Sunday, September 30, 2012

Girly Stuff

When it comes to being a girly girl, I am way down on the list of applicants.  In fact, I may not even be on the list.  I'm not sure what makes me a non-girly girl the most.  It could be my dislike of chocolate.  It might be my ability to go to the bathroom by myself.  I suppose it could also be my dislike of talking on the telephone, wearing makeup, doing my hair, and going shopping.  Perhaps it is my general dislike of children.  I also do queer things like research vehicles and buy them based on good ratings and not by color.  I also think women blame their periods too much and should just cop to being a bitch.  Speaking of which, I also don't give much of a shit if you call a bitch, or even the "c" word.  And look, I can say "shit" and "bitch."  If I keep this list up, I'll be growing hair on my chin and scratching my balls in no time.  Holy shit!  I'm halfway there.

Even though I'm not a girly girl I will admit to spending $400 on shoes this weekend.  But, how ungirly girl of me, I bought my shoes based on comfort, feel, and support.  And it was the first time I've been shoe shopping in years, possibly three or more years.  What girly girl can say that?!

The Fine Print: I can say the c-word too but in the interest of spam blockers everywhere, I opted not to.  Stamps by A Muse Studio "Glamour Girl" set, dies by Spellbinders, baker's twine by unknown.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Autumn on an Angle

A few days ago I showed off a card a friend sent me that was based on a sketch swap I am in.  I sat down today to make my card.  I wanted to use glitter paper for the center portion that sits at an angle.  I sat down and measured it all out correctly.  Since I was marking up the backside of the paper I then realized I should reverse the angle so it would lay the correct direction on my finished card.
As you see, that didn't work because I out-witted myself.  I had already planned for that when I started measuring so when I reversed it I made it backwards.  Well, that is okay because I can use the card for something else.  Now that I had the angle wrong I could do whatever I wanted to the card so I decorated the angle piece and put the something extra down in the lower left corner.  Then I went and made a card following the sketch correctly.

The Fine Print: Papers by DCWV, card bases from my stash, harvest stickers (top card) by Creatology, harvest bunch (bottom card) from my snippet box-someone sent that to me, stamp by A Muse Studio.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bird Watching

Hewwo. My Name is Poppy and I'll be your guest columnist today. Probably maybe because my mom is feeling lazies.  Today is a bery cloudy day.  I axed my mom and my papa who putted the clouds in the sky but they didn't tell me. It has to be someone wif a bery long ladder.

Earlier dis morning I was doing bird watching. I wike to watch birds. They want me to eat them but I haz to make them sad becuz I can't get to them to eat them.  I hear you are supposed to look up the kind of birds you see in a book.  My papa just bought a book. It woz about zombies.  No zombies outside this mornings.  That is almost sads becuz if there had been zombies outside I bet my mom would have stayed home and played wif me! I mean I wood do it-call in to werk and say can't come in today, zombies outside.

I didn't see this kind of bird outside eivhers.  I fink he is a flamenco.  They do dances. 
The Fine Pint: Stamps by Stampin Up, orange and chevron orange paper by A Mew Studio, flowers by Prima, scallopy thing by A Mews too.  The feme of this card is pinks and orange which iz seeming more normal these days.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Actually.... no.

Actually it hasn't been lovely, but I still reserve the right to scream.
In fact, just try to stop me.

The Fine Print: Cat stamp by Penny Black, greeting by Art Impressions.  I really wanted to play with my new Lili of the Valley today but they are too sweet and delicate for the black ugliness lurking about.  There's always tomorrow (which will be today by the time you see this post).

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wanna see mine? (WOYWW 173)

Hi.  Today is What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and that's a fact, Jack.  It is also a fact that what is on my workdesk is a mess.  That's just how it is, Liz.

Former card blank box

The sad thing about this mess, Bess, is that it isn't a very creative one.  It is one born out of necessity, or possibly desperation.  See I have had this pile of card blanks to the left of my desk for months and months.  You may have seen it in various WOYWW photographs. I add to it when I tidy up by I never pull back out of it.  That is because it was too poorly organized and it took too long to find what I wanted out of it.  That might look like a nice smooth white card blank, but then you'd pull it out and find out it was textured, or off-white, or had a subtle pattern, or was really flimsy cover stock and few of them were scored and ready to go.  Plus the whole thing was open to the world and it often got dusty, especially since I rarely touched it.  I decided to nicely organize it by color and ditch the cover stock. 
New card blank box
 Currently I have more card blanks than will fit in the box but my goal is to have no more than will fit in the box because I'll constantly be using them instead of constantly creating new ones.  So far it has worked well.  The last several cards I've made have had bases from out of this box.  I won't be able to ditch the old box quite yet because of the overflow but I hope I will be able to fairly soon. Stay tuned as I'm sure you'll be able to track the progress during Workdesk Wednesdays.

