Friday, August 30, 2013

Why Lie?

Many, many years ago a friend of mine called me up all excited and wanted to know if I could give her a ride to pick up her new car.  How exciting!  Well, of course I could.  We picked up the car and she immediately decided we had to go somewhere.  However, we had to work in a couple hours so it couldn't be far.  We followed each other to Taco Bell for a late lunch/early dinner. 

Later that evening, we were at work and her boyfriend of the moment (who later went on to become husband of the moment, but that's another story for another time) stopped by.  He talked to both of us and in the course of the conversation I mentioned that we had lunch at Taco Bell.  She immediately piped up, "That was the other day, Silly!" which of course confused me.  We had to wrangle that elephant in the room for awhile before I realized she was trying to lie to him. 

I finally got it and played along.  He had to know it was bogus though.  He was an idiot, but not stupid.  I always wondered about that and what was the big deal that we had lunch at Taco Bell.  We left the dealership and both showed up at the restaurant around the same time so she had no time for nefariousness.  She wasn't on any diets that eliminated Taco Bell and obviously TB wasn't the issue as she was okay with him thinking we'd eaten there days earlier.  We left there the same time with enough time to go home and get ready for work.  We were both there on time, so what was the big deal??!  Why lie?

I guess I never asked her about it later or if I did I never got a satisfactory answer.  My friend wasn't one of those people who has to lie about everything, so that wasn't it.  The only thing I could think of is that her boyfriend was an idiot (as noted before) so she felt superior pulling one over on him.

The Fine Print: Stamps by Paper Smooches, papers by Stampin' Up along with the green faux brad, the gray faux brads at the top are paper hole-punched and covered in that clear stuff that has a bunch of different names depending on whose brand you buy.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Card Candy

I've decided to fire my wardrobe assistant today.  What kind of drunken moron put this outfit together?
Oh shit.  It was me.  Well, I never did understand fashion anyway.  You know what else I don't really understand?  Card candy!  The UK folks call them "card toppers" which is a much better name.  Anyway, card candy is when you make some kind of topper that you can put on a card at a later date.  Why not just put it on a card now

I didn't put this on a card now because I made this at a workshop and there were no cards to be had.  Then I went home and went to bed.  I'm hoping I won't lose track of this thing before I get around to putting it on a card.  It is kind of neat, but don't expect me to go card candy crazy.  Not happening.

The Fine Print: It's all from Stampin' Up.  The flower is that air dry clay stuff.  Kinda nifty.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Workdesk 221

Oh dear. I'm afraid I may be boring the What's on Your Workdesk crowd already and I'm only two weeks in.  That's because my desk looks pretty much like it did last week.
I did do a little work on my leftover bits that are embarrassingly still on the side of my desk months later. I made a bird card that seems to be lacking something, but at this point I'm not sure what. I also started another card that I'm not sure where it is going, but I am determined to use up that stash of stuff sooner rather than later.
What do you think it's lacking?  Or needs to achieve perfection? Or as close to perfection as we can get? Should I just set it on fire?
Poppy says hi.  She loves that I keep a pile of Club Scrap boxes next to my desk.
My table is a little different this week.  There is a small pile of stuff on it instead of a cat.  I did a wider angle shot so you could see the shelves in the background (and the cat litter boxes, I mean why not, they play a prominent part of my life).

The Fine Print: Stamps by Simon Says Stamp "Music to my Ears" set, papers by Basic Grey "Serenade," and bird by Tim, Tim Holtz, but of course, Julia's favorite die.  The plastic bin on my table is by Taylored Expressions and may it get used soon as well! 

Shamless promotion: If you are interested in joining a challenge I am hosting, check it out HERE.  I wrote about it on my Monday blog post as well.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I thought I'd share a quick and easy card I made the other day.  The secret to this card is to buy the kit, but it could be duplicated easy enough.  Take a card base, slap some patterned paper on it, add some die cut embellishments, stamp a greeting and some splatters (or not) on it, put on a button and call it done.
I think sometimes we forget that cards can be quick and easy like this.  This would be a good way to use up those scraps of paper you have lying around.  C'mon, don't fib, I know you have them too.

The Fine Print: All products Stampin' Up, from a pumpkin patch kit.  They are having a special right now where you can try out their kits for cheap, not that they are expensive to start with.  I think they would be great for someone who loves to papercraft and send cards but is hard pressed on time.   So sign up today so you can start sending me weekly notes in the mail.  C'mon, you know you want to!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School!

