eyeball-rolling one-sided conversation with her she'd ask me to ask my boss for his permission to order more paper and pens.

Being the good underling that I was I questioned her budget (still intact), I questioned the office supply ordering procedure (nothing changed), I questioned if these were special paper and pens (no), and I questioned if this were an abnormal amount of paper and pens (no).

I fell for it only the one time, dutifully catching my boss later and making the inquiry.  I answered all his questions, which were the same as mine.  He was as puzzled as I was, telling me to tell her, "Of course order the supplies you need to run your department, that's why you have a budget. Don't waste my time on this." 
I passed that information on but that didn't stop Julia from coming by the next time and the next time and the next time she needed paper and pens.  I'd repeat the boss' previous answer to her she couldn't accept that she had the authority to help herself.  So to placate her I'd wait a few hours or perhaps a few days before getting back to her and telling her that it was okay to order her supplies.  I never again asked the boss for her permission.

I may have been a mere underling with little experience in the work world, but I did wonder how anyone afraid to order paper for their department become a department head.  I think of Julia often as I encounter her type of person over and over again--you know, the people who can't wipe their own ass without help or someone's blessing..

The Fine Print: Julia had children and I amused myself by envisioning her asking her husband for permission to buy food to feed them.  "No, honey, not today.  That's completely out of line."  Top card oldie but goodie stamp by Stampin' Up; bottom card newbie stamp by Simon Says Stamp; designer paper by DCWV; cardstock and ribbon from my stash; die cuts by Spellbinders and Stampin' Up.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catching Some Z's

The Fine Print: I got my cookies but I didn't get nap time.  How has this tragedy occurred?  I do not know but it is a sad, sad day when nap time gets left out.  Luckily Charles didn't miss it.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Krafty Kreations

It is time for another fine challenge over at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog.  This time it is all about kraft.  Tracey Jean is the hostess with the mostess and she likens kraft with the other neutral colors that go with anything.  I have to admit that I never thought about it that way, but she is right!

Think about getting krafty and joining us with this latest challenge.  You can use a little or you can use a lot.  It's your call.  And may your photograph be nicer than mine.  Holy cow, what drunken monkey took this photo?!

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Darn You, Numbers!

I have the hardest time with strings of numbers.  I just can't keep a grip on all of them in the right order.  Either my brain, my body or my mouth will insist on lousing them up.  I don't know what it is about them--account numbers, confirmation numbers, telephone numbers, special codes...  ...they just flummox me.

I think telephone numbers are the worst, probably because I have to deal with them so often at work.  The staff out front do not have long distance capability so they will call me to transfer them to whatever long distance number they need.  As soon as they start reciting the number I start to sweat.  I really have to concentrate to get all the number written down correctly and then turn right around and dial them accurately.

My brain hears them right.  You don't say "four" and I immediately think "six."  My fingers get rebellious though and will write down six even though I know goddamn well that's not a four.  When I go to punch in numbers my finger will be headed for the 8 and at the last second twitch and give me a 2.  It is so frustrating.  Also, the more stressed out I am the less likely I'll be able to the numbers right.

Just because you told me your phone number and I wrote it down correctly doesn't mean I can say it back to you the proper way either.  I'll see the numbers 890 and respond with, "Eight, nine, five..."  making you wonder what sort of retard I am.  Don't worry, I'm wondering the same thing because a zero is so not a five.  They don't even look alike!  Why did my mouth say that?!

Darn you, numbers!  Stop being so slippery!

The Fine Print: Remember that seven is a meanie.  We know that because seven eight nine.  This is a tri-fold card I made awhile ago but thought it appropriate to share since we talked about my special ability with numbers.  I'm so special I almost need a helmet.  Card 'n stuff by Club Scrap, Sorrento kit.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lots 'o Layers

I find all the layers on this card rather nifty.  I used to be quite the Layer Queen in my younger days but somewhere along the line I've drifted away from them.  This is a good reminder to revisit them.  After all, it isn't like I'm in danger of running short on paper!

