Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Snarky Challenge

As I mentioned yesterday, I found some 6x6 paper and decided to use the wonky patterns first to get them out of the way.  Yesterday's was kind of whimsical and weird but today's can only be described as YUCK.
Which is perfect for the latest Sisterhood of Snarky Stampers challenge: Y is for Yuck.  I'm not actually sure what all is in this pattern... it looks like a plate of pancakes with a flag in it, a bunch of petticoats stacking on top of each other, weird cup shaped flowers, and droopy petal flowers.  Plus it is all kind of an awkward color.  I paired it with a greeting, a ribbon and a die cut.
I inlay some of the die cut back in as it was too lacy looking otherwise.  I started off this this large epoxy pearl brad in the center but the more I looked at it the more that sucked.  So I swapped out for a simple bling.  Following yesterday's example I made a second card.
That left me with just a little strip of this design, so I chopped it into squares and made this card.  I was bound a determined to make this card with cheerier colors as I felt the top ones were too drab.
I think I made some decent cards out of rather yucky paper.  I wish I could say I am happy to see this paper go, but gosh-darn-it-all, I found another sheet of it.  I thought it was suspicious that I only had one of each sheet.

The Fine Print: "Absolutely Delightful" stamps and "Delightful Dahlia" die by Simon Says Stamps; "Paper Cottage" designer paper by Basic Gray; jeweled bling by My Mind's Eye; French Roast Ribbon, "Happy" and "Medium Scallop Border" dies by A Muse Studio; paper flower and brad from my stash.   

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Cuppa Tea

I was poking around in my stuff stash because I was sure I had some Valentine's themed washi tape somewhere.  I not only found it, I also found my missing Stampin' Up oval dies and a small stash of 6x6 designer paper--just one sheet each pattern.

I challenged myself to use the wonky patterned ones first, because as scrumptious as Basic Grey paper is they always have to throw a difficult sheet or two into the mix.
I started with this piece because I felt it went with the tape I found.  Plus I had just the die and stamps to go with it.  Since I cut that paper almost in half I had enough to make a second copy of the same card (hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it).
Then I used the scraps from those two pieces to make this final card and use up the rest of that paper.
I had lots of fun doing it and went on to the next wonky pattern, but you'll have to stay tuned for those.  They didn't whip out as easily as these ones.

The Fine Print: Stamps by Simon Says Stamps "Absolutely Delightful," designer paper by Basic Gray "Paper Cottage," dies by Stampin' Up "Ovals" and A Muse Studio "Word Art" (tea cup) and "Medium Scallop Border," mini heart punch by Stampin' Up, pink twine by May Arts, and washi tape "With Love" by unknown.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane

That's me just cruising the highway of life....
...with my left turn indicator just blinking away.

Seriously, I just had a Kleenix in one hand and a tortilla in the other.... guess which one I just bit a hunk out of?  That's the fast lane for ya, baby!

The Fine Print: Stamp by STU.  No, really that is what it says on the side.  Designer paper by DCWV, ribbon by A Muse, bling bling by Hero Arts.  We'll try to slow it down a bit for tomorrow's post.  Don't want ya getting a nosebleed.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

You're a Champ! I'm a Wuss!

I was going to make some new cards and show them off to you today.  Instead all I made was used cards and goosebumps.  It is way too cold in my craft room to craft.  You can feel the cold radiating off the cinder block walls and the floor.  And of course by cold I mean 51 degrees Fahrenheit and 32% humidity.  What's up with that???  This lizard is not happy!
Neither were the cats happy.  They opted to hang out in the bedroom and not next to the space heater where I was like usual.  If the weather doesn't improve soon I may have to join them.  Does anyone have any good tips for crafting under the covers?!

The Fine Print: I know I'm a wuss but my room has three outside walls and one is glass and ain't none of it insulated and I have salsa instead of blood.  This is a workshop idea card A Muse offered up awhile ago but I decided no one had patience to line up all those cups (which really go all over but for some reason don't show up in the upper right corner).  All products by A Muse.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dotty Awesomeness

My friend who gave me the dotted washi tape in yesterday's post also gave me this one.  I had to make this card to prove I really do use my washi tape. You know, to justify the couple hundred rolls I own.

The weather is freakishly cold so I felt it was appropriate to break out a snowman for this clean and simple card.  I tried hard to make it not so clean and not so simple but none of that worked out.

The Fine Print: Stamps by Paper Smooches "Swanky Snowdudes" and "Cuteasaurus."  Washi Tape by Doodlebug and card base by DCWV.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Toaster of Love

My hubby bought me a toaster for Christmas.  No, seriously he really did.  Don't you be knocking toasters as they are one of my favorite household appliances.  Anyway, you can see it in the photo below.
It is very versatile as it can change colors to fit the mood.  My friend gave me the washi tape so all in all it was a very merry and crafty Christmas.

The Fine Print: Toaster from Quick Kutz, washi by Doodlebug, greeting by Lawn Fawn "Love 'n Breakfast."

Thursday, December 25, 2014

HB and MC!