I received this fun Dracula card from a friend.  We are doing a sketch card swap (mentioned recently when I said I said I lost something important and only found half of it--what I found was her sample card and not the actual sketch, but with the card it was easy to recreate the sketch).  The sketch is the three pieces of different paper with the diagonal piece in the middle.  It is to be broken up by something in the mid lower right corner (Dracula in this case).  The spider webbing is strictly a bonus.  We'll see what I come up with as I haven't tackled this one yet (but when I do I'll have an easily accessible card base!!!!).

The Fine Print: I'm finally onto you wily UKers there! I know what you mean when you say RUB.  I always wondered what kind of box a RUB was as they seemed so wonderful and sturdy with nice lids.  So the other day I was pulling the "Made in the UK" sticker off my Really Useful Box and the light bulb came on!  RUB = Really Useful Box.   Yeah, sometimes you can teach this old gal new tricks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miss You!

I miss you.  I really do. Oh?  You haven't left yet?  Well, let me show you the door. That way I can miss you for reals.

Hey--Why is it that when you are giving a rude goodbye to someone you are happy to see leave, you say, "And don't let the door hit you!"  It seems to me you'd be quite fine with them getting hit by the door.

"Don't let the door severe your fingers because I ain't cleaning up after you!"  Now that is a greeting I could wrap my head around.  It makes more sense.

The Fine Print: If the door didn't hit ya, then the dog shouldda bit ya.  Airplane stamp by A Muse Studio, letters by Basic Gray, other elements by We R Memory Keepers some card kit or another.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Highway from Hell

Does anyone remember that website 'Am I hot or not?'  It may even still exist.  Anyway, the premise was you posted your picture and the masses voted if you were hot or not.  I could make some unkind comments about validation and the type of people who post to those sites, but I won't.

I do not need a website or votes to tell me that I am freaking hot!  I mean, really, really hot.  I keep applying cold packs and random refrigerated items to my body and all that happens is they warm up.  I used to be the type of person who was cold all the time. I don't really need to carry a sweater around all the time unless it is to wipe the sweat off myself.
I'm not really the vacationing type (like at all) but going someplace cool sounds really appealing right now, anything to get out of this over-heated hell.*

The Fine Print: * After living in Tucson for over 20 years I used to think hell probably was cooler than here. I'd still like to think that because that is probably where I am going.  Never fear, I'll save you a seat.  Stamps by Inkadinkado "road trip" set, paper by Basic Gray "wander."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Goals, also known as Diabolical Plans

I have this goal, which I am just now putting in writing (on this blog, see, that's in writing). I remember having it drummed into me that you should write your goals down, but really I think that is highly intimadating and you shouldn't do it.  Besides, if you don't write them down and you forget all about them you don't have some written reminder lying around to make you feel guilty that you didn't do it.

Anyway, my goal is to have only 8.5 x 11 cardstock that fits inside the paper holders that I currently own.  That means paring down all the random piles and stashes.  Wait! Why are you laughing?  Quit laughing! That's rude!
Anyway, once upon a time I bought many sheets of this obnoxious green cardstock and made Halloween cards with it. It was a great experience.  We laughed, we cried, it was better than cats (because cats just lie there and shed).  I was so tickled when one day there was an entire REAM of it for sale in the clearance bin of the paper warehouse (like the place that actaully sells paper, not the paper warehouse place that sells crappy party favors) so of course, I bought it.

What I didn't think through is that I was already over the obnoxious green cardstock phase. And the ream sat. And sat. And sat. It is actually in one of the paper holders but it is taking space away from some other cardstock that I might actually use! It has to go!  I tried to sell some of it but apparently obnoxious poison green isn't that popular. I tried to give some away to friends but there were few takers.  So my diabolical goal is to use it to make lots of cards and make all my crafty friends wish they had this wonderful paper!* Like all good diabolical plans, this one has a flaw.  The flaw is my scanner washes the color of this paper out so it looks about as ho-hum as you can get.   **sigh**

* And then I'll sell it to you for triple the price!