The Fine Print: The polkie dotted layer is really washi tape, so how's that for nifty?  The pieces that look like they are from an old book are indeed from an old book, designer paper by Graphic 45, stamp from Stampin' Up (I think), die cut frilly things from a Circuit cartridge, and ribbon from a friend's wonderful stash.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Going Batty

Yesterday when I was doing the fix-my-back exercises on the floor I was pounced on by cats as per usual.  Somehow Dio managed to mule kick me in my right ear.  That's quite an accomplishment since he is a cat but hey, what can I say?
It gave me an earache all evening so I was pleased to wake up this morning to find it gone.  Of course, not to be forgotten, as the day wore on the left ear decided to ache.  No one kicked it or even looked at it funny, but it doesn't want to be left out.  It is stuff like this that drives me batty!

The Fine Print: Bat stamp by Paper Smooches, designer paper by DCWV, die cut by Spellbinders and my lovely orange seam binding from eBay.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Coming of Autumn...

Here's a fall card I made quite awhile ago, back in the days of old when men were men and fair maidens frolicked with dragons.  Or something like that.
I was supposed to be learning a new watercolor style technique, wherein you misted the paper you were going to stamp on liberally with water so when you stamped the image would take on a water colored look.  I forgot to mist the paper with water first, so this turned out to be just plain old stamping.

I colored the image with a variety of markers which I think looks mildly odd.  I'll bet it would look much better with the slightly smudged and blended water color look.  I still like this card though as I'm partial to autumn and its colors.

The Fine Print: Leaf stamp by Hero Arts and I forgot to check to see who made the greeting.  Whoever it is has several very nice nature-themed greetings.  Maybe one of these days I'll remember to try this technique again, the correct way!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What's on Your Workdesk?

It is time for another edition of What's on your Workdesk Wednesday for all us curious folks out there.  I wasn't around to play last Wednesday, which is okay because I had the same old boring tidy desk I've been showing you lately.  But not today, oh no! Today you are in for a delightfully messy treat:
Look at all that stuff piled on my desk!  There are all sorts of random things on there including a cat.  The mess is because I've been cleaning and organizing my craft room.  The rest of the place is looking good but the desk is where everything else got dumped.  Here's an aerial view close up.
There are a bunch of letters and cards in the mix along with various sized envelopes everywhere.  I spy a packet of kraft something or another under a pad of yellow post it notes, a wood mount stamp, a bottle of pills, a finished paperback, my reading glasses, two jars of embossing powder, a hole punch, a stash of retired A Muse Studio patterned paper, some stamps, an unopened mini clear book on the ground, another cat, a pile of designer paper, and the never ending stack of Club Scrap boxes.  No room to play which is a shame because that package of pink zig-zag edged cards on top needs to become a card for a swap by the end of this week.

I had a card to share with you as well but I forgot to photograph it.  I got distracted by these two clowns.  The gray one was posing for his fans and the gray and white one was jumping around desperately trying to catch the flash bulb.  He has a thing for small lights, the red dot is his ultimate favorite.

The Fine Print:  Hey maybe I should have photographed the other desk as well so I could show you how wonderful it looks without crap piled high all over and around it.  Well, maybe next week.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tit for Tat

Just a reminder that we are doing a THINK PINK challenge over at the A Muse Studio Challenge blog this time around as part of October's breast cancer awareness campaign. 
I'm really impressed with the submissions for this challenge.  People are rocking the pink and breaking out with the awareness ribbons.  I confess that I went out of the A Muse Studio box for the die I used on the card below, but I just had to! 
I absolutely, totally, could not pass up the chance to use that stamp in relation to good breast health.  You know you should do it.  You know it stops hurting the second they take the vice off your tit.  C'mon go do it, make that appointment.  Right now!