Happy Birthday, Baby Jesus!  Happy Birthday to you!   (even if it really is just some Roman emperor's birthday that we're pretending is also the son of God's [birthday that is, not that we are saying the emperor is the son of God]).
That's my tree.  Oh.  Sorry.  I should have warmed those of you who know me first, because I never ever owned a Christmas tree before in my adult life or even in my childhood now that I think of it.  I was exposed to one then though.
And here's a CASE card I made because this crazy card was too fabulous not to case.  Plus it encouraged me to try the make small spots with a spray technique. Before this I was afeared to try.  I'm not into messy things... well, like painty messy things.  I do make a good mess easily!

Anyway...  Merry Christmas too!  Unless that offends thee, in which case, shove off!  See ya tomorrow!

The Fine Print: Card parts by A Muse Studio.  Stamps--Origami Christmas, Handdrawn Trimmings and Wishing you the Merriest; cardstock--sugar and kraft; other products--silver elastic cording and marshmallow Splash spray.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Work Desk!

Here is my work desk this Christmas Eve...  Well, not my work work desk, but the fun one I share with you all from time to time.
It has a bunch of stuff on it and I should be sitting there playing with it all but instead I'm sitting here at the computer desk.  What's stopping me from sitting over there you ask?
My chair is occupied!  Certainly you understand that. The photo below shows the left side of my desk with a squirt bottle, new possibly cat-proof tape dispenser, a basket of washi, Christmas card, holographic tape, stamps and papers all heaped up.
This side shows the right side that has more stamps, more papers, a card I'm working on, twine, a punch, dies, scissors, a bag of ribbons, Copic markers, and pieces from another card that I abandoned mid project (because I can't find my SU oval dies and the ones on the desk aren't the right size).
And just for good measure here is the top of my desk with more stuff heaped up, a stack of cards received, stamps, tags, mini calendars, heart shaped doilies and Charles' tail sticking up.  The top has various paper projects people have made me. I'm thinking about doing some sort of different arrangement with the organizers up there... but you never can tell.
And that's that!  If you don't know why I'm sharing my desk with you, where have you been?!!! You can check out What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

You're My Favorite!

No really you are!
I just thought I'd throw a card up here and let you all know that I'm still kicking.  I even made a card today!  It wasn't this one though. The one I made is for a swap so I don't want to share it yet.  When I dropped it in the mailbox slot at the post office, the box was so full it wouldn't go down! However, the slot was too narrow and deep for me to fish it back out.  Iffen you ask me it seems kind of late in the game to mailing Christmas cards in bulk, but I guess it is still before Christmas.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps--Fall in the Forest; cardstock--navy, papaya petite polka dot, and sugar; other products--classic die set, fall in the forest matching dies, navy satin ribbon and navy and white baker's cording (with the white pulled out).

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Pod People

For those of you who come here to see a card, here's one sent to me by my friend CG.  She made a card with that ridiculous reindeer that drove me crazy earlier this year and it is fabulous.  She made a stenciled background that makes me think of a street map, perhaps all the places Santa needs to visit in town (Rudolph's Sat Nav if you will).
For those of you who come here hoping for more than a card I have a treat for you today.  Last night I dreamed that my mom and dad were all dressed up fancy, apparently headed out to a dinner party (perhaps at the Officer's Club?), but before they left they sat down with me at a table to help me with my math homework.  I had several problems that were two digit numbers being added to two digit numbers.  Even my dream state was savvy enough to know this isn't the kind of math I'd need help on, so I asked about it.

My mom sweetly replied that it was David's homework (my nephew).  Before I could ask why the heck I was doing David's homework, my dad asked me if I saw a pattern in the numbers I was adding.  I looked again and I said yes!  The first number of each equation was eleven more than the first number in the next equation (wait? what? who notices this stuff?). My dad went on to explain some rule of thumb involving the number eleven.  The dream was very happy and I felt loved and warm and included.

Upon waking I knew immediately that those were not my real parents.  Someone must have traded out my real parents for POD PEOPLE!  My real parents would never stop on the way out to a dinner party to help with homework!  My real parents wouldn't be that patient! My real parents wouldn't willingly give up their time ever!  Oh no! My dad would grab the books and papers from you and start to angrily write down the problems and answers himself. He might even lecture you on how obvious or simple it was or tell you that the how-to's were right there in the book.  My mom would give one of her long sighs and talk about how she doesn't understand why teachers expect parents to teach their kids and why do we send kids to school if the teachers are going to do teaching there? (The concept of homework is lost on my mom).

So the moral of this story is beware of Pod People bringing math equations and explaining rules of eleven.

The Fine Print: Is there a rule of eleven?  Is my Pod Person dad making shit up?  Reindeer stamp by A Muse Studio.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Black & White and Filled All Over

I haven't made any new cards recently because I haven't felt well. I'm not sick like with some evil contagion that will infect everyone around me.  Instead I've been in a medically induced funk as the antibiotics I have to take for my recent dental work devour my intestines and perhaps even my very soul.  Basically it isn't pleasant.
Remember a zillion years ago when I tried the die inlay technique for the first time ever and started off with a ridiculous tree that was a lot of work?  Right after that I made the card above using the same technique.  It was a lot easier than the tree but still a bit of work as those parts are a bit fiddly over which hole they fit into and they have to be the proper direction.

