Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Up Monday

Time for some more Blasts from the Past.
What a coincidence, I just happened to pick out another belated birthday card to share. I promise I haven't missed that many birthdays....  ...I don't think.

The Fine Print: Cards made from the Club Scrap "Wisteria" kit.  Paper flowers from my stash, designer paper and ribbon (bottom card) from  my stash.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Blues

When I first got sick the cats loved that I hung out on the couch all day.  They insisted on sitting on me or right next to me and just purred the day away.
Now they see that I'm still camped on the couch, roll their eyes and go hang out in the bedroom.  All except for Jack, who is an attention whore and also is convinced that any second I'll whip out a steak and lobster dinner and start feeding it to him.

The cats knocked much of my crafty stuff off my desk last night and spread it around the room. If only I had left the adhesive out I'll bet they would have put some cards together for me.  Their favorite technique is paper piercing. With their teeth.

The Fine Print: Stamp by Crafter's Companion, colored with Copics, flowers by Prima, fancy flower brad and designer paper from my stash. No steaks or lobsters were harmed in the making of this post. I don't even like steak and lobster, who knows what Jack is thinking.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

No Thinking Required

The problem with being sick is it is boring. And annoying, but mostly it is boring. I really wanted to play with my crafty toys but didn't feel good enough to be crafty (such a paradox). So I broke open a partially used old kit box and decided to make some kit cards, because you can just assemble them according to their suggestions, you don't have to think.
I did do a little bit of thinking. I added in some background stamping on the card base, used my own twine instead of the uber-thick cord they included and added an fancy eyelet.

Then I made these two belated birthday cards, which is convenient because I need a couple of belated birthday cards.  I dropped the ball this month.  I dropped the ball because I was too busy blowing my nose. Or anyway, that is my story and I'm sticking to it.
I also found this in the kit box. I've long since gone out and bought a second copy of this folder because I was convinced I somehow lost or threw it away.  Whoops.

The Fine Print: Card toppers and bases from Club Scrap "Wild Flower" kit, background stamps top card-Hero Arts, middle card-A Muse Studio and Stampin' Up, bottom card-A Stamp in Hand and unknown.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happy Hearts

Today's blog post has been cancelled due to illness.  We regret any inconvenience.
Here's a nice springy matchbook cover style card to keep you entertained in the meantime.

The Fine Print: Card base and topper by Club Scrap "Lotus Pond," border punch by Martha, flower by Prima, brad and ribbon from my stash.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


All Hail Me--the mighty Princess of Snark!
How ' bout them apples? I got honorable mention AKA Princess of Snark over at the  Sisterhood of Snarky Stamps blog.  I got this award for my loverly public service announcement warning people to not to accept false Leprechauns before them.  This was for their "P is for Paddy" challenge.
This time 'round the Snarky Sisters bring you the Letter F, with F being for Fancy Fold (that's actually a double F).  Everyone put their pinky in the air so they can be fancy!
Believe me, this card has several fancy folds in it. I'm not sure what this type of card is called so we'll call it the Fancy Fred Fold for triple F action.  A stamping buddy of mine saw this Fancy Fred Fold card online somewhere and figured it out how to duplicate it all by her little own self.  Her version was from a 7" x 9" piece of cardstock.  I thought that was a little too tall so I chopped mine down starting with a 6.25" x 9" paper.
I didn't really know how to take a photo of this card to show off the different folds, so you have a couple different views here so you can see the big picture.  Now I know you are wondering what is it that makes this card so snarky?  Lemme tell you! You know how some cards are made with love?!! Well, this card is made with germs, unhappy snotty germs.  So someone will get this sweet card in the mail that they think is filled with happy when really it's a biohazard.
The Fine Print: No seriously, I've totally caught the creeping crud.  Garden stamp by Great Impressions, greeting by Stampin' Up "Yipee Skippee" set, border punch by Martha, greeting die by Spellbinders "Labels 16," flowers by Prima and other stuff from my stash.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Tale of Two Friends

I have two different friends who have the same habit.  You can count on both of them to show up late and ill prepared for whatever it is you invite them to.

The difference is the one friend will come screeching into the parking lot only a few minutes late, in her dress up clothes and say, "Hiking?! We're hiking?!  Awesome!"  And sling her hair up in a ponytail and totter down the trail in her skirt and heels with her Starbucks in hand.  You know, she just goes with the flow and everybody has a good time.  You probably will cut your hike short because she isn't ready for it, but you'll have had fun.  This is friend A.