The Fine Print:  All products except the bra die cut by A Muse Studio.  Top card: Stamps used--Fight Like a Girl, Sweet Love, and At First Sight; cardstock used--bubblegum pink and sugar; inks used--Memento black and bubblegum pink; other supplies--bubblegum pink satin ribbon and Copic markers.  Bottom card: Stamps used--Squeeze the Day and Fight Like a Girl; cardstock used--grapefruit, sugar and petite polka dot in grapefruit; other supplies--medium scallop border die, paper wild flower mix, pink twinkle sticker, and Die-namics die by MFT (My Favorite Things?).

Sunday, October 13, 2013

NFL Sunday Football

I think real life needs to be a little bit more like football.  I mean, just think about it....
False start!  Five yard penalty.  Do not repeat the down.  Get out of my office.

Yeah, see... you just realized how wonderful it could be.  Just think.... a fifteen yard penalty and they'd be out of the building!

The Fine Print: We could huddle together and discuss things.  We could yell random incomprehensible things just before the action.  We could ask for instant replay to see what really did just happen.  There's so much awesome right there.  I have no idea where this card stuff came from except the airplane which is by A Muse Studio.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Where's the Bloodbath?

I've been watching Dexter with hubby.  We don't pay for premium channels so we're watching it via movie rentals.  I knew we were a season behind but I didn't know there was yet one more season to go. 
I have been paying attention to how many episodes are left knowing the final one of the season (and I thought series) was coming us.  I've been waiting patiently for major characters to start dying off, ppossibly in gruesome ways with much bloodshed (hey, it is Dexter after all).  Yet episode after episode goes by without that happening.

I'm thinking the final episode is going to be one heck of a bloodbath since everyone made it through the second to last episode just fine.  Well, everyone who usually makes it to the end of an episode of Dexter that is.  That's when I learned I have one more season to go.  Well, now.... no bloodbath yet then?  It's such a let down.

The Fine Print: I'll trade you a snot shower for a blood bath?  Stuff from a Simon Says Stamp kit, the one I kept calling Serenade.  Perhaps this card is a rerun. 

Friday, October 11, 2013


What if the "H" in Jesus H. Christ stands for Herkimer and not Herald like we've been lead to believe?!

The Fine Print: Stamps by A Muse Artstamps, punches by Marvy and background paper by DCWV, blasphemy by me.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Monkey Man

A couple years or so ago Arizona came up with a new bright idea.  They installed speed radar vans that could be placed on different streets to catch and ticket speeders.  A car would speed by one of these (marked) vans and it would snap a picture of the driver and the license plate of the vehicle.  They would then look to see who the registered owner of the vehicle was and look at that person's driver license photo.  If they felt it matched the photo they took they would mail you a speeding ticket. If it didn't match sometimes they would mail you a different kind of ticket anyway to see if you would rat out whoever was using your car.  However, you were under no legal obligation to do so.  The vans, the photography, the looking at your personal records was all done by an outside company, not the police.

Up in Phoenix the outside company went to the police because they had dozens of speeding tickets from the same car, multiple ones on the same day even, yet they couldn't deliver the tickets.  That is because they could not match the photo of the driver with the registered owner of the car.  That's because the guy driving the car was wearing a monkey mask.

Apparently old Monkey Man had a beef with radar vans snapping photos of speeders and made it a personal vendetta to waste their time.  He blasted by their vans in his monkey mask every chance he got.  The radar vans locations must be publicized in advance so he knew where they would be and when.  He amassed a huge pile of undeliverable speeding tickets.

The police set up a stake out at the address the car was registered to.  They watched it for weeks to see who had access to the car and who drove it.  They then followed the man who drove it around to see where he would go and what he would do.  Yet despite their efforts they never caught him donning a monkey mask and speeding past the radar vans.  So the police took their story to the media.
If the police were looking for a response of outrage, they got it.

