Sunday, March 31, 2013

You are the World

I played with my current Club Scrap kit this weekend.  That is totally shocking for me I know, but roll with it.  It has so many fun stamps and embellishments.  Here are a couple of cards I made.

And by saying you are the world, I'm not saying you are fat.  Oh no!  In fact, you are looking a little peaked.  You'd better go eat some jelly beans or something.

The Fine Print: I'm not too wordy because my back hurts and I've used up all my words today telling the cats that my back hurts.  They are appropriately sympathetic.  I think.  All the good stuff in the cards by Club Scrap "Bookshelves" the March 2013 kit.  Hey, do you think my back hurts because I shampooed carpets today?!  Dang that housework anyway.  That stuff can maim!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Party

This month was my stamp club's birthday and we decided to have a special celebration for it.  We had several different tables of activities for our members to do.  Half the tables would be make and takes where they could participate in making something.  The other half of the tables would be for demos so they could learn things to do on their own.

I agreed to man one of the tables and I think one thing this club needs is more actual stamping or creating.  That meant my table was going to be a hands-on make and take  One problem with this stamp club is that it has too many members so if you agree to do a make and take for everybody you need to plan for about 50.

That got me thinking, what can I put together for 50 people?  I had been pondering that on and off for awhile when I came across this post by Crooked Stamper.  I thought her solution to using up the ends of paper packs would be ideal for my class. 

That worked out great as I had plenty of papers that coordinated that could be used for this class.  I had a nice variety of colored twine and greeting stamps.  So while everyone made the same project, no two were alike because folks could pick different papers, different twine, and different greetings.  It was widely received, so much so that now people want to do a Christmas card version of this class in the fall.

The Fine Print: While this workshop shows a great use for those scrap strips of patterned paper one has left over, the reality is for the class I cut up entire sheets of paper for it.  I have plenty of left overs so perhaps this will become my signature card.  Papers by various companies, greeting stamps by DeNami, Hero Arts, and A Muse Artstamps, twine (bottom cards) by May Arts, twine (top card) from (however, I don't recommend them).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ergonomic Toilet Seats

I went to a card workshop last night.  I signed up for it earlier in the month before my life got really crazy, but I decided to still go because sometimes it is nice to do a workshop where there are no obligations.  I didn't have to teach or prepare for it, I didn't have to buy anything afterwards either, all I had to do was be there and enjoy.  I was up to doing that.

There is a newer police substation that is mid-town and it has a lovely community room.  It is a nice size with big open spaces, lots of windows, and tables and chairs that roll easily for rearranging the room.  I've been to this room before.  Across the lobby is the restroom.  I've been there before too.  When I went previously I just perched on the edge of the toilet seat as one is want to do in a public restroom.  However, this time I was too tired and the place was immaculate so I just plunked my big butt right down square and center on the seat.
What an odd sensation my butt encountered.  The toilet seat was molded to fit my bottom just like it was made for it. I've never sat on an ergonomic toilet seat before.  I've sat on a many uncomfortable one though, that is for sure, so this was different.  Anyway, it was rather comforting if not disconcerting all at the same time.  I'm telling ya, you gotta swing by there some time and check it out.  Bring a book, sit back, and relax!

The Fine Print:  All the stuff is by Stampin' Up because why not?!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Clean and Simple

CAS is big in stamping these days.  CAS stands for Clean and Simple, which means wide open spaces and simple designs.  The exact opposite of CAS with a ton of layers, complicated images, and more bling than you can shake a glitter wand at is also big in stamping.

However, the next A Muse Studio challenge is not about cluttering it up but about cleaning it up.  One aspect of clean and simple is having a quantity of white space on your card.  White space does not have to be white, but it often is.
Here is my CAS card with lots of white white space.  I have to admit that this card did not have the impact I envisioned.  The line where one color turns into the next is jagged and I think that detracts from the design and makes it less than clean. 
I am much happier with this CAS card.  It is crisp and wide open.  It makes an impact. It doesn't even make me twitchy which I thought would happen once this challenge topic was announced.  It turns out I'm okay with clean and simple.  Who knew?