Guess what time it is?  Time to set your alarm clocks so you won't be late for school!  No, not that! Well maybe that, but what I really meant is it is time for the next A Muse Studio Challenge Blog Challenge. 

I'm the host this time and I chose Back to School as the theme because it's that time of year.  I always loved back to school time as a kid as it meant new clothes, new school supplies (which I have a deep love for), and new beginnings.  As I got older I still found a love for back to school time.  It still means new clothes, new school/office supplies, and new beginnings for the incoming students.  It is exciting to be a part of that. It is also exciting that every store you go to has an awesome selection of storage containers and devices to make any paper crafter proud.  I'm telling you, this is our time of year.

Consider making a back to school card and joining us over at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog.  Don't fret if you don't have a school bus stamp.  There are lots of other things that signify back to school time.  There are desks and chairs, chalkboards, white boards, books, papers, pencils and a whole range of school supplies, rulers, apples, happy kids, happy parents, and don't forget all the lessons you've learned in school like Readin', Writin, and 'Rithmatic. All those are fair game.

The cards I made include a little girl all dressed up in her back to school best including new hair ribbons.  She's so excited to go back to school and show all the kids that she rules!  The second card is fairly traditional with a school bus and school house.  I haven't decided if it is the kids on the bus saying "Woo Hoo!" or the parents they are leaving behind.  My last card is to give encouragement to your favorite student.
The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps used--Woo Hoo for You,School Days, and Owl's Well; cardstock used--cherry, blueberry, lemon whip, apple, mermaid, graph, and mermaid petite pinstripe; other products used--cherry polka dot ribbon, onyx stitched ribbon, and ocean organdy ribbon. Memento ink and colored with Copic Markers.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yippee Skippie

I'm writing this post with my eyes closed today because my eyes itch so bad from allergies.  Okay, you know that isn't true, don't you?  I mean the eyes closed part.  If I were typing with my eyes closed it would look like this:
gekki! U;n wrutubg tgus oist wutg nt etes ckised tidat cecayse nt etes utecg do vae groik sa;;wesiex.
It is starting to rain outside and this probably why my eyes are killing me.  When it first rains it stirs up all the dust and pollen and the desert gets this over-powering creosote smell.  I'm allergic to all that stuff--dirt, pollen, and creosote, and probably even the rain itself.

But I still want to say YIPPEE SKIPPIE over the rain and because that's what this card says:
 I think that is a such a fun greeting stamp!  I made this card in a workshop and it has a fun clear front that the white flourish is stamped onto.  I think it is hard to tell with this photograph, so perhaps a  shot of the card open will help:
Nope, I still don't think you can really tell.  Well, trust me it is cool.  I like this multi-layered card with all its colors and elements.  Our workshop teacher was inspired by a card she saw in one of the overseas craft magazines.  Now go forth and play with some plastic and make a similar card and have a Yippee Skippie day!

The Fine Print: Since it was a Stampin' Up workshop I made this at, you can bet that everything on this card is by Stampin' Up with the possible exception of the clear piece.  The daisies were made with a scallop circle that we then snipped inward to create petals.  The leafy vine is from that bird and branch punch. Sometimes I worry that my real allergy is to cardstock. Wouldn't that just suck?!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's the Little Things; That's a Big Thing

I made both a baby girl and a baby boy card the other day that I was going to share with you today but it turns out that I forgot to photograph them before I mailed them so that isn't going to happen.  Forgetting to photograph my cards occurs a lot more often that I would like to admit.  Like I have short circuiting in my brain.  I forget a lot of things these days.  The other day I asked my husband how I manage to find my way home after work each day.  He says it is repetition, but I think the truck has a homing device.

Instead I'm sharing this card I made today as I puttered around with some old Club Scrap things.  I felt like playing with a stencil so I was pleased to see this card waiting to be made.

I have to disagree with this sentiment as friendship is a big thing.  It is made up of a million little things, but in general true lasting friendship is a whopper.

The Fine Print: Card parts, stamps, and stencil from Club Scrap "Equestrian," jeweled brad from my stash.