The Fine Print: Obnoxious green paper by Astrobrights "Martian Green." Striped birds by Inkadinkado, corner notch punch by Stampin' Up, fence punch by Martha, spider circle stamp by Imaginisce, greeting and orange chevon paper by A Muse Studio.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Double the Trouble, Double the Fun

I'm in this group that did a swap called "Double Trouble."  The premise of the swap was that you were to make two cards for your swap partner.  Each card had to use the same stamp or image, but the cards had to be different. 

Because "double trouble" made me think of "toil and trouble, cauldron bubble" I knew I had to do Halloween themed cards. And because the new A Muse Studio set "Nevermore" is so cool, I knew I had to use it for this swap.  It was an added bonus that I got partnered up with someone who also had the Nevermore set.

I made this first card after being inspired by a card on the A Muse Gallery and was pleased that I was well on my way to finishing this swap.  I sat down to make another card.  I dragged out the pieces and parts and began puttering around with my idea.  Then as I was starting to actually make the card I changed my mind about the design.  You know where this is going, right?

The thing I decided to change was the stamp.  D-oh!  I did it too and it wasn't until much later (because real life got in the way as it is prone to do) when I went to mail them did I realize it.  I had to laugh at myself. I used the same stamp set but not the same stamp.  That ain't right.  So I sat down and made another card and did it right this time.
The Fine Print: Stamps by A Muse Studio "Nevermore" and "Toil and Trouble" sets except teeny tiny bats on lower card by Technique Tuesday. Petite polka dot paper in onyx, orange, shimmer black, and Sleepy Hallow text by A Muse Studio.  Bright orange paper (lower card) by unknown.  Patterned paper (lower card) by Memory Box.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Multi-Colored Madness

It is time for the A Muse Studio Challenge!  Well, actually, Monday was time but I was not prepared for it.  Let's just say that I'm all set for the next one!  This time the theme is a colorful farewell to summer and there is a photo to inspire you to greatness.
You are to use at least three colors in your submission. Gosh knows there certainly are plenty to chose from!  For my first card I wanted to let my paper to do the talking for me and this is what I came up with.
I also made this card.  The scan hides it but all the polishes are sparkly!  And don't laugh, I have seen every one of those colors on nails before. 
I think this challenge would be fun to use lots of rainbow colored glitter on!  So what do you say that you slap something colorful together and join in?!

The Fine Print: All papers, stamps, and ribbon by A Muse Studio.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

SU Card Workshop

I have some more Stampin' Up cards to share. I guess I didn't really have to announce that, you can see it in the pictures. This one is for that Holiday That Shall Not Be Named. I love the dark red and kraft color combination. This is a nice simple card and would be great to mass produce, unless you have difficulties tying a bow. If so, breathe deeply and look away; pretend I said nothing.
This card made me laugh because I had just watched a tutorial off a blog on how to make this card with its happily lined up layers (Hint: it is easy).
This one is my favorite of the bunch, but then again I have always liked fall even if it is only 2 weeks long here. I love the die cut leaves and the colors and the raffia and pretty much everything about it.
The Fine Print: As far as I know everything is by Stampin Up except the raffia, papers, colors, inks, dies, stamps--all Stampin' Up.  Rock on.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Workdesk Wednesday-All Work, No Play

Today is Workdesk Wednesday, the biggest snoopiest blog hop around.  This is my desk. It is tidied up again because I lost an important thing on it this past Monday.  Instead of just shuffling things around I picked up. In the end I found half of the important thing I lost, which is better than none of it.
I have lots of projects going on and none of them are crafty--meaning they are all school or work related--so I probably won't get to visit many of you. I will make a special effort to visit those who comment here though because you were nice enough to stop by and leave a message.

I've been to some Stampin' Up workshops lately and here are a couple of the cards I've made recently. The first one is a sweet and simple Halloween card. 
 The second one is a really cool fold card.  It folds flat with the white piece up front. I didn't think to take a photo of it shut so you could see.  When it is open the white piece really pops out from the rest of your card. I like the different patterns of paper on this card as well as the design. The jar is stamped on acetate to give it more of a glass look. Fun stuff!
I'd best be heading off to tackle the tasks I have today.  Have a great visit around the desks of the world and give my regards to everyone.

The Fine Print: All the card stuffs by Stampin' Up. Bat card made with pieces from Ghoulish Googlies Kit and Googly Ghouls stamps.  Cool folded card made with stamps from the Perfectly Preserved kit, papers from Orchard Harvest and a Labels Framelet.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Well.... Poop.