The other friend will be ridiculously late, if she shows at all.  Then she'll expect you to provide her with her hiking gear, clothes, shoes, water, etc. and she'll complain when it doesn't meet her standards.  You know, she pouts the whole time and makes everyone miserable.  You probably will cut your hike short just to get the hell away from her.  This is friend B.

I thought about them the other day when I was preparing for a crafting class. I already had all the necessary parts and equipment packed up and ready to go.  I was starting to hunt around for extra scissors, adhesive, etc. for all the B people out there and it was making me mad.  In the end, I decided not to bring it forcing them to become As and just wing it.

I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised that it went well. Sometime you need to cater to the As and the Bs, sometimes you cater to neither, and sometimes you go home and have a drink.

The Fine Print: In case you are wondering if this post is about you I got two things for you--one, both these ladies left the state several years ago and--two, if you see yourself in the above maybe you should consider a change.  You know, just for the sake of my liver.  Card parts by Club Scrap

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Just Desserts

Have you ever stopped to think that this paper crafting hobby is really stupid?  No, I'm serious here.  Have you ever found yourself thinking, "This is a really pointless hobby?"  No?

Well, maybe I should shut up then.  But sometimes I do find myself thinking this stuff.  Like Now.  You know, pretty much my whole non-working life revolves around it and sometimes I think I should be doing something more...  what?  Meaningful?  I should cure cancer or something?   I dunno.

This is not the same feeling as having no crafty mojo, but the result is the same.  Nothing is gonna get made until it has passed.
So meanwhile I might as well sit back and have a dessert or two.  Or six.  Now there's a hobby I should check out: competitive dessert eating.  I'm sure it exists!

The Fine Print: Stamps by Stampin' Up, papers and eyelets (eyelets?! yes, for real) from my stash.  I see I got that greeting rather wonky. I don't mean crooked, that was intentional, I mean so far away from the edge of the paper, not placed well.  By the way, I think you have to be a scientist or go to medical school or something like that to cure cancer, so maybe I shouldn't fret that I'm not working on it.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Make Up Monday

More Wisteria Hysteria for you today.

These are tri-fold cards where the left side doesn't go all the way to the edge of the right side and the right side flap is just big enough to fill the gap.  They were fun to make and definitely different for me.

The Fine Print: Cards, stamps, and ideas from Club Scrap "Wisteria" kit except the punched decorative edge on the top card by Martha. Plenty more of these to share!  Hope you aren't allergic! If you're new to Make Up Monday, it's where I show you some cards that have been languishing in the pending file for far too long!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Houston, We Have Lift Off

Today I did that most dreaded of tasks: cleaned the craft room.  I had new stash from our anniversary, a convention, and craft yard sale to put away, along with all the usual and unusual debris I had out.  Then I felt very crafty and made cards.  Then, I did something I very rarely do....
...I finished an incomplete card that I brought home from a workshop!  I always have good intentions, but I rarely actually do it as I get easily distracted by shiny things and papery things.

I made most of this card at a Close to My Heart workshop.  The balloon image I stamped on a separate piece of cardstock and brought home.  I colored it with pencils and fussy cut it today.  When I went to look up the name of the set, I realized we pretty much copied the sample from the catalog.  Hey, it's all good!  It is still a very cool card.  And now it's finished!!!

The Fine Print: Stamps by Close to My Heart "Give a Lift," all other supplies most likely by CTMH as well except the orange bling on my balloon, which is by Hero Arts.  I wonder how long all those ladies who colored and fussy cut at the workshop had to stay? I know I left early.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

For All the Sickies

For all you sickies out there (notice I said 'sickies' and not 'sickos') here is a get well card to send you down the road toward better health.
I made this card last month when many people were going for round 2 of that wicked cold that showed up around the holidays.  I joked to a manager at work that I was installing a mister system on my office door.  Instead of sending out a fine spray of cooling water, it would spray Lysol on all those who entered.  You know, a girl can never be too careful!