The Fine Print: Both cards made with A Muse Studio product, as us design team members are supposed to do; however those joining in the challenge don't have that requirement so why don't you stop by and join in today?  Stamp sets used: polka dot patterns, say it with style, and handscripted.  Cardstock used: sugar, grapefruit, and grapefruit petite polka day.  Other items used: heart trio die, markers, and Memento black ink.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mystery Unveiled

Every month at my stamp club meeting those who are feeling adventurous agree to participate in a mystery item challenge.  The mystery is that you are going to be given something that you won't know what it is in advance. The challenge is then you have to make a card with it.  All those who make a card with the mystery item then put it on a display board at the next meeting and we swap the cards out amongst each other. We have a lot of fun with this swap.
Here is the card I brought to our March meeting.  The mystery item is the green bauble.  Luckily it had a flat back.  I really wanted to make a turtle with it, but as my husband pointed out that it would only work if it looked like you were looking down on the turtle and did I have a stamp like that?  The answer was no, but I will say that someone else had one and made that card!

Above is the card I received in return.  I like the oriental flare to this card and how the decorative edged scissors look like bamboo.  I also like the different and random layers and patterns.  I think it is neat when people do that.  When I do it, it tends to look like a hot mess.

The Fine Print: Top card stamp by Hero Arts.  Bottom card by Judy M.  The mystery item we have for next month is a lock of curly doll hair.  I so hope someone has a topless man stamp and they turn it into chest hair.  I may have to find such a stamp myself just to be sure someone does it.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Orange you glad you stopped by?

I love the concept of fruit stamps.  They are fresh, fun, flirty and great for spring and summer cards.  The reality is I buy a set and then have the hardest time using it.  I love fruit.  I love to eat it.  I love that it exists. I love cards with fruit on them.  Just don't expect me to make 'em.  I don't know why.  So I was intrigued when A Muse Studio came out with a fruit set (and matching dies!) this year. Of course I bought it so it could join my other rarely used fruit stamps.  I am hoping I can come up with some fabulous ideas of what to do with it so I can get over my fruit hump. You can bet that I am keeping my eye on our consultant gallery for ideas.  Meanwhile, here's quick and fruity card.

The Fine Print: Stamps used "Squeeze the Day" set, cardstock used orange and orange petite pinstripes, ink used-Memento black, other supplies-onyx chevron ribbon, and Copic marker. By the way, I really wanted the chevron ribbon to to in a stripe across the panel but that stuff tricks your eyes so it looks like one side is smaller than the other and it is so distracting when it is straight across.  Or anyway, that is what I think.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hobby Lobby opened today in my town.

My town!

So where am I?

At work.  

The Fine Print: They listed March 22 as their opening so I have that day off, so all is not lost as I'll be there for the festivities.  I had a card to share with you but I don't have it with me.  I knew you'd be sad if I didn't post something so now you can be sad that I'm not at Hobby Lobby instead.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You are the First Bidder!

I'm not much of an eBay bidder.  If there is something I want I'll search high and low for someone with a 'buy it now' option.  I figure I want it; it isn't that maybe I want it.  However, sometimes I see things that might be nice to have but aren't crucial to my well-being so I'll place a bid on them if the price is low enough.  I'll toss in a bid at the going price but not at a higher price.  I figure if I win it at that price it was meant to be.
Needless to say, I rarely win any stamp sets at their ridiculously low first bid price.  However, one time I was bored and put in several bids for sets and a few days later promptly won them all.  It was kind of exciting and a complete shock  What happened you ask?  Well, some hurricane or the other was slamming the entire east coast so I guess everyone else was too preoccupied for eBay.