This would be my post with pictures of the fabulous new cards I've made recently but I failed to properly plan ahead so I do not have the pictures to share.  No pictures in my life.  Nothing but sadness, darkness, and despair.

And apple pie.

Wait a minute?  Apple pie?

Indeedy peedy, there is apple pie in my fridge.

All is well with the universe.
The Fine Print: Apple pie by Apple Annie's and you can't beat that with a stick. Or I suppose you could if you were queer and depraved.  This card may or may not be a repeat, but you can roll with it can't you? If not, too bad, so sad.  I have apple pie and you don't. Neener, neener, neener. Stamps by A Muse Artstamps and DeNami Designs, border punch by EK Success. Stay tuned for fabulous new cards tomorrow.  Maybe.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling Blue... I mean Feeling Boo

A blue gingham ghost.  Because.

The Fine Print: Stuff by A Muse Studio except the sheer ribbon.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Happy Haunting

I'm being haunted and it isn't a happy state.  For starters these people aren't even dead, so I can't call a priest, an exorcist, a medium, or any ghost hunters.
It appears the only solution would be to call a hit man.  Someone threw a phone book over the fence today but hit men weren't listed in the yellow or white pages.  I tried "assassin" and "soldier of fortune" and no luck.  I guess the next step is to try Craig's List. I hear you can find everything there.
Oh, there are two of these cards because there are two of these cards.  One is A2 size and one is note card size.  One is from the scanner and you can see what a poor job the scanner does with this card.  The green is really a beautiful poison green.  If it were a liquid, smoke would be gently wafting off it and it would smell like used Dr. Scholl's inserts with a bouquet of rotten cheese.  The camera did a better job but the green still lost some of its oomph.

Oh. And just so you know it was a phonebook vendor who threw a phonebook over my fence.  It isn't like there is some kind of rash of drive-by phonebooking in town.  That might be kind of cool, actually.  Someone start that trend!  Like flash mobbing, but different.

The Fine Print: Never mind me, it will all come out in the wash.  And by "wash" I mean the big sandy/rocky things in town masquerading as rivers, because baby, when they flow they do wash all your troubles away.  I mean, if you troubles are dead bodies.  They'll be in Mexico by sundown.  Pray for rain.  Stamps and twine by A Muse Studio. Dotty paper by A Muse Artstamps.  Poison green paper by Astrobrights.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tree Trio

I recently admired a wonderful card on another blog that featured some great tree stamps. They were by Stampin' Up and retired so that brought much sadness to my life.  Then I remembered that I have some great tree stamps already and with a little paper piecing, all was right with the world.

The Fine Print: Tree stamps by The Angel Company "Forget Not Trees," greeting by A Muse Artstamps, border punch by Fiskars, scallop circle by EK Success, circle punch by Marvy, papers from DCWV, and no partridges in a pear tree.

Friday, September 14, 2012

I Take Leaf of my Senses

I had a long conversation with myself and it went a little like this:
Me: For dinner we are having vodka and tonic
Self: Minus the tonic
Me: Isn't that uncouth?
Self: Never fear, there will be a substitution for the tonic.
Me: More vodka?
Self: No, a straw.
Me: Awesome
And on that note, I'm thinking of turning myself in to the Witless Protection Plan.

The Fine Print: A shout out to Kevin of Cox Communications, who spent an hour on the phone with me talking me down off the ledge.  Stamps, papers, ribbons, 'n inks by Stampin' Up. Card in honor of fall, which made an appearance this morning to let us know it was waiting in the wings. And everything is centered, because I'm not.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I [Heart] A Muse

Another day, another almost bedtime. Where does the time fly to? They say time's fun when you're having flies, so I must have ingested a lot of bugs lately.

I still don't have anything new to share so I'll share some old stuff that I made with the old A Muse stamps. It was a workshop hosted in Phoenix (or one of the 'burbs) that my friend dragged me too. Well, truly I didn't need much dragging, but I did need driving and she did that too. It was a great workshop and it reinvigorated my love for those little wooden stamps.  Before that workshop I was much more a collector of their stamps than a user.

I loved them then and still love them now and I've even come to embrace their new larger cling mount format, but I did have to take some time out to pout about it a little bit. Now I'm an A Muse consultant and I help make A Muse addicts spread the love of A Muse. 'Tis a good life

The Fine Print: Most everything by A Muse Artstamps, exceptions to that are the scalloped heart (Spellbinders), polka dot embossing folder (dunno) and low scalloped wave border (dunno on that either).