However, the outrage they got wasn't, "string Monkey Man to the gallows!"  It was, "You did what with our tax dollars?"  The backlash from the public was intense and it was mean.  People were mad that the police wasted their time and resources to stake out an alleged speeder.  That a private citizen was tailed to see if he'd speed was a call for arms.  People with clout bashed the police.  The story went wide and even people in sleepy Tucson were outraged.  We called for the resignation of whoever authorized this.  We called for an investigation.  Prominent law firms put out ads asking Monkey Man to call them to discuss his pending police harassment case.

Monkey Man copycats came out in force.  A whole cast of characters was caught speeding by photo radar.  Other monkeys, princesses, clowns, Elvis, Mickey Mouse and even Richard Nixon were caught disobeying the posted speed limit both in Tucson and in Phoenix.  An amazing amount of these speeders were giving a one-fingered salute.

Usually I'm embarrassed to admit I live in Arizona, but at a time like that--I was so proud.

The Fine Print: I personally wanted a Janet Napolitano mask to speed in since she's the governor who authorized this, but alas it never was to be.  Card from the Club Scrap Wisteria kit, not made recently but if I showed you what I made recently there would be no photos.  There would, however, still be photo radar.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


We've all met those people who like to state a problem or problems.  Then when you start offering solutions, they reject them all.  That's when we learn that they were just complaining, not looking for solutions.   

I'm hungry. 

Then eat.  Here have half of my doughnut.  There are chips in the break room.  Let's go to lunch.  There's a bake sale going on.  There's a nice restaurant in the next block.  I'll fix you a sandwich.

No. No. No. No. No. No.  And of course, no.

My car is a disaster area.

Clean out the trash.  Fix the broken door handle.  Get a dash mat.  Get some seat covers.  Tape up those tears in the vinyl.  Get a iPod to plug into the speakers.  Get speakers.  Put a towel on the ripped seat.

No. No. No. No. No. No. No. And of course, no.
We may have to fall for someone's constant solution rejection multiple times before we realize that this is a person who just likes to complain.  After we've learned though we quit offering solutions and don't feed their complaints.  We just label that person with a name usually along the lines of complainer, whiner, jerk, or asshole.

However, we've all been that asshole on occasion for a variety of reasons.  You know, it just happens.  I try to catch myself when I'm doing to explain I why I'm answering in all no's.

I'm fasting for a medical test.  Lunch is in 30 minutes.  I don't want to spoil supper.  I'm trying to lose weight.  That's stuff I need.  I don't have the money to fix it.  I'm thinking of trading the car in.   I'm lazy.  I don't want to deal with it now.  And, of course, the absolute truth: I'm just complaining.
People accept excuses if they are reasonable.  I know we don't always feel we have to justify our answers.  No means no and by god, that oughtta be good enough.  But it does make you look like less of an asshole if you do.

The Fine Print: Nope, I'm not complaining nor looking for solutions.  I actually was thinking what an asshole I must have looked like when I rejected all of someone's solutions once.  There were actually good excuses for my no's; I was just too tired to point them out.  She was just trying to help and I pooped on her parade.  Pretty cards for such an ugly topic.  Cards by Club Scrap the Lotus Pond kit, which is really old but I bought not that long ago because they were pretty.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eating Death's Fingers

Today we return to our regularly scheduled nonsense, unlike yesterday's obligatory nonsense.  I've been dreaming about death and dead people a lot lately (no, really, this is nonsensical, I assure you). 
I like to tell people of my crazy dreams I have because many of them involve zombies or madcap adventures with huge casts or some other plot that belongs on A&E.  Mostly I tell my boss because he apparently doesn't dream or if he does it is of boring things like actuary tables.  I think he likes to hear them to reassure himself that his assessment of me is correct (that I'm completely nuts).