I thought of this story because I perused eBay today and put in some bids on Stampin' Up sets.  We'll stay tuned to see if I win any $5 SU sets or not.  Now for a question for you--why do people post current SU sets for higher than the catalog price?  I guess because there is a sucker born every minute, but seriously, some of the listings out there you would get a better deal going right to the SU website.  Or maybe you are cheating on your SU rep and don't want her to know....  *wink*wink*

The Fine Print: All the stuff on the card above by Stampin' Up.  I didn't bid on the set that made it though.  I bid on some older ones because no one is silly enough to sell current sets for 5 bucks, and such a shame too.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I don't have anything new to show you so you'll just have to settle for some old stuff.  Never fear though, it is not rerun stuff.  Hey, I try not to do that to you.
This card I made for my friend last month.  I really admired that word die and corresponding word stamp set and had to buy them. Only somehow or the other I bought two of the dies.  I suspect I fell victim to my scrolly mouse and dialed up the quantity desired. I'm lucky I didn't end up with 8 of them.  Anyway, I made the card for my friend so she could see how to use the die I enclosed with it.  I mean, why not?  If you have extras you might as well share them with a friend.  Of course, I had to make sure I shared it with a friend who had a die cut machine.  I know, I know!  Why would I be friends with people who don't have a die cut machine?  Well, I think we should befriend the less fortunate.

Yeah, so there was a convention this past weekend.  Maybe I'll show you some of the goodies I bought at it in the next few blog posts.  Or maybe I'll just be too busy doing homework.  You never know.

The Fine Print: Die and word set from Simon Says Stamp, twine from May Arts, flowers from Prima, and background paper is old Magenta I believe.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

My A Musing Weekend

Here's a card I made last night while trapped on the phone.  I mean while having a long and lovely phone conversation.  Mostly I was too tried to hold up my end of the conversation and it doesn't matter how hard I nod my head, the person on the other end never sees it.
I like to have things to putter with while on the phone and cutting out each and every one of the lumps on the marigold fits that bill.  I also used some more of that shimmer paper in an effort to learn to like it.
Here's a photo of my booth from the stamp and scrap expo. I had lots of sample cards on display for people to ogle and a couple of make and takes.  It was a fun time but it sure did wear me out!  Thank goodness I had an excellent helper.  My hubby volunteered to help me out.  He says I should mention his most helpful sentences this week.  They are: "You are over thinking it."   "Do you want help?"   "We should close up shop so you can play."  He got to be very good at teaching the ladies how to make our make and take cards.  I'd better watch it or next thing you know he'll want to start stamping.  He did say he'd like to know how to color like Terry Medaris. 

The Fine Print: Card info--stamps used-Marvelous Marigolds set; cardstock used-grass shimmer, sugar, and buttercup; ink used-Memento black; other-lime green sparkle stickers (AKA bling).  Does anyone recognize the booth behind me peeking out from between my two displays boards?  A prize to the person who guesses correctly and was not at the Expo.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oui Oui!

As I was getting ready to pimp my stuff at the local stamp convention I made this card so I could show off the shimmer damask cardstock that A Muse sells.  For some reason I'm not a big fan of shimmer paper so I don't tend to use it much.  I did buy some so that I could show it off since other people are big fans of it.
I really wanted to use the blackberry splash with this card to get a nice misted background, but my attempts did not work out that way.  In fact, it just made it look like Paris had the measles.
The Fine Print:  All the good by A Muse Studio.  Stamp set-Come Fly with Me; card stock-shimmer damask and plain shimmer in blackberry and sugar; ink-Memento black; other-clear twinkle stickers colored with a dark purple Copic marker and blackberry splash on the rejected image.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Judy The Practical

I had a dream last night that three of my coworkers and I were at a retreat at some fancy, posh, hoity toity place.  The retreat ended early so one of the ladies suggested we go into the spa and get a facial. 

However, since this was a fancy pants, hoity toity place it was filled with fancy pants hoity toity people (read: snobs).  We were given this fluffy white robes to wear and equally fluffy white socks.  The people in the place both fellow patrons and employees alike were sneering at us and looking down their noses at us.  One lady even commented, "Look at the little girls playing dress up."  It was so uncomfortable.