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


My name is Poppy and I don't want to write about Workdesks Wednesday hosted by Julia at Stamping Ground today because I'm busy practicing my ignoring.  Ignoring peoples is an important cat trait and practices makes perfects!  'N since so many peoples visit for WOYWW I can do lots of ignoring today.  That's talents!

I will put the pitchers up though otherwise my mommie might not give me any crunchies.

Same old desk

I could eat this bird. It wants me to.

It's not berry exciting. It has some stuff and papers and blue knitting!  That's my knitting!  Why is it on the desks? I not awowed up there. I wike the little blue post it note. It has scribbles on it but my papa recognized it as a potential card design.  He's kind of smart for a boy.

This card is spooky. My moms was making two of these but she forgotted to put a mask on the one on the desk. I guess you have to wears a mask when you make spooky cards. It has red sprays on it like the sprays I get when I'm naughty but that doesn't has colors in it.

Mom got really cool stuff in the mails from England. That's like berry far away. There's a big baftub full of water between here and there. It has sharks in there and they eat you. But the postman he can swim really fast and not get eated and brings goodie from Fairy Thoughts. My says they did a barters and she sented bats in the belfry and she gotted back this cool notebook made wif dumfings, felt pieces to place with, and a bracelet that has buttons on it.  Mom says it is a wot of work to sew buttons on so probably that's why she hasn't putted the button back on my papa's shirt.

The Fine Prints: Card stuffs by A Mew Studio, onyx papers regular and shimmers, "Nebermore" stamp set, bat dies, cherry splash spray, and a marker by Tombow.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Really Quick Stuff

I didn't punch anyone today which given how today went is pretty impressive.  Today was so wacky that I consulted the calendar to see where we were in the lunar cycle.  Much like the menstural cycle, that lunar cycle will mess you up quicker than....    than....      ...than really quick stuff.  It turns out that the new moon is on Saturday, which under normal circumstances is too far away to be pestering us yet, but we've had our 4th gray cloudy day in a row here, complete with mysterious wet stuff from the sky.  For us desert dwellers, that will mess us up quicker than really, really, REALLY quick stuff.* 

*I figure speeding bullets and speeding locomotives are too trite.  I wanted to say quicker than the automatic toilet will flush your car keys into oblivon, but unless you've done it maybe you can't appreciate just how quick that is.  And maybe you'd be too busy wondering why anyone would put their car keys into the automatic flushing toilet, or any toilet for that matter, and that would be because it was an accident of course.  And no, this never happened to me but I was present for the flush and the blood curdling scream and once you've been present for that, you'd rather lock your keys in your car than bring them into a restroom.

Oh.  And my hand hurts. A lot.  But I promise that I didn't punch anyone. I blame the weather.  And the moon.

The Fine Print: A Muse Artstamps rocketship, Mostly Animals cloudy background, Cuttlebug embossed circle.  And.  Whatever.

Monday, September 10, 2012

With Sympathy

No one died today*, not even my good humor, yet a sympathy card for the masses.

The Fine Print: *Oh, okay, someone probably died today, but no one I know and really, the day is still young. Youngish.  Okay, it is middle-aged, but still.  Stamps by A Muse Artstamps and butterfly by Martha.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Puttering Day

It is darn near bedtime and I haven't updated my blog today.  That is because I have been a busy beaver. Well, truthfully, I haven't been a beaver at all, but I have been busy.

Today I puttered!  I do love a good putter and haven't had one in a long time.  Puttering, to me, is when you do a little of this and a little of that.  What makes puttering puttering and not just screwing around is you accomplish stuff, even if it is just stuff that no one but you knows about or appreciates.

If you spent time cleaning out the jam from under your toenails, cleaning lint from your hairbrush, straightening your hankies, alphabetizing your soups, and arranging your ribbons in Roy G Biv order, well you might have puttered.  Or you might be anal. But most likely you puttered.

I started some cards today but did not finish them.  That's because that's not puttering, that's playing. And I didn't play today.  I do have a shimmery card to share with you.  Unfortunately, the essence of sheen is lost in the scan

The Fine Print: I think I'll add the word 'midget' to this post so I can see how many hits I get because both  the words midget and anal are here.  All products by A Muse Studio; shimmer damask in fern, shimmer sugar, onyx and fern non-shimmer cardstocks, onyx pearls, and greeting from "Eassential Sentiments" set.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Oh, A Muse!

