Thursday, August 30, 2018

Pucker Up!


So good to see you again. Blogger recently asked me if I was around and intended to use my blog anymore. I thought, of course I am still around.... Gee, maybe I'd better inform my readers (all 6 of you) that I am still alive and kicking and employed.

See, Dio told you a story about how at my work they were giving out boxes (a very desirable commodity if you are a cat) and telling you to go home. That wasn't fiction; they truly are doing that. So far they haven't done that to me. And that's good because I'd need more than one box and a dolly and I'd have to get on our elevator which is scary even on good days.  So not only am I still here (Blogger), I am still here (my job). I've said goodbye to a number of coworkers including my boss. Being bossless was scary (almost as scary as that elevator) because my job title says I'm suppose to support someone and if there is no someone... why have me?  Oh! Because I'm cool, that's why!

They stole me a boss from another job site though so it's all good now. She's in charge of all sorts of things I haven't dealt with before so I'm learning all sorts of new stuff, including that being the go-to person for years for answers on what do know about is paying off as I know can ask for info in return and be happily given it.
Me, being supportive.
The Fine Print: Mousie stamp by Stampabilities or whoever was in charge of House Mouse at the time I bought it. Smile from my stash. And if I'm given a box right after I post this.... I'm blaming y'all!