Saturday, December 31, 2011

Five Minutes to Quarter to Three in the Morning

I had a dream last night that something was amiss in the night so I went skulking around.  I encountered my nephew and I asked him what time it was.  He said, "It's five minutes to quarter to three in the morning."  I guess that translates to twenty to three in the morning or 2:40 am.  There was a bit more to the dream and then I woke up.  Of course I had to check the time...   2:32 am.  I'm glad it wasn't 2:40 as that might have been hair raising freaky.

I wanted to try out a one-sheet wonder today.  I've always heard it called "10-from-1" but after a long, hard Google search I found what I was looking for under the heading one-sheet wonder.  Essentially it is a recipe for how to cut an 8.5" x 11" piece of patterned paper into different pieces great for making 10 different cards.  This time I decided to try the recipe for cutting up a 12" x 12" piece of patterned paper.  I never used that one before.  I have to admit that after chopping it up I was a bit disappointed to discover that a lot of the pieces are the same size.  So my advice is stick to the 8.5x11 one for better variety.

The Fine Print: patterened paper by unknown; lacey heart die by Cheery Lynn; with love, bears, and bears & friends stamps Bentley Bear designed by Adam Pescott; ribbon by Martha Stewart; red backing paper by DCWV; brad head by Candi by Craftwork Cards; sweet on you by A Muse Studio; scallop circle by Marvy; puffy heart sticker by EK Success; When we Love saying by Stampotique.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Chilly Cheer from a Not-So-Chilly Place

Hello!  It was a respectable 75 degrees here in the desert today and that makes this lizard very happy.  Mind you I still wore an undershirt and long sleeve shirt over that and had my hoodie within reach at all times, but I was still very pleased.

That didn't stop me from thinking cold thoughts and making a few chilly cards.

I'm going to go play at a friend's house tomorrow so I have to go pack my new toy up.  Here's my new toy, accessories and the blonde not included.
The Fine Print: Both penguins, polar bear, and birthday greeting by A Muse Artstamps, chilly cheer from Annie's Attic, wavy scissor border by Fiskars, icicle punch by Martha, and scallop punches by Marvy.  Rolly cart from Amazon.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Totally Hip

Remember my December 25th post where I offered a giveaway of the shaped cards and left over bits from the Snow Kit?  I went to bed last night and failed to announce the winner.  The winner was Sandee!  So soon snowflakes and the like will be winging their way to her.

Sometime last night I woke up because someone was whimpering,like a sad little "oooooooo".  Then I realized it was me!  Then I realized it was because my hip hurt really bad.  In my semi-sleep state I pondered it for awhile before deciding that maybe rolling off of it was the key to happiness.  While it helped, it wasn't a total cure and I spent the remainder of the night not sleeping well because of the pain.  That means only one lone card to share with you today because I took a big, long nap instead of crafting.  I napped with my hip on a heating pad to help it be happy again.  Well, it wasn't really a heating pad; it was the cats' electric blanket, which they were nice enough to share.  They aren't sharing now though.
The Fine Print: Bird tri-fold card made with a card base from Annie's Attic and bits of flotsam and jetsam I had lurking around.  Backgorund stamp by A Muse and glittery birds paper most likely by DCWV.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Whole Lotta Nuthin'

I might as well join in with What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW 134) since I got nothing else for you.  Plus I cleaned the darn thing, complete with a dust cloth... on parts of it.
That insanity started earlier this week when I decided that it was time to find out exactly what was in all those piles and nooks and crannies.  I really got gung-ho and went to town, but then people started calling me.  I'm not a chat on the phone kind of girl and after a couple of conversations my will to live is usually zapped, never mind the will to clean (where does that come from anyway?), plus it was bedtime.  Then it was a whole new day with a whole new set of phone calls and a whole lotta nothing.  My goal, besides finding what was on the desk was to get all the holiday papers and stuff picked up and put away-ish so that I could get on to the next phase of life.  But I just couldn't get going.

After days of picking at it, I finally just did it, and I threw in the table for good measure too.

It isn't all as impressive as it looks as now there are random piles of crafting cra.. stuff in other areas of my house.  I did start a small stack of Valentine stuff to try to get me in the mood.  The other pile is stuff from the snow kit for my giveaway HERE minus the Tonic thread cutter which is being sold to distress edges that I want to try out since A Muse sells it and I sell A Muse so I should be familiar with their products. 
Sorry this is such a dull post, but it's all I got.  Well, that and picture of some of the several hundred dollars of rubber I bought yesterday:

The Fine Print: There ain't any.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I've Got Your Number

The latest A Muse Studio challenge is a countdown to 2012 requiring the use of numbers on your card entry.  I had to throw myself on the floor and have a tantrum.  "Can't make me make a new year card!  Can't make me!  Don't wanna.  Ain't gonna!  Nooooo!"   Then I reaized that I was only making a spectacle of myself and that my audience of three cats really could care less (but jeopardize their dinner time, and that's a whole 'nuther story).