The Fine Print: Floral stamp by Stampin' Up, greeting by Paper Smooches. Night-night.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Merry Merry Funday

This week those wily folks over at the Merry Monday Christmas Challenge blog had a double header for us, combining a sketch and a wild 'n crazy color combo:
I'm a big fan of hot pink and green, well anything and green really, and I loved this sketch so I turned it sideways and away I went:
The Fine Print: Stamps by A Muse Studio "Cool Yule" set, stamped in Memento Pear Tart and Tuxedo black, bling and random snippets of paper from my stash.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Limited Hobbling Abilities

My hip tried to pop out of its socket last night (for no good reason, I might add) so I'm like that wounded animal that needs to be put down. So you should cherish these words as they may be the last ever that I write.  LOL!  I wanted to share with you the cards I made at the convention this weekend but I was unable to find them due to my limited hobbling abilities, so I'll share these cards with you instead.
This one is one a friend of mine had several of us make before the convention.  I think we were tester guinea pigs to see how it would go as she had this as a make and take there.  The twine was supposed to be around the brown Happy Birthday piece but as you can see I didn't leave enough room for it.  Also, I got carried away with the distressing and about tore up my embossed pieces.  These were good lessons for her so she could better teach her make and take. 
This card my friend sent me as a RAK.  I love the bright cheery colors of it and how the stamped images are different colors. Fancy schmancy!

The Fine Print: Top card stamps and products by Close to My Heart.  That distressing I did was supposed to be in ink not a sanding tool, just proving you can't trust us crafters to get it right.  No idea about the products on the RAK card.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WOYWW-The Messy Desk Version

For all of those of you who partake in Julia's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and prefer messy desks, I did this just for you:
Okay, not really. My desk has been a dumping ground because I've been too busy doing other things.  From left to right I have some correspondence to answer, some goodies from Taylored Expressions, a streampunk owl stamp, a large pile of Simon Says Stamps goodies (that I won from a blog hop!!!!), magnetic tins of embellishments, a huge pile of wood mounted stamps, and a plastic container of candies (the crafting thing, not actual candy).
Even the floor behind my desk is a disaster area I'm getting ready to be a seller at a crafting yard sale.  Goodbye old and no longer used goodies!  Hello new goodies!
Here's my haul from last weekend's Stamp and Scrap Fest convention, minus a couple of things. I also got a haul from my hubby since it was our anniversary, so lots of new goodies in my life all unplayed with as of yet.
Here's a card I made at a make and take at the convention using the new 3D paper tole pages that punch out now so no more fussy cutting. I  actually don't mind fussy cutting but my eyes are starting to fail me.
Charles didn't want to be left out.

The Fine Print: I got nothing for you down here today.  I know that breaks your heart, but remember, kid, they can't all be winners.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


There is a used stamp and scrap sale next week where people can buy and sell their unwanted, unused or gently used stamp and scrap supplies.  It is a great way to get rid of some stuff and to acquire "new" stuff.  Trust me, unless you are getting out of the biz, it works both ways.
I plan to have a table there as a seller, so I've been pawing through my stash lately to pull out the things I can part with (to make room for new things, of course).  Along the way I found this stamp tucked into an odd corner and this card base left over from a kit I got tired of playing with.  I combined the two and got this cute card.  I added button and tied some twine through it and called it done.  How 'bout that?!

The Fine Print: Unmounted stamp called "Tolerance" by Mo Manning, distributed by Stamping Bella. Papers left over from a Simon Says card kit (the one I kept calling Serenade, which may or may not have been its real name).  And how can I bare to part with stuff you ask?  Well, I like to be able to open the drawers my stash is in and see what's inside without having an avalanche or having to dig through a big mess for 45 minutes. And no, I'm not getting rid of Tolerance.  I'm not sending it to you  Sorry!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Make Up Monday

Lest you think every Make Up Monday will be about Club Scrap cards from the past, here are some holiday ones that never made the cut last holiday season.
Here's a Thanksgiving card that didn't get shown because it took the ultra-scenic route to the recipient and arrived long after the turkey, turkey sandwiches, turkey omelets, and turkey soup had been devoured.
This fun and kicky Christmas card got overlooked somehow. I absolutely love the stamp set he comes from and I have to pull it out and use it at least once a season.  It was one of those awesome eBay finds.
This big card was from a card workshop I took last August.  Yes, the hostess was trying to get us to think of all things holiday already, but it was 100+ degrees that day so it didn't really take.