The hunky guy with an accent who was to be our service person (what do you call the person who gives you a facial?) was terribly aghast he had to work with us low life people and insisted he take us to some room way in the back of the spa where no one would see us.  We walked and walked and walked all over this fancy place, slipping in our socks and avoiding puddles of water.  Why would such a high brow place have puddles of water all over I do not know.

At one point we pass a couple of very fashionable ladies who are discussing how the spa had a welcome special of a essentially a whole body "facial" with a sea salt bath for $600.  I was shocked at the price and wondered how much our facials were going to cost.  Finally we got to our destination and this lady checks us in.  She is surprised that my phone number is already in the system showing that I had been a customer in the past.  However, least anyone think I was worthy of being there she declared loudly, "Oh! You're that girl that works in porn!"

Um... what?  Look! I just dream this stuff I don't understand it.  So I tell her no I sell rubber stamps but she didn't want to hear it, she was just trying to belittle me.  I had been feeling incredibly comfortable but that was the icing on the cake.  I told the girls what I had been thinking the whole time, which was that we could get a facial at a much nicer place in town for much less money.  We were only paying for the atmosphere here and the atmosphere here sucked!

That's me, being practical even in my dreams.  And being down to earth.  No one would ever mistake me for being a hoity toity person.  As far as mistaking me for some girl that works in porn......

The Fine Print:  I used to work at a strip club though which pays better than working at a junior college, or it used to.  I hear from the gals still in the industry that the economy has influenced even them which shows you just how lousy the economy is.  The cards I made for my display board at the convention.  The top one because I am lacking in floral cards and the bottom one because I never used that set before and have had it for ages.   Stamps used-Charming Gardeners and Clever Girls sets, card stock used-black, sky, mermaid, orange and sugar, inks used-black, mermaid, orange, papaya, and lemon whip, other stuff-robin's eggs pearls, clear twinkle stickers, and Copic markers.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Putting the Camp in Camp Fire Girls

Here are a couple more Stampin' Up cards I made.  These were not from the stamp camp I mentioned in my last post. 
That post made a friend of mine question if I truly never ever went to camp as a kid.  I not only didn't go I didn't know anyone else who did either.  She is much younger than me so perhaps that was something more akin to her generation than mine.  I was a member of Camp Fire Girls and we did an overnight stay at COSI once and that is probably as close to a kids' camp as I've been.  And if that experience was anything like camp, then thank the lord I never had to go.  I loved COSI and all its interesting exhibits.  I absolutely abhorred all the cliche-y Camp Fire girls I had to share the experience with.
So that's my camp story.  I'd love to visit COSI again, but only after teletransportation is invented because I don't like to travel. And only if I can get a written guarantee that I won't have to put up with Camp Fire girls, Brownies or Girl Scouts or any kind of grouped women period.  'Kay?

The Fine Print: And once again it is all Stampin Up stuff.  Yes I should be working with A Muse stuff but I'm not because that requires me to expend creative brain cells and those puppies are sleeping right now.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stamp Camp

When I was a kid I never got sent away to any kind of camp.  I wasn't sporty so no sports camp.  I didn't play an instrument so no band camp.  I wasn't a geek so no science camp.  I got plenty of outside adventure on my own so I didn't need a camp to introduce me to the great outdoors.  I don't feel my life is any less for not having any official camp experience.  But just in case I did feel lacking in camp experience I went to a stamp camp this past weekend.
There were no sleeping bags, outhouses, bugs or boys to contend with.  There weren't any forced group activities.  There weren't any agility competitions.  What there was was card making and cookies, and you can't beat that with a stick.

The stamp camp was put on by 5 different Stampin Up reps.  They each manned a table and had us make two cards.  It was a lot of fun and now I have a stack of cards to use.  I also have an ever growing wish list from Stampin Up as well.  I'm sure that was all part of their diabolical master plan.
The Fine Print: It's most likely all Stampin' Up so put that in your pipe and smoke it until the white smoke comes out.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Keeping Busy

I have a wonderful opportunity to pimp my stuff this coming weekend.