Besides the challenge required that you used numbers on your card, not that it had to be a new year's card, so no need to tantrum over it.  That's when this great card came to mind:
Hey!  I even wrote that number on a napkin.  And nevermind how many red pens I had to go through before I found one that wrote on a napkin without bleeding all over the place.  And in case you missed out on the 80's, here's another number card:

I hope you enjoyed my entries into the latest A Muse Studio challenge.  You don't have to use a|s stuff to join in, and there's a fabulous prize to be had, so why don't you join too?!   Meanwhile.... I do have to think about those two new year's swaps I've joined.  *sigh*

The Fine Print: Telephone by A Muse Artstamps (old wood days), cake slice and greeting by A Muse Studio, embossed background made with Cuttlebug folder (on my new Big Shot, baybee!), background papers by DCWV.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Today's Post

My original goal for the day was to go in search of my crafting table top, but somewhere along the way I decided that was boring.  Instead, here are some more cards from my snow kit.  Speaking of the snow kit, check out my giveaway in yesterday's post where I am offering up a chance to win the shaped cards and left over parts (there are still plenty!) from that kit.

The previous day when making snow cards I went in search of some fun foam snowflake shapes to add to my cards.  I didn't find them in the obvious places which means either I used them already, never really owned them in the first place and it was all a big hallucination, or that I put them in a not-so-obvious place.  Any of those are a possibility.  Instead I did find the snowman sticker package and of course I HAD to use him.  I'm quite pleased with how that card came out.  The other card is no slouch either.

Then I fast forwarded several holidays and made an Easter card.  Yesterday I received a gift of an iris folding book.  I really wanted that particular book because it offered general iris patterns.  The general patterns were a large square and a large triangle so you place any opening over it and make it into an iris fold.  I have wanted that for quite some time.  I even tried making my own (no bueno).  Now I have those patterns plus a tutorial on how to draw my own so I can be an iris fold fool!    For some reason an egg came to mind as the first thing to try out with my new book.  The pattern I used is the general triangle shape.  My egg was originally bordered by a gold sticker border, but that peeled off in the night.  I guess it wasn't happy trying to maintain an egg shape.
The Fine Print: Snow kit by Annie's Attic, mittens stamp by Imaginisce, snowman and flake stickers by Sandylion, Iris Fold book: The Simplicity of Iris Folding by Sarah Decker, gold stickers by unknown and greeting stamp by AMuse Artstamps. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named

Have an excellent one!

In honor of Jesus's birthday, I thought I'd do a little giveaway to be kind and generous to my fellow man, etc.  I've been playing with my latest card kit but I didn't use the card bases that came with the kit.  That is because I'm not a big fan of shaped cards.  I know other people are though, so I will give them away.  
The winner is Sandee!
There are five each of the light purple mitten cards and five each of the snowflake cards.  The mitten is roughly 5" x 4.25" and the snowflake is 5" square.  I'll include envelopes for cards, maybe even the ones that came with them if I can find where I put them.  I'll also add in the bits and pieces from the snow kit that haven't been used.  I'll pick a winner this coming Wednesday evening (December 28th).  That will give y'all some time since I suspect folks will be busy with Other Things To Do.

Merry Christmas.  No, really!

The Fine Print: No real Talisker was injured in the making of this post.  Card bases by Annie's Attic (haven't you been paying attention?!)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Today's Forecast: Snow

I have some more snow themed cards to share with you from my December Annie's Attic card making kit.  The reasoning behind subscribing to this monthly kit was to always have a project on hand that I could pick up and take with me when my crafty friends and I get together someplace away from home.  I'm terrible at coming up with a project to go with all the parts and pieces, so these kits had most everything in one place.  They come with a instructional booklet that tells you what else you will need to complete the projects, so as long as I make sure to bring those along I'm golden.  That doesn't mean I finish the project though.  Just remember, I'm easily distracted! 

The Fine Print: Pretty much everything from Annie's Attic card making kit, some DCWV glitter paper and a Marvy punch was included.  No snow was harmed in the making of these cards.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Winter's Butterfly

I'm feeling quite bummed that I don't have a security camera so we could link the video of UPS tossing my package over the gate this evening.  It would be so trendy!  I barely could get in since it blocked the inward swinging gate.  I almost had to call UPS to send the delivery dude back to boost me over the fence.

I do have two cards to share with you tonight.  I've mentioned before that I am a big fan of card kits and as such I subscibe to Annie's Attic cardmaking kit of the month.  I finally got around to playing with December's kit which featured all things snow.  The kit came with papers, punch out die cuts, flock, glitter, and embellishments.  I only used a smidgen of the stuff from the kit but I'm sure you'll see more of it in action soon.