The Fine Print: Wheat sheaf stamp by Taylored Expressions, Santa by Stampin' Up, tree faux postage by Close to My Heart. Stay tuned for next week, when we return to our regularly scheduled Club Scrap update.  hee hee hee

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Convention Update and Snippets

I stole this photo of us happy card making fools from my friend's Facebook page.  We were wrapping up the make and take party at the end of the convention.  I am in the lower left corner, next to my is my pal Joan.  Above me is my friend Lora, whose photo this is and next to her is our buddy Lin, who won the big deal ultimate grand prize giveaway.  Peeking out in the back is Mechele from the Stamp Doctor. She's a great lady and you should buy lots of stuff from her so she can afford to come back to town.
I didn't take pictures of my haul yet (believe me, it's quiet extensive) but here is a photo of a hot trend from the convention.  I know glittering on acetate is old school but they've added in a new twist.  First off, throw away that Staz On pad that never works anyway. Stamp On It sells images pre-printed onto acetate for you.  No longer do you have to mess with "glitter glue" that may or may not dry clear as promised; now they use clear stuff like crystal lacquer, diamond glaze, etc. Its a stunning effect.  The background paper is pearlized so it looks extra stunning when embossed in a folder.  The company I sell, A Muse Studio sells lots of different colors of pearlized paper called Shimmer Couture.  You should buy lots from my so I can afford to have the the Stamp Doctor come back to town.

Dies from all sorts of manufacturers such as Spellbinders, Cheery Lynn, Marianne, etc. continue to be hot, hot, hot (and the reason we'll be eating ketchup soup for the rest of the month).  There were lots of samples of the fabulous things you can do with your dies including glittering them, stacking them up and pairing them with other dies.

An interesting note about the convention was the people I know there and what we bought.  You see that top photo?  Every single one of us in the photo (minus Mechele) bought a stamp of Arizona from B&J's Art Stamps. We had a good laugh as we all pulled out that stamp to show each other.  Everyone one of us bought the stamp flip flop card die from Mechele, along with the matching borders, pop up piece, and coordinating stamps.  Amongst the 4 of us, there were several other duplicates.  Several other friends I ran into showed off their purchases--which were also in my bag. Not only do we share a love of paper crafting, but we tend to have the same tastes in products!
Before this post gets any longer, here is my snippet card that I am bringing to Pixie's Snippet Playground. She is always after us to use up those bits and pieces, waste not, want not and all. I made this iris folding card the other day using a pattern lovingly sent to me from across the pond by Hettie. For the snippets I've used up a bunch of strips of a paper. I've been hoarding the background cloud paper as well because it has been retired and I'm afraid to use it all up, which is silly as it fun and should be shared.

Thanks for sticking by this looooong post with lots of links!

The Fine Print: By the way, I thought it funny that glittering was such a hot thing at the convention because I had begrudgingly pulled out my box filled with jars of loose glitter to make the Merry Monday card I showed yesterday.  That's one thing I didn't need to buy!  There was also a booth that had iris folding and 3D paper tole crafts that made my heart go pitter patter.  That's one way I differ from my friends, but I did try hard to get them to buy the paper tole sheets because they punch out now--no fussy cutting needed!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Merry Anniversary Monday

First up, it's the hubs and my anniversary today.  Something about 22 years of wedding bliss.  We are celebrating by going to the Stamp and Scrap Fest Convention.  And now you know why he's a keeper, cuz he caters to my every whim.  
It's also time for show and tell for the latest Merry Monday challenge, which is a color combo.  I'm learning that color combos are not my favorite since I have to use what I'm told and not what my whims want.  However, the challenge is enjoyable.
This time the challenge was to use brown and green, gold and cream.  It was supposed to be chocolate brown, whose color I maintain depends on what type of chocolate you buy.  This card was much more elegant in my head but I think it rather headed into blahsville.  In hindsight, I don't thing you can make gingham be elegant.  It is kind of whimsical, like me.  It doesn't pair well with gold.  Or pearls. Or drinking with your pinky extended because you are elegant. Or just think you are.

The Fine Print: Stamp by A Muse Artstamps, dies by Spellbinders, yellow glitter (I kid you not, the label says that is yellow) by Art Institute, the ribbon that was supposed to be all gold but isn't because I remembered it wrong came from my stash, gingham paper by DCWV.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lost and Found Mice

For those of you wondering how my coloring in odd light turned out, this post give you the answer! 
This week the House Mouse and Friends folks have a challenge called "lost and found."  They want you to use your HM and Friends stamps to depict something you've found, something you've lost, or something that could be lost.  Um..... what?