There is a stamp convention in town and us home party sales reps have generously been given a booth so we can show off products from our companies.  That means this A Muse Studio gal will be hanging out with some Stampin' Up, Close to My Heart, and Creative Memories reps.  We all kind of know each other and certainly are familiar with each others' products.  We've been passing emails back and forth about what we will be doing.

We'll all have sample cards because we know that gets people interested in what we have to offer.  The show's hosts also want us to do some make and takes so we each will have those available. I plan to have our new, hot-off-the-press catalog available for purchase.  Some of us also have stamp sets that we will no-purchase-necessary raffle off.

Pretty much all of this has sent me into a tailspin.  See, I'm not properly equipped to go out and pimp my wares on such grand scale.  I have no make and takes ready to make.  Plus, we have a brand new catalog with brand new stamps out so my samples on hand don't reflect the new stuff and may possibly even have retired sets on them (and if so, they can't be used).  I've been working on rectifying this situation.  The card above is a new sample I made showing off a new color, the new chevron paper, and a new stamp set with a new matching die.  I thought about doing this as a make and take as well, but honestly I'm not sure.  The feather is stamped in non-A Muse Studio ink.  I have the new a|s mermaid ink but their ink is more subtle and chalky and I wanted this feather to be bold and brash (like me).  I suppose I could do another card and use the proper ink; it is just that I know I won't like it as much.

I do have this card picked out for a make and take though.

Does this look familiar?  This is a non-grungy version of my get down and dirty card from a couple of weeks back.  I also flip flopped the grass and currant colors in this card.  I'll have to pull out one of my pizza boxes to make a booth where the splash spray can be safely used for it.  No sense dying the Expo Center a pale pink.

The Fine Print: Top card-Stamps used "Make a Wish" set; card stock used sugar and mermaid chevron paper; other supplies onyx pearls, "Make a Wish" coordinating die, and Marvy turquoise ink.  Bottom card-stamps used "Sunny Side of Life" set; card stock used sugar, currant and kraft; inks used currant, grass, and Memento black; other supplies butterfly trio die, lime pearls, corner rounder, toffee twine, and blush Splash spray.

Monday, March 11, 2013

When You Hear Hoofbeats...

...think horses!  Unless you are me, of course, then you can think it is Beelzebub himself.  Whatever you do though, don't be thinking zebras, not at a time like this!
What time is it you ask?  Why it is time for another A Muse Studio Challenge!  That was a quick two weeks.  This challenge is all about getting tied up and using twine.  Well, I just so happen to be an absolute twine addict these days.  It started with an unnatural love for baker's twine in all sorts of colors imaginable (except for white on white, which I can image but can't find) then it moved on to the "natural" twine in all sorts of colors.  I've even tried jute twine but I find that stuff too thick to enjoy.

For these two cards I used one of the new stamp sets from A Muse along with some of their natural twine and again with baker's twine.  I am pleased that their new cardstock color called apple matches their red and white baker's twine very well (better than cherry methinks).

Anyway, if you feel like tying one on and playing with some twine, please do and join in our challenge.  And hey, if you lacking twine, swing by my house.  I got plenty to spare!

The Fine Print: Stamps used--First in My Book (horse set), Venetian background, Come Fly with Me (greeting, top card), Let Freedom Ring (greeting bottom card); cardstock used--mushroom (formerly known as rialto), apple, and navy petite pinstripe; natural twin in French roast; baker's twine in cherry and white; white embossing powder; and mushroom, Seattle, French roast, and navy inks all by A Muse Studio.  Freedom stamped in Memento lady bug red.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy Bees

Sometimes I take requests.  Well, actually I will always take them; I just may not honor them.  That is due to lack of time rather than just plain onerousness.  I was asked to create some cards with the Springtime Day set, which just happens to be one of the A Muse Studio spotlight sets this month.
When I first saw this set, which was new in last year's catalog, I was surprised at the detail in two of the three image stamps.  That was new for A Muse; new, but lots of fun.  Sometimes really detailed stamps look intimidating but once you sit down and start to color them you see that most often they aren't that bad.  Usually they have a lot of one color in them, like this card has a lot of green.  I did use several different greens to keep it realistic but it still made for easy coloring.
I hope it isn't considered cheating that I made two cards but used the same stamp.  I really like this stamp.  The set is on sale this month, so if you'd like one for your very own, visit my website here.  