The Fine Print: colored card bases and glitter paper by DCWV, snowflake die by A Muse studio, scalloped circle punch by Marvy, scalloped edge punch by Fiskars, greeting by Hero Arts, snowflake rub-on and background paper by Annie's Attic.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice

Sugar and spice and all things nice is the theme for this week's A Muse Studio challenge, which you can check out HERE.

We weren't given any further instructions, except that we can only link a new project for this challenge, so it was open to our interpretation.  I opted for sugar with maybe some spice, if malt is a spice, which I guess it really isn't, but we can pretend... and certainly a malt is something nice if made with real homemade ice cream.

And one of the nicest things about this card is it not holiday-esque at all.  I've had quite enough crafting for  The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named, thank you very much.

The Fine Print: Stamps by A Muse Artstamps, these are retired wood mount stamps but you too can own the malt and saying (in a different font) by buying the Sweet Love set HERE. This commercial is brought to you by me, your local southern Arizona A Muse Studio consultant (and all around good gal).

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Workdesk Wednesday #133

Somehow I want to rename today “WTF Wednesday.”  It is just has a nice ring to it! 

My idea that joining the WOYWW challenge would inspire me to have a tidier desk, was giggled at, quite a bit.  But I figured if you knew someone was coming by every Wednesday to inspect your desk, you’d keep it cleaner, or at least have something interesting on it. And that is probably more what WOYWW is about (that and feeding our inner voyeur).

Anyway, here is my desk in all its glory.  The prescription bottle is gone as that finally got all sorted out.  Things are a bit more orderly right now, but that never lasts long.

What I’m working on now is a recipe card swap.  In the pile topped with a red envelope on the left side of my desk are the other participant’s cards.  Mine are spread out in the middle of my desk.  I just added some green vines to the cards as I felt it needed a little something more.  I also glittered the whipped topping on my pies.  The rings on my desk are to collate the recipes with.

Other things to note are the red wrapped gift in the upper right corner—it’s a Christmas present to me!  Next to that is the gas bill which looks good, but that's because I sent them a huge payment earlier knowing that this bill would painful.  There is a red button that I found on the floor.  Next to that is a new stamp (car with tree) and another stamp (penguin) that needs to have a swap card made with it.
Close up of my recipe card
Hey look!  I cleaned up that section of the floor though!  While I often pile stuff on the floor next to me when I am working, I like to have it picked up again too.  There isn’t much room between the black cart and my table to the left, which you’ll notice I did not share a picture of (maybe next time).
And just for giggles and grins, here is Poppy, guarding us from the possibility of evil intruder cats.  Ever since she saw a gray cat in our yard out there, she checks outside every few hours.
The Fine Print: Stamps on recipe card by Stampourri and DeNami.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Four By Fun

Remember yesterday how I said too bad that I didn't finish up those Wander cards the previous weekend so I would have a transportation themed card for a card exchange this past weekend?  It isn't that I didn't have a card made for the exchange, in fact I made it an entire month in advance.  The problem was that I couldn't find it.

Yeah, that's the card right there----------->
When I made this card my hubby asked me if I was making that for a birthday card for my little brother. I said no.  Once I couldn't find it I wondered if I did send it to him, except for I bought him a card to send for his birthday (sacrilege I know, but it was really funny).  Then I don't think I sent him the bought card after all because it was kind of a political statement funny thing and not really up little bro's alley.  However, if I didn't send him the store bought card, what did I send him?  Must have been the truck card!  But now that I have found the truck card, there is no telling what I sent him at all, or if I sent him anything.  That would kind of suck though since it was his 40th birthday and that's kind of a milestone thing.  You know, all downhill from here and all that.

Anyway....  am I the only one who has no clue what I'm doing?!

The Fine Print: background stamps by Stampendous, truck by unknown.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wander or Unfinished Business Part II

Yesterday I shared with you a card that I completed after having the parts for it lying around in my crafting space for years.  I actually made several of those cards, changing the greeting around a little bit.  That was not the only unfinished business I took care of.

But first, another true confession: I love card kits.  I love the idea that all the parts are there in one little package for you to play with.  I love to buy them to take with me when I meet friends for crafting activities since I have a hard time thinking up an entire project in advance.  I tend to work as I go and since I can’t bring my whole crafting room with me, it is nice to have a kit to work on.  Um… but I rarely finish up the kits.

That brings us back to yesterday’s post where I said I sometimes start a project and don’t finish it.  I got on a roll working on those floral cards yesterday and decided to finish off a card kit that I started but never finished.  

