Thursday, January 2, 2020

Shorts Weather

In the interest of actually writing in my blog this year, I'm posting this fabulous post filled with letters that form words, along with words that form sentences.

I don't actually have a damn thing to say, which while that never stopped me from posting in the past, certainly has kept me away these past months.

I thought I'd share these wonderful beachy shorts that would be perfect for the weather in my office today, which topped out at a balmy 82-degrees.  Apparently there is an air handler problem... So if you plan to come to college today, bring your shorts! Never fear if you forgot yours, I have plenty for everyone.
The Fine Print: Any bets on if I wear shorts tomorrow it will be 62-degrees in here? Shorts by DeNami Designs, paper pad called Bahama Mama.


LesleyG said...

It's definitely too cold for shorts here in the UK :) Miss you xxx

Fikreta said...

happpy to see you in blogland.
these cards are very nice!

ionabunny said...

Happy New Year Judy. So nice to see you pop up in my blogfeed. Your posts are always fun and refreshingly short so I couldn't resist popping over. Hugz

Carol L said...

Cute cards with those shorts and I agree - if you do wear shorts to work, the temps will drop considerably. It's called Murphy's law! lol Happy New Year PJ, it's so nice to see you in blogland again!

Bonnie said...

I'm so glad you can still put letters and words together to come up with an entertaining post! Cute shorts! Happy New Year PJ! Hope to see you around more often this year.

Janeen said...

Good to see you again Princess. Very cool cards and the trees look embossed resist.

kiwimeskreations said...

Wonderful to see you here again Princess J - it's definitely shorts weather here Down Under - finally :)
Loving those wonderful floral shorts and the awesome backgrounds you have created to pop them onto

stampingbowd said...

Happy New year!!! I am currently sitting here freezing so the beach shorts aren't exactly helping me feel warm but they are cute! Life has gotten too busy. I miss popping over here and laughing along with you! Hugs and I hope to "see" more of you in 2020!

Craftychris said...

Yay! Hi there! How fab to see you and Happy New Year. Love your cute shorts cards but won't be wearing them here in the UK, it's way to chilly! Need to keep my bits and pieces much warmer than shorts can do! Hope to see you again soon although I haven't been around that much myself either! xxxxx

Cobnut Crafter said...

82 degrees? You lucky bunny! Cold, grey, wet and windy days here in the UK - but guess that is what we should expect at this time of year! Lovely sunny card from you brings us a reminder of summer. Thanks for sharing. xx

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Carol L said...

How nice to hear from you again! I hope you're doing as well as can be in this chaotic state of the world and hopefully one day we can both get back to making cards and blogging again! I'm hopeful :) Take care and thanks for the visit!

Craftychris said...

Hello there! I just want to check you are OK? Haven't seen a post from you for so long I was worried. Take care and stay safe! Hugs Chris xxxxx

butterfly said...

So happy you stopped by to say hello - just seeing your name come up makes me smile, knowing that wicked sense of humour is just around the (virtual) corner... I've not been around on my blog nearly as much either - though not quite as absent as you! - what with Covid, moving to another country, the meltdown of Western democracy as we know it and all that, I've not been quite in the right mood somehow.

Could do with some beach-shorts weather right now - it's suddenly turned grey and gloomy here. Well, at least the weather matches the UK's suicidal march onwards towards the hardest of all possible hard Brexits, as the government decides to break International Law, and also to send people known to be infected with Covid into care homes in order to clear hospital beds... we used to call that wilful murder. Sigh.

You can probably see now that it's quite a feat for your name to put any kind of smile on my face!! Hope you are surviving, or even better thriving...
Alison x