Friday, August 23, 2013

There's No Place Like Home

The other day I wrote about how the problem with working at a college is they schedule after hours functions at college kid hangouts and that is why I don't like to go.  That isn't the whole story though.  The rest of the story is that I don't like to go places.  I'm 100% with Dorothy: there's no place like home.

I don't like to go places.  The concept of a vacation away from home sounds like some horrible punishment to me.  One thing about home, it has all the comforts of home there.  Sure going places means I could see new and different things but hell, ain't that what the TV set and internet are for?  There's really nothing I can think of I want to see or experience enough to make me want to leave home.  Most things that might possibly be interesting  for me to visit also seem like they would be teaming with people and not just any people but tourists.  That's almost as bad as college kids.  Nope, I'm happy at home because I don't like to go places.

No, I really don't like to go places.  Stopping at the gas station, grocery store, or a big box store?  Those are all places.  It is a chore and I have to talk myself into going.  Driving across town to have a lunch with a friend?  We might have a lot of fun, but that's going someplace.  I hate going places.  Movies, crops, craft store shopping... they all happen at places so I have to talk myself into going.  As soon as I agree to go to something I immediately start pondering how I can get out of it, because I hate to go places.  I didn't used to be this bad but now I am.  What can I say?  I try to pretend to be a normal person but it is exhausting.
Somehow I've resigned myself that I have to go to that place called work five out of seven days a week, but let's face it.  That place is my second home.  It might not have all the comforts of my first home but it has a good plenty of them.  I'm also okay stopping to and from work to do things.  It is just once I'm home I'd rather just stay there.  Forever.

The Fine Print: I don't how I got to be such a fuddy duddy, but there you go.  Cards from the Club Scrap "Wisteria" kit.  I have another 20 of them or so to show you, so gear up for 'em!  I made them at home during one of my self impose exiles.  It was wonderful. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Lied to by Mother

I was recently in a card swap called "raining cats and dogs."  We were to make a card using cats and/or dogs and/or a rain theme.  Most participants went for the pets, but I went for the rain:
That's because it is monsoon season here in Southern Arizona.  Doesn't that sound exciting--Violent storms complete with thunder, lightning, and torrential downpours of water from the sky?!  It sounds great, but it is all just one big lie coming from Mother Nature.  We get the dark ominous skies that grumble and send out lightning bolts, but that is where it ends.  The clouds move on and dump their precious cargo of rain elsewhere.  Mother is such a tease.

The Fine Print: How come we're not allowed to fool Mother Nature, but she can jerk us around day after day?  Stamps from Taylored Expressions "June 2013 Stamps of the Month," patterned paper by Simple Stories "Vintage Bliss" and ribbon from my stash.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What's on Your Workdesk? #220

Hey! Remember WOYW Wednesdays?  Yeah, me too.  So I thought I'd participate today to let the gals know that I am still alive and kicking and still have a desk.
There are some differences from the last time I joined WOYWW.  One is the top right section that is clear. That spot has to stay open now, because whenever we leave one or another kitten gets up there and sits to get some goodbye petting.  If there is something there, they will just knock it off.

To the left of the desk is a new-ish mini easel so I can take photos of my cards.

Under the desk is clean!  That's huge.  You can see one bin of paper under there and a footstool, but other than that there is space!

To the left of my desk on the floor I replaced the old beat up cardboard box filled with plastic bins with some pieces of furniture (Recollections drawers).  Things are very nicely organized in there and I really enjoy having that there.  Those were good purchases.  If you want to know how I get to the bottom drawers of the black cart that the mini easel is on, I just pull out the furniture drawers and move anything in front out of the way.  That sounds like a lot of work but I keep things in there that I don't need to access very often.  There are several drawers of holiday stamps, the drawer of spare envelopes, another drawer of chipboard and corrugated paper, and one filled with fibers.  The chipboard and fibers should be downsized since they aren't my go-to items anymore.
Here's a close up of the left side of my desk.  I included this because the sad thing is on the bottom of that pile is the exact same stuff that was on my desk last time I joined WOYWW months ago.  It is bits leftover from a Simon Says Stamp card making kit.  I keep thinking I'll use up those last little bits but just somehow never get around to it.  The cards are received from recent swaps that I need to acknowledge.  The crinkled ribbon in the front is wrinkled seam binding that I just bought for Halloween. I am loving seam binding for ribbon these days!  The packet of orange sequins were previously swiped by the kittens and I found them today.  I guess they were done using them for whatever project they were working on.
I also included a photo of my table since I often showed that as it used to be a huge disaster area.  Much like the corner of my desk, I have to keep it fairly clean now.  This photo shows you why.  Charles loves to lounge on the table and will stretch out and push off anything he deems is in his way.  We've come to an understanding that I'll keep it clean most of the time and he won't push the Big Shot or the paper cutter off.