Hello There Friends and Family and Random Veeagra Salesmen!

I can't show you anymore Navajo cards today because I coated my desk in a layer of this and that made by A Muse and buried it. I happen to have two A Muse events coming up in the next week so I thought it best to dust off my a|s goodies.  I thought this would be a nice masculine card.
That bytes!
And this is a nice feminine card.  Really, though, the purpose of this card was to make a card that didn't need coloring and focused more on the ink.  When you are doing a workshop I find it best to limit the amount of coloring otherwise everyone sits around and waits on markers or pencils to be passed.  I'm rather pleased with myself that I thought to put washi tape on this card for an accent.  Washi or tissue tape is so popular these days, but no one, myself included, really knows what to do with it.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio except the black Memento ink and gray Copic markers, but a|s does sell them too! Manly card-stamps from the "Brief Notes" set and "Extraordinary" background, cardstock blueberry, winter sky, cobalt, and sugar  Girly card-stamps from "Beautiful Botanicals 2," "Making a Different," "Handscripted," and "Harlequin"sets and background; inks lemon whip, grass, and bubblegum, cardstocks used are buttercup, bubblegum, and sugar. And yaah I probably should have photographed that last card instead of scanned it bcause of the button, but I didn't.

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Brilliant Plan Goes South

Yesterday evening for giggles and grins I ate some expired peanut butter.  Ah, but you say, that stuff is so chock full of preservatives that it's no mind!  Ah ha, I say, but this was fancy no-preservative-bought-it-over-priced-at-that-kind of store peanut butter.

While lying in bed nauseated as heck, it dawned on me how useful it would be to have detachable arms.  I decided this was a brilliant plan* and I needed to jump on it immediately so that I could make millions and hire someone to eat bad peanut butter for me so I wouldn't have to do it for myself. 
Just think!  If you were at the doctor's and were afraid he'd diss you for your weight gain, you could just detach an arm or two before weigh in. You could do the same thing at Weight Watchers meetings.

You could take them off to squeeze though tight areas, or like when someone parks too close to you and you need to squeeze into your car door (or through their car window so you could take a dump on their driver's seat, not that anyone of us would do something so diabolical).

You could take one off so you could lie on your side more comfortable.

You could take one off to snuggle up closer to your sweetie.

You could take them off at night so when you slept funny wouldn't wake up with your arm asleep and all creepy feeling and your shoulder out of whack!

It was brilliant!  What could go wrong with this business plan?

Then it dawned on me that if you detached both your arms you wouldn't have any arms left to put them back on with.  Serious design flaw there.  So, nevermind.

Oh yea, and some cards.

The Fine Print: *Well, of course I hadn't gotten around to all those niggling details like bones, and muscles, and veins, and arteries, and shit.  That's why you hire a development committee to work around all that.  Cards by Club Scrap Navajo, dude.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Navajo Delights

Certainly you didn't think these past few days reprieve meant you were safe from the never-ending Club Scrap Navajo kit, did you?

These are the last (I think?) of the smaller note card blanks that came in the kit. I made these before I went on the A Muse kick, but never fear there are more Navajo cards to come!  While I haven't been photographing the insides of these cards, they all have been decorated on the inside too. I don't usually do that but maybe it is a nice habit to start.

The Fine Print: Wait, didn't you read a darn thing I wrote? This stuff is all by Club Scrap from the Navajo kit, except for a couple of Marvy oval punches and the little notch corner punch used on the last card by Marvy, back in the day before Marvy started their 'clever lever' punches.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Workdesk Wednesday--Someone call Matt Paxton!

Last week I mentioned that I should have shown my never-before-seen-by-my-adoring-public (that's you) computer desk because it would make my fellow clutter bugs happy.  Not one to let you down, here you go:
But why keep clutter contained to just one area, why not mess up the main desk too!
Why am I showing you my crafty clutter, you ask? Why yes, I would like to meet Matt Paxton* someday, but this is all just part of Julia's madness called What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday where we bare all to our fellow nosy crafters.

For you non-clutter people here are a couple of other photos to relieve the wounds to your soul that the previous photos caused.  Poppy doing a yoga pose:
My menacing fish:
Why yes, that is a shark.

*Matt Paxton--an extreme cleaning specialist who operates a business called Clutter Cleaners that specializes in cleaning hoarded homes and who is featured on a TV show called "Hoarders"

The Fine Print: another couple gallons of vodka and it will all be fine. Sorry I don't have cards or works in progress to share but someone is behind on her homework.