Now for a quick bee story.  I was in my office at work one day being pestered by a fly that keep buzzing around me and around me.  Occasionally I take a swat at him, but he wouldn't get the hint.  Finally I managed to bat him out of the air.  The problem was he wasn't a fly; he was a bee.  I batted right onto my knee and he stung me, right through my hose.  Dang!  That wasn't very nice of him.

The Fine Print: Cardstocks used--papaya, lemon whip, petitie polka dot in grapefruit and onyx; stamps used--Sunnyside of Life; paper flowers and onyx brads.  By the way, for all the things I am allergic to, bee stings aren't one of them!  Good thing, huh?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Red Headed Step Child

So apparently nobody likes, everybody hates me, and now I have to go eat worms.  Gummi worms, of course.  It seems that no one else was thrilled with my Get Down and Dirty challenge over at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog as no one has joined in to play.  That's such a bummer. 
I even made this card as further inspiration utilizing Splash spray and torn paper as my "messy" parts.  I noticed that you can't really control messy bits such as the spray or even the tears in the paper and I realized that is probably why I don't like grungy techniques that much.  They annoy my inner control freak!

Anyway, if you feel like getting out of control and being messy, please join the challenge so I can possibly grace you with the fah-bu-lous prize of mermaid chevron paper (such a cool color!).

Speaking of red headed step children, I've never been a step child but I have been a redhead.  I was once even a fire engine red redhead.  See, apparently the hair dresser didn't quite understand what I meant when I said I wanted very obviously red hair.  I meant like my cousin, whom I suppose people would call a 'carrot top' although I never understood that moniker at the tops of carrots are these green fern like things.  Anyway I meant like an actual natural hair color not like something you'd paint your nails.  That darn red lasted forever too.  Now if I wanted a funky color like that it would wash out in 2 weeks flat.  Go figure!

The Fine Print: More A Muse Studio, because that is the name of the game over at the challenge blog (for us anyway, participants are not required to use a|s stuff).  Cardstocks used-cherry, onyx, cherry petite pinstripe; cherry chevron ribbon, heart trio die, cherry splash spray, and greeting from the Say it With Style stamp set.

Friday, March 1, 2013

The New Phone Books Are Here!

No, wait!  I mean the new A Muse catalogs are here!!  And by "here" I mean not really here; but live. 

Live!  Live and on-line because the print ones are not yet here, but will be here soonish, which is much better than say, later. 

Anyway enough babbling, the 2013 A Muse Studio is on-line and can be purchased from as of today.  I know I've been looking forward to it and hope you have been also.  I have a couple of "advanced notice" sets that I made some cards with.
This card is made with the new Sunset Beach set, which has this fabulous VW Beetle stamp.  I really liked it when I first saw it even though (or perhaps because) VW Bugs make me think of serial killers.  Um... you know, because Ted Bundy drove one? Yeah, that's not doing it for you?  
These next two cards are from the Go Wild set, another fun new one.  The bottom one is a take on a card from the catalog that had a similar layout.  I really like the idea of different sized circles of wild pattern print, as you can see since I used it on both cards.

The Fine Print: Top card--"Sunset Beach" set, papaya and grapefruit petite polka dot cardstock, and onyx brads.  Middle Card--"Go Wild" set, orange cardstock, and onyx and white twine.  Bottom card--"Go Wild" and "Mesh Background" sets, kraft and sugar cardstocks, onyx and white chevron ribbon.