The Fine Print: I know that's a lot of words for a WOYWW post and I hope you enjoyed them all.  No telling if I'll get back to being a weekly visitor or not. I am going to challenge myself to use those silly left over bits on my desk and show them off within the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Over Grown College Students

The problem with working at a college is your coworkers have this weird compulsion to schedule after-hour events at college hang outs.

Stop and think about it from a business perspective--do you really want to hang out with your customers after work?

Maybe you feel that your customer base isn't all that bad, but think about hanging out with college students.  They are immature, self-centered, loud, cheap, and generally uncivilized.  Not my favorite people.  Think about college hang outs.  They are dark, dank, noisy, greasy, and generally uncivilized.  So not my scene.

Plus what do college students like to do?  Get drunk.

On cheap beer.

And try to get into each others pants.  

I didn't do that when I was college aged; I certainly don't want to do it now.  With my coworkers nonetheless!  I'd rather stay home and read a book. Or clean the shower grout with a  toothbrush.  Guess what my house has that most college hangouts don't have?!  PARKING!  Amazing, huh?

Appropriate saying for the beer swilling crowd.
The Fine Print: Yeah, I know this post makes me sound all fuddy-duddy but schedule something not in the middle of the night and not at a college hangout and maybe I'll join in.  Or not.  I'm not really a people person now that I think of it.  I'll just send my regrets now.  Cards from the July 2013 Club Scrap kit "Wisteria."  I know! I know!  What is truly amazing is I used a current kit in a timely manner.

Monday, August 19, 2013

New Stuff Midway Challenge

We are half way done with our latest A Muse Studio Challenge, which is to use newly purchased holiday products.  This is in honor of the a|s holiday catalog that came out last week. 

The good thing about this challenge is when we say "holiday" we mean more than just Christmas or Hanukkah, we also include Halloween, Thanksgiving and Winter Solstice into the mix, because all those are coming too. 
Of course, I have to honor my favorite holiday--Halloween! And what better way to do it than with this fabulous new set, which is actually a blast from the past.  That's right, die hard A Muse fans will remember Boris and Bernice from the wood mount days.  It is so good to see them again and they are larger for easier coloring and cutting outing! 

I also used the new neon washi tape and Splash spray.  I'm not so good with the spray, getting such a fine coating of neon dots that you can hardly see it.  My outside storage container looks quite charming in neon, btw.  Whoops.

The Fine Print: All Products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps used-You're a Scream; Cardstock used-Onyx petite polka dot, Sugar, and Orange; Inks use--Memento tuxedo black and gray flannel; Other Products used-large scallop border die; neon Splash sprays in orange, pink, and yellow; neon washi tape in yellow and pink; colored with Copic Markers.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Circus of the Dead

The problem with hanging out with cats all is that they do this:
Look at that! Now imagine her breathing rhythmically, in and out.  In and out.  So soft.  In and out.  So relaxed.  In and out.  Check you out, you are so relaxed now that you are drooling on yourself.  And that, folks, is the problem with hanging out with cats.
They make you want to sleep all darn day.
All. Darn. Day.
Unless someone crinkles something plastic, in which case, you immediately wake up to see if you are about to be fed cookies or something equally as cool.  But right after the cookies, it is nap time again.

The Fine Print: Seriously, is it any wonder that I've done nothing this weekend except nap?  I can barely stay awake long enough to type this out.  All products not made by the Cat God by A Muse Studio.  Stamps used-Under the Big Top; Cardstocks used-Navy and Bermuda petite polka dot, Bermuda, Sugar and Cherry; colored with Copic Markers.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

If Life Gives you Lemons...

The Fine Print: Stamp set by Lawn Fawn, patterned paper by DCWV, and circle dies by Spellbinders.  I tried to add some words to this post besides these ones but none were forthcoming.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Ice Cream Man!