The boss has been too busy to hear my latest, so I shared it with Dio, the cat instead.  He's a very good listener and doesn't pass judgment.  I told Dio how my dad (who is dead) and I visited an old lady in the hospital but we couldn't stay because there were spies in the room.  We could tell they were spies because they wore three piece suits (very suspicious in Tucson) and mirrored sunglasses (so 80's).  The lady had some very important, top secret information she had to impart before she passed away.  She also didn't want to die in a hospital room.  This was one of those epic adventure dreams but to sum it up after many mishaps, close calls, and crazy chase scenes we ditched the spies, got the info and placed the old lady in a glassed in porch next to a beautiful garden where she died happily.
Dio patiently listened to this dream, pondered it for a bit, came back and gave me a present.  It was a finger bone from Death because Dio eats Death's fingers for breakfast.  He's one bad ass cat, you know. I dream of death.  Dio eats it.
The Fine Print: Death is a skeleton hand Halloween decoration who is now missing a finger bone and no, I don't know what important top secret info the old lady had to tell us before she died, and yes, this post is probably as boring as an actuary table but it's all I got for now.  Card stuff from Club Scrap the very old Apothecary kit.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Now that I have your attention, let me tell you about the latest A Muse Studio challenge called Think Pink as part of the Stamp Out Breast Cancer campaign.  A Muse Studio has a special "Fight Like a Girl" stamp set they are offering this month along with a sale on all their PINK products.

So we thought a THINK PINK challenge was in order for our challenge blog.  If you want to join in create a card of inspiration that is pink--all pink or just a little pink.  The "Fight Like a Girl" stamp set with a matching die is being offered up as a prize to one lucky participant, so be sure to make your card and link up right away!

A couple of weeks ago I made a joke about Mammogram Monday, which made lots of ladies squeamish.  I made the joke because that is how I spent my Monday. Wouldn't you rather spend a few uncomfortable moments getting 'em squished for that piece of mind and the knowledge that you are doing all you can to Stamp Out Breast Cancer.  Plus, early detection saves lives and wouldn't you rather stick around to pester friends and loved one for many more years to come?  I know I would.
If you'd like to purchase the Fight Like a Girl set ($3) or the matching die ($5.99) or take advantage of the 20% of everything pink sale, then please visit my A Muse Studio website or drop me a line.  Hey! And don't forget to join the pink challenge over at the challenge blog.

The Fine Print:  All products by A Muse Studio. Stamp sets used--Fight Like a Girl, Seasonal Branch, and At First Sight; cardstock used--bubblegum pink, French roast, and sugar; inks used--Memento black, bubblegum pink, and French roast; other supplies--bubble gum satin ribbon, onyx and white baker's twine, and bubblegum loose glitter. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Modern World Problems

Yahoo is always on my case to "verify my mobile phone number" for "security purposes."  I have no idea what that entails or how it makes me secure.  All I know is I don't have a mobile phone or a mobile phone number so I can't verify diddly squat.  I don't feel insecure.  I mean I make it through the day without my security blanket or my comfort kitty.  Granted, it is just barely, but I do it.

Anyway, now Blogger is on my case for the same thing. For some reason Blogger thinks my work phone number is my mobile phone number and is willing to send me a secure text to it.  That's all cute and fine but although my work phone voicemail says "you have unread messages" there ain't no way to read them which is always one of tiny little pet peeves that make me crazy.  You know, kind of like people who wear flip flops and then shuffle their feet everywhere so they don't go flip and flop.

Sometimes when a card isn't going well I try to remedy it by adding layers.  And more layers.  And sometimes fancy layers with borders.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't  I'm not sure if it worked on this card or not but I finally stuck a fork in it and called it done.

The Fine Print:  Stamp by Stampendous, scallop border punch by Stampin' Up, fancier border punch by Martha, ribbon ad paper from my stash.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

World Card Making Day

I think I heard that today is World Card Making Day.  Well, I live in the world and I made a card, so I can say I participated. A job well done if you ask me.
The Fine Print: Well, no, this isn't the card I made today, but it is a card and I made it, that oughta count for something.  You have to wait until the recipient receives the card I made today cuz it's only fair.  Stamp by Stampin' Up, designer paper by DCWV, ribbon from Joann's.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Big Deal!