I mean, I could lose anything and everything at any given time and probably have.  Then I realized that the House Mouses most likely aren't nearly as scattered brained as me and don't lose things as easily.
Here are my House Mice and they can't find the darn lighter to light the candles, probably they lent it to me.  Anyway, they have come up with an ingenious solution. I'm impressed that the one mouse can not only breathe fire, but can breathe glittery fire.  That, my friends, is talent!
The Fine Print: My stamp is an older one from back in the Stampa Rosa days and called "Jalepino Peppers," colored with Copics in wonky light, designer paper by Fancy Pants, corner punch by EK Success, flower and brad from my stash and orange and yellow glitter by Stickles.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bright Happy Flowers

I had hoped to have a House Mouse card or maybe a Christmas card or even both to share with you today, but I don't.  You'll just have to settle for some bright, happy flowers.
There! Is that cheery?
I had a play date with my friends last night.  We met at a restaurant and I brought some things to work on. I only got as far as getting my House Mice colored. While I was coloring them I kept laughing and hoping they'd turn out decent.  See, about this time a year ago we were meeting in the same restaurant for the same reason and one lady and I sat around and studiously colored in DeNami Easter chicks.

They looked really good in the awkward restaurant light but when we got home we shrieked with how hideous our chicks looked.  They were a sweet yellow with orange beaks at the restaurant, but at home they were a sickening orange and brown.  All the colors we used were terribly off.  It didn't help that we used some random pile of unbranded markers either.

You'll just have to stay tuned at how the House Mice came out.

The Fine Print: Flower stamp by Stampin' Up, greeting by A Muse Artstamps, punched used by EK Success and Stampin' Up, papers and ribbon from my stash.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Here's another oriental themed card I made the other weekend when I was trying to make oriental cards.  I think I discovered the secret to making them--get good stamps!
This one belonged to my friend and she let me use it so I stamped up quite a number of them to use.  This stamp, and some of the others I stamped up from her, will make creating oriental cards a snap.  The bling on this card didn't photograph well but they are metallic purple.  They are kind of fun.

The Fine Print: I suspect that having oriental looking designer paper may be another secret to card making. You should see some of the wonderful stuff I have lined up to use.  Crane stamp by Stampin' Up, metallic bling by Candi, designer paper from my stash.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Super Spiffy Flower

I didn't have it in me to put up a post last night.  Now today I'm rather fagged out after calling several dozen or so random phone numbers and delivering the same message.  You should try it some time.  After awhile the words all sound stupid and you have no idea what you're saying.
Here is a card that isn't stupid and has a direct easy-to-understand message.  Um... depending on where you live that message my be a lie, but you know, spring is here where I am.  That's why I'm wearing long sleeves and have a heater blowing on my feet.  Because where I'm at spring = air conditioning and lots of it, rather you need it or not.

The Fine Print: Seriously, if you haven't confirmed your spot on the nursing program wait list would you please do so right now because I don't want to hear your whiny lame excuses about why you ignored a requirement for something as important as your future career. Stamp by Hero Arts, border punch and small butterfly by Martha, dies by Spellbinders,and  ribbon and papers from my stash. Lookie! I put one lone bling on a butterfly and it didn't make me twitch!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Important PSA: Saint Paddy's

I have a Public Service Announcement of an important nature. Of course, being a crafty sort I put my notice into card format:
'Tis true, my wee lass, beware of strange men in green bathrobes claiming to have a leprechaun for you to kiss.

Time to hook up with my lovely Sisters in Snark,
whose challenge is brought to us by the letter "P."
The Fine Print: Creepy man and greeting stamps by Hambo, designer paper from K&Company, and bling by Hero Arts.

Make Up Monday

Time to clear out some of the old cards in my pending folder.  This time they come from the Club Scrap "Big City" kit.  That kit had a sort of new year, big city party vibe with brilliant yellow, black and glossy white as the colors.  I really liked it.
I liked the kit so much I bought extra parts for it, so most of these cards had twins.
However, the box the kit came in is still lurking around, so apparently as much as I liked it I didn't use it all up yet.  That is actually pretty common for me.  I get scared that I will use it all up and it will be forever gone so I don't quite finish it off  and there it sits in my house as a box of parts for the next dozen or so years.  It makes perfectly logically sense I'm sure.
The Fine Print: There's really not much more to tell you about today's post that I didn't already tell you--Club Scrap, Big City.  That last card is a bit bizarre if you ask me. I copied someone for that one as I wouldn't have come up with that on my own.