When I was in junior high school* and high school sometimes the ice cream man would come around when school let out.  He not only sold the usual assortment of ice cream bars, popsicles, and push ups; he also sold cigarettes and marijuana.  My husband confirms that the ice cream men in his schools' vicinity sold likewise.
I like to tell this story to people to see how naive they are.  The more shocked and horror filled they are, the more naive they are.  I mean, seriously, do you think there is any profit in ice cream?!

Anyway, now whenever I see an ice cream man I have this urge to ask him for a nickle bag.  And that statement alone dates me.

The Fine Print: *We called it 'junior high' in my day.  Now I guess it is known as 'middle school,' not to be confused with middle earth.  And seriously, what quality of weed do you suppose the ice cream man sold? I'm betting not primo stuff.  Stamp from Taylored Expressions, punch from Martha, and washi tape (the road) from you know, that company, dude.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mister Bones

If you are one of those totally on top of it people (meaning the complete opposite of me) then you know it is time to start thinking about making your holiday cards.  Next thing you know Halloween, Thanksgiving and The Holiday That Shall Not Be Named will be upon us.

That is what the A Muse Studio Challenge is all about this time--getting a jump start on the holidays.  This challenge is inspired by the A Muse Studio holiday catalog which will be debuting later this week.  Rita is the hostess with the mostess this time and her challenge is to use something new you bought to make holiday cards this year.
The Mister Bones is from a set out of the new A Muse Studio holiday catalog.  He is quite the dude from the top of his head all the way down to his toes.  Or should I say from his cranium to his metatarsal bones?  I think he'll be a fun one to play with this Halloween season.

Considering joining us in this latest challenge.  Grab up something that you recently purchased for the upcoming holidays and make a card or two.  Remember that using A Muse Studio stamps is not a requirement. 

Don't forget to check out the new catalog on the 15th as well!
The Fine Print: Hey! Remember that joining the A Muse Studio challenge to make a holiday card does not, in any way, shape or form, obligate you to making all or any of your holiday cards in a timely fashion.  All products by A Muse Studio. Stamps used--Mister Bones set; Cardstocks used--Orange and onyx petite polka dot, wasabi chevron print, orange, onxy and sugar; Other supplies used--orange twinkle stickers, Memento tuxedo black ink, brick white Copic marker, and wasabi satin ribbon.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cock of the Walk

I made this great card at a workshop today.  This fine rooster is cut from patterned paper.  I have no idea where he came from but he and his friend sure are fine.

The Fine Print: I pretty much told you all I know about this card.  I do know a few things about a few things and I would say I won't bore you with them, but that's why I have this blog!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

If You Think I'm Sexy...

So for you card making fools out there, do you ever make a card that you feel is quite clever or at least a little more special than most of the ones you make?  Then have you ever sent it out to someone and never heard diddly poop back from the recipient?  Yeah, that's what happened with this card made for a Letter B swap.  I thought it was quite B is for Brilliant myself.

The Fine Print: Yeah I know I could ask the recipient about it, but by that point it's a lost cause.  Stamp by Door County Rubber Stamps.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Post Death Popcorn

Hubby and I went to the movies last night.  Being a weeknight, the concession stand on the left side of the theater was closed with a sign posted:
Service available on the other side. Thank you.  --Cinemark Theaters
Joe commented that it was nice that Cinemark would provide for you once you've passed.  I too, had to admit that is a perk I'm looking forward to.  I'm quite sure once I'm dead I'll have a hankerin' for some popcorn and overpriced Milk Duds.

The Fine Print: And now you know why we put coins on the eyelids of the dead--so they can buy popcorn.  I wonder if there are free refills in the afterlife?  Card made with some random Simon Says Stamp kit.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm Good with Myself, the Rest of Y'all, Git!

I've been a loner ever since I can remember.  That doesn't mean I can't play nice and interact well with others; it just means I can enjoy my own company the best.

I was in the first grade when my mother agreed to allow the little girl from up the street to come to our house after school while her parents worked.  Previously, the little girl would spend time with an elderly couple who also lived on our street.  I'm sure her mother thought it would be better if she could interact with someone her own age and I'm sure my mother agreed.  I don't believe I was consulted about it, and I'm sure at the time I wouldn't have seen a problem with it.