Here's a card I made last night when I decided to go digging in one of the many random boxes I have in my living room.  I keep telling myself I should open up these boxes and use the bits and pieces that are in them up so I can toss the boxes and have less boxes in my living room.
Then I open one up, stir the bits and pieces around and decide that sounds too much like work, close up the box and go on to something else. So it is a big deal that I actually opened one up and made a card!  So act excited or something!

The Fine Print: Having less boxes in the living room would make me happy.  However, it would make the cats sad. Poppy loves to sit on top of a stack, Charles loves to hide between the two stacks, and Dio loves to use them as a scratch post.  Jack, he couldn't give a shit.  Card parts, ribbon, and flora stamp by Club Scrap; die cut by Stampin' Up; greeting stamp by A Muse Studio; bling by Recollections, glitter pen by whoever it is makes glitter pens, Sakura maybe.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Too Old Fashioned

I have this story I like to tell about my mom, but the story has grown old now-- it is so old fashioned that it has lost its meaning.  It takes too much explaining and even then the puzzled looks continue.
The story goes like this:  Once us kids grew up and left home, my mom would make it her weekly mission to  call us and check in.  However, if we weren't home and didn't answer, she was convinced 100% that we were dodging her, that somehow we magically knew it was her and ergo, did not answer the phone.  Once she told us about her paranoid delusions, we delighted in furthering them.  She would tell us she called us Wednesday night and we didn't answer and we'd tease her with a smile, "That's because we knew it was you."  Sometimes I still do it to this day.

This silly little story is puzzling to people because they are either too young to know life before caller ID or they forgot that there was ever a time before caller ID.  Yes, we grew up and left home before Caller ID and here's the kicker: none of the family have it to this day.  So yes, my mom thinks we have a magical mom-sense and can tell when it's her on the phone and act accordingly, which in her mind means we ran and hid rather than answer the phone.

The Fine Print: Happy old fashioned sunflowers by Taylored Expressions, paper received in a recent designer paper swap, brads from my stash, and check out that lovely swatch of seam binding!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Workdesk Wednesday

If you show me yours, I'll show you mine!  Heck, you don't even had to show me yours (but it is more fun if you do) for me to show you mine.  That's what Julia's Workdesk Wednesday blog hop is all about.
I was wandering about trying to decide what angle to take a photo at when Dio jumped up so his adoring fans could see him.  There isn't much happening on my desk these days as I've not been in a good way to be creative.  So what you see are random piles of papers, letters, and a few cards.
My friend sent me this Autumn easel card.  She said she was afraid she got excessive with the leaves and glitter, but pashaw! No such thing.  This card definitely put a smile on my face. It was just what I needed to brighten my day.
My stamp club is having an ATC exchange with the theme of body parts.  I am looking forward to it so I can use this stamp set. I think it will be fun.  That's it! Short and sweet.

The Fine Print: Dio is giving cute looks to his dad to see if he can get any crunchy treats out of him.  He didn't get any. I don't know who made the stamps in my friend's card but I know Igor is by American Art Stamp, cuz I don't think the package lies.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Motley Cruesday

This morning my husband told me it was Motley Crue Tuesday.  I'm not actually sure what that means in the grand scheme of things but I thought it sounded better as Motley Cruesday.  So rev on, rev on..... let's go Shout at the Devil.
That photo was from back in the decadent 80's.  If you want to see how rock and roll all day, party every night ages you, here ya go.  Apparently it's not all hookers and blow these days.  More like chiropractors and icy hot. 
Hmmm... they actually look more spry than I feel, with the possible exception of Mick Mars.

The Fine Print: Images stolen directly from the Interwebs. And toss back a beer for my friend who was convinced the lyrics "Rev on.... Rev on..." were really Revlon, Revlon, as a nod to their favorite eyeliner.