I remember sitting down at home and starting this kit and enjoying it a lot.  I wondered why I didn't finish the cards off and right away I found my answer.  I had glued some pieces onto the wrong card base and had to pry them off .  I guess that discouraged me because that is where it ended.  The two cards in question are the ones below.  Can you even tell?!  Nope! 
  I changed the wording on the Sweet Home card.  It was to say Welcome Home but I wasn't keen on that phrase being as I don't know anyone who needs to be welcomed back.
I changed this card around from its original design as well, adding the "travel" and "roam" words as I felt the card needed a bit more to it.  Once you give me those alphabet stickers, I'm a mad woman!
I like the gas pump on this card as anyone on a road trip knows the importance of a stop at the gas station. I once read that the little gas pump icon on your dashboard shows you which side of the vehicle your gas tank opening is located on.  If the pump is on the right like the card above it is on the passenger side.  If the pump is on the left the opening is on the driver's side.  Before you commit that to memory, it is false as evidenced by the right handled pump icon in my truck that has a driver's side gas cap.  

That finished off that card kit and now I have some spare cards lying around.  I wish I had done this last weekend because I needed a transportation themed card for a card exchange on Saturday and one of these would have been perfect.  That's me, a day late and a buck-fifty short (inflation, ya'know).

The Fine Print: Wander card kit and extra alphabet stickers by Basic Gray, star punch (roam card) by EK Success). 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Unfinished Business

True Confession time: sometimes I start a project and don't finish it.  I know, I know!  SHOCKING!  I know not a single other crafter has this problem.  I hope we can still be friends after this revelation.  I rarely give up outright on a project though.  That means, the bits and bobs, pieces and whatnot are still lurking around on my desk or in one of my many piles waiting for that magic someday when they will get done.

Take this card for example.  I CASEd the idea from somewhere and made up multiple sets to make this card.  I did it for a class, make and take, or shoebox swap.  I no longer remember because it was years ago.  The leftover pieces, in this case all the cut paper and the spool of ribbon, have been languishing in various places on my desk for those past several years.  A good teacher always has spare parts on hand for her make and take, so that's why I have these extras.  I always figured that one of these days I'd get around to finishing up the remaining cards.  Today was that day.  How exciting!

 The Fine Print: Flower and "Just for You" by Hero Arts, background vine by DeNami Designs, ribbon by Michaels, colored with Marvy markers. 

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Peaceful Challenge: OLW-73

One Layer Wednesday #73, which is an odd number for those of you not at peace with that, is to make a card that says peace in some way...  someting relaxing, tranquil, harmonious.  The card has to be one-layer and we are to keep embellishments to a minimum.

You can check out the one-layer challenge HERE and see all the cards. I was struck by Susan's card because it did not involve The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named, which to me is not peaceful at all, but may be where many other's thoughts go for this challenge.

A holiday card did not come to my mind for this challenge.  This card did:
To me, there is nothing more peaceful than a napping kitty all curled up.  Well, okay maybe getting a massage by one of those Chinese foot reflexology guys is more relaxing, but I don't have a stamp of that!  I wasn't sure if I liked the delicate coloring of that first card.  It was a bit too subtle for me, so I tried again making the cat a slightly darker gray.
The Fine Print: Peace by Stampendous (part of a larger stamp), dashed line by A Muse Studio, and cat dozer by Art Gone Wild.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Different Day, Different Tag Cards

So I was going to share with you my newest one-layer card, but erm... I haven't made it yet.  Never you fear, though, it is extremely awesome.  I hope.

Meanwhile, I still have some of the tag cards I made the other evening.  I am happy that didn't share them all at once because then I wouldn't have anything new to show you and that would be sad.  I mean, you would be sad, wouldn't you?  You'd come to my blog and nothing new...  I'd hate to distress you like that.

The Fine Print: A Muse Studio, yeah, you got it.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Super Fast Tag Cards

Yesterday evening I had a dinner with some crafting friends and the night before I thought that would be a good time to hand out their cards for The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named.  The only problem with that is I hadn’t actually made the cards yet.  I had a lot of cards already made but since I suspect (or maybe it is only wishful thinking) that they check out my blog on a regular basis I wanted to give them cards they hadn’t already seen.  Plus I thought it would be nice to make cards with tags on them since we had a lot of fun making tags together one evening.

I gathered up my stuff and took a moment to do a little figuring.  Our reservation was for eleven, but I knew one person couldn’t make it, I didn’t have to make a card for my husband and I, and I didn’t need to make a card for the child who was coming as I could just include some stickers and goodies into his mother’s card.  So let’s see…. eleven minus those subtractions comes to TEN!   Yes!  Don’t ask me how that math worked out but it must be new math.  So with no time left, I set out to make 10 cards.  You saw a couple of them in yesterday’s post and here are some more. 

The Fine Print: Stamps and snowflake die by A Muse Studio, papers by DCWV...  like any of this is a shock to you.  AND 11 minus 4 is 7.  Really.