But problems there were.  Leslie was my shadow.  Wherever I went, she was right behind me.  She constantly wanted to be entertained by me.  We had to interact.  CONSTANTLY.  I was used to entertaining myself.  When I didn't, I played with my little brother but even we didn't need to interact as much as Leslie required.  We could each set up our toys in our respective corners and play with them for hours with only a little bit of interaction.  Leslie demanded that every moment include her.  She could  barely entertain herself.

She was also awful at playing many of things my little brother and I did.  We loved to climb trees.  She would join us but didn't have the strength or the dexterity.  We had rope swings that were wooden bars hung on a single rope from a tree.  We could swing dangling by our arms for hours  Leslie would go back and forth once or twice but declared it was hard and hurt her hands.  We played in the creek.  She hated the mud was terrified of crawdads.  She wasn't allowed to ride her bike on the road without an adult present.   There was never an adult present.  Oh sure, my mom was home but she did her thing inside and we did ours outside. 

Sometimes we played inside but it would be in one of our rooms.  For a long time my little brother and I shared a room so we could use the other bedroom as a toy room.  We we allowed and even encouraged to be children and drag all the toys out, build elaborate playsets with them and then leave them.  Clean up time was not every evening for us.  
We didn't have to ask for permission to do things, another problem for Leslie.  She wasn't allowed to leave the yard without permission.  Once Leslie was around we restricted our activities to just our yard, even though no one told us we had to.  We also would go help ourselves to some snacks or drinks, which were invariably candy and soda, and we didn't have to ask. We drank soda warm from the can.  She couldn't believe we didn't use a cup.

It didn't take long for Leslie's never-ending company to grate on my nerves.  I began to bicker and fight with her.  I'd wade out in the middle of our pond and insist that we were playing boats that day since I knew she'd never leave the shore.  I spent time in the yard across the street to avoid her.  I'd ride my bike away from her but I was always aware of her company and resentful of the fact that she was there.  I hated that I had to leave my own house to get away from this annoying intruder.
 Luckily my mom realized what the issue was and sent Leslie packing.  I am grateful to the fact that my mom recognized that I needed more "me" time and helped me achieve that.  I'm not so sure she wasn't glad to see Leslie leave as well, but that's her story to tell.  Anyway, all these years later I've not changed.  I need time to myself.  I can't stand constant company.  I get very resentful of people who require constant attention and interaction all the time. I guess I'm not a people person.
The Fine Print: In hindsight, I always thought it interesting that Leslie couldn't entertain herself at all considering she was basically an only child (her older siblings were 17 and 19 at the time).  My mom later guessed that perhaps it was because Leslie was at my house and ergo felt we had to do what I wanted and she had to have my input.  Maybe, but I tried long and hard to get her to do her own thing.  Some people really do suck at keeping themselves occupied and can't stand their own company.  Cards from the Club Scrap "Bookshelves" kit made quite awhile ago.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Job Requirement They Forgot to Mention

When I first started working in the dean's office, some twenty something years ago, no one actually told me what my duties were.  I don't actually think that has changed much over the years.  You are expected to just figure it out which works okay since it changes from one location to the next and from one boss to the next.  I worked with a very paranoid secretary who wouldn't tell me anything and rarely showed up to work.  You know, just to add to the mix.

During one of her many lengthy absences a gentleman started calling the office and asking to speak to my boss about advising opportunities.  During peak times we would hire part-time advisors to assist the huge influx of students.  My boss was in charge of hiring these folks.  What neither the gentleman caller nor I knew was my boss believed in cronyism.  He wasn't about to hire anyone he didn't already know or who didn't come highly recommended from a close personal friend (how I got hired, apparently).

The other thing I didn't know is my boss lacked cojones, that means balls for you non-Spanish speakers.  Instead of calling the guy back and telling him he had no vacancies or even telling me to call him back with that message, he dodged the guy's phone calls.  The guy had an uncanny knack for calling when my boss was out until one fateful day when he called when the boss was in.

In true secretary fashion, I chatted the guy up a bit, hit transfer and sent the call in to my boss.  I even did the polite thing and announced who the caller on the other line was.  The boss went ballistic, "I have no use for that man!  I don't know him!  I don't want to talk to him!  Don't you know that by now?!!!"

Why no, boss, I had nary a clue that you were dodging him on purpose. I  know you suck at calling people back so I thought that was the issue.  No one told me that reading your wussy brain was a job requirement!

Hey, and do any of you remember the part where I said I transferred the call and that so-and-so was on the other line?  Yeah.... that made it a 3-way call so the guy heard every word my boss said.

The Fine Print: That boss was "acting" meaning he was filling in that position while it was vacant.  He so desperately wanted to be dean and applied over and over for different dean jobs at different campuses.  He never got the clue that he was what they called a failed administrator and would never ever be hired as one.  Hey, I guess he doesn't read minds either!!!!  Penguin card stamps by Stampin' Up.  Fabulous card die by Simon Says Stamps.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Summer Blossoms Challenge

Last week rung in the newest challenge over at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog.  This time around the challenge is so easy peasy I have no idea why we even call it a "challenge."  The challenge is to make a card with a flower on it.  How hard could that be?

Well, okay, it turns out it was hard to decide what flower to put on it, but once I got over that hurdle it was smooth sailing.
Yeah, okay, now that you see this card you want to know how it was made.  Heat emboss your image in white on black cardstock and color in with non-water soluble markers.  Nope, I didn't invent that technique, I read about it in a magazine and I was sold!

Now let me tell you something that does come from me: A Muse Studio embossing powder is DA BOMB!  I've done this technique before but never with A Muse Studio's white EP.  That stuff is so awesome I threw my other brand away.  It melts so nice and smooth....  it made all the difference.

As far as what markers I used to color this image, the lady in the magazine used something I did not have (I don't remember what).  So I used my Copic markers.  Now I know people want to know if it ruins them.  I can say that my markers are still going strong. I have noticed the ones I use to do this have a whitish look to the tips, like the look when they are drying out--but it isn't dried out. Will this eventually ruin the tip?  I don't know but I figure that is why they sell replacement nibs.

Update: Check HERE for a blog post in which I show off the magazine I found this technique in and tried it out for the first time.

The Fine Print: All products A Muse Studio, except the Copic markers, which they do actually sell along with replacement nibs.  Stamp set used-Sunnyside of life; dies used--butterfly trio; cardstock used--grapefruit, onyx, and grapefruit petite polka dot.  Now go try out this technique.  Don't be shy.  I hate heat embossing and still find this fun.  Oh yes, use solid stamps, or fairly solid stamps like this one.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hip to be Square

I took a class a couple of weeks or so ago to make this cute little square card:

Truly, I did not need a class to learn how to make a grid card but it is fun to be creative and sociable with friends.  However, I learned something thus proving you can teach old dogs new tricks!  I learned the trick of making a scored grid on your card so you can line up your punched squares so much nicer.  That right there was worth the price of admission.

Then we got to play with the new We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch board.  You know, the thing that is all the rage these days.  We used it to make an envelope for our card since it is an odd size (4-1/8 inch square).  That thing is fun and easy and makes such great looking envelopes.  You should get one.  You know you want it.

The Fine Print: Yes, if the card is only 4-1/8 inch square that means that those squares on not one inch.   The patterned paper is by Die Cuts with a View the All Dressed Up set.  Yep, it just so happens I have some of that.  Or maybe that should be past tense.  I may have used it all up or close to it.  I liked it, is what that means.  Just like I like the new envelope board but can't really justify buying it.  Something about snagging the left over graduation envelopes from work that they would just throw away otherwise.  I get a thousand a year or so.  Maybe this means I need to send more mail.  I used to be better at it.  I'm very lax now.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The FBI is Watching

I have a friend who is a big social media junkie, yet she is terrified that "they" will find out information about her. 

Almost daily she posts links to articles about internet hacking, identity theft, false profiles, information piracy, etc.  She also posts daily updates about where she is, what she ate, how long she hung out, and her upcoming plans for the rest of the day.  No one has to hack her to find out what she is up to. All they have to do is be her Facebook friend, subscribe to her Twitter account, read her blog, or send her a friendly email.  She certainly doesn't make it hard for anyone to find out information about her.

Since I'd hate to break it to break it to her that "they" probably already know everything there is to know about her, I'll just keep my mouth shut. And I won't tell her that her life is too boring for anyone to hack either.  Yes, because that would be rude.

The Fine Print: Stamp by Magnolia.  And yes, she and I joke about her boring, broke life, because really if I'm going to steal someone's financials, it will be someone in better standing than her!