After I made the black and white background I didn't really know what to do with it so I kept it simple with a giant black flower and a bit of fat ribbon.  It is what it is.  Needless to say I have an opposing background where the filled in parts are black and the lattice work is white.  I don't know what the heck to do with that either so I'm sure it is lurking in some pile or box somewhere.

The Fine Print: Die by Taylored Expressions--quatrefoil cutting plate; A Muse Studio--clear green button and grass silky crush ribbon; DCWV--card base; and giant flower from my stash.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Visions of Pot Lucks

Years ago I was invited to a holiday office pot luck breakfast for just the secretaries where I work.  We were told to bring a dish and a wrapped gift of not more than $15.  I'm not much of a traditional breakfast eater but I was willing to play along in the spirit of teamwork and getting to know my counterparts.

I had a hard time decided what to gift to get that would fit such a diverse group of women that I didn't know well, but opted for a cute little basket that I filled with some fancy treats and trial size lotions and potions.  It was hard to make it nice and not break the $15 limit.  As it was I spent a little over $20 and hoped I wouldn't get in trouble.

The only other secretary in my department opted not to come so I had pretty much been ignored the whole party (so much for getting to know people). We were all given numbers to determine what order we picked our gift out of stash.  I was dead last.  There was a lot of squealing as each gift was opened in order.  I was completely put to shame by these lavish gifts that obviously cost upwards of $40. I sat nervously by breathing a sigh of relief every time my gift was passed up. As the numbers were winding down no one paid attention as the lady in front of me picked her gift--not the one I brought--leaving me with my own gift.
Neither one of us opened our gifts and all was well until someone noticed us with our unwrapped gifts.  With all eyes on us, we were forced to unwrap our gifts.  Hers was a large ugly glass paperweight filled with air bubbles and mine was the cheesy little basket of dumb stuff. The room grew quiet.

One woman roared, "Who brought these?!?!!" Finally it came out that the other lady brought the gift she picked out and I brought the gift I picked out. The women were furious that we picked out own gifts even though basically that is how the numbers worked out and we were told to switch with each other.

The following year I politely declined to partake. 

The Fine Print: Wishing you a sweet holiday and not a shame inducing potluck greedfest! Stamps by A Muse Artstamps, brad from the Eyelet Queen, and fancy schmancy ribbon from my stash.  BTW, I gave the glass paperweight to my grandmother in law who thought it was fabulous and gave it a place of honor in a cabinet with other glassware. Although I did miss having it on my desk at work because I could threaten to break people's skulls with it. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Whoa, Nellie!

I wanted one last card that was gender neutral, non-holiday, and non-specific for the workshop I did this past weekend.  I pondered several ideas and then went with a CASE card because there was less thinking that way.
Of course the ladies in the workshop then wanted to know for what occasion one would send a "hold your horses" card for.  I suggested 'just because' or to put a smile on someone's face.  Luckily I brought along a birthday greeting that also fit into the die cut circle because that's what they all wanted.

So much for neutrality!  LOL!  It's all good though and at least it wasn't a Christmas card!

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio. Stamps used--First in my Book and Southern Sass; cardstock--navy, navy petite polks dot, French roast wood grain, sugar, grass and kraft; other products--dauber for sponging and nestabilities dies.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Make Up Monday

Do you know how many more shopping days left until Christmas?  Yeah, me either.  I can't say I care.  It's like this: it either gets done or it doesn't.  It's that simple.  Now relax, sit back, and look at some cards that have nothing to do with Christmas.
This was my favorite card out of this whole kit.  The serving suggestion for this was to use the light layer as is, but I had to jazz it up with some wood grain alcohol embossing.  The leaves are layered on foam tape and overlapping.
After stamping the leaf for that last card I thought maybe I should use some of the other stamps I had that went with the kit. I like that fat orange jute/twine/rope/whatever with this card.  Normally I'm not a fan of that thick stuff but this card called for something bold to offset that frilly script.
I stamped and colored these leaves on one of the scrap pieces of cardstock that come in the kit and then didn't know what else to do with it.  I pulled out a SU set an turned it into a birthday card.
That SU set lead to me using this SU set to make this card.  The ribbon was part of the kit but I really went outside the kit box for this card, using my new (squee) Lawn Fawn stiched leaf dies.
Since apparently I'd given up on the stamps in the kit I had to use this favorite from Taylored Expressions as they had just come out with a matching die for it.  I like to fussy cut but I just couldn't say no to this die.  The printed strip and the brads were part of the kit.

There were still some bits and pieces of this kit left after I had my card making marathon but I just incorporated them into my stash as it was well past time to send fall cards by then.  I'm so proud of myself because I pitched the box after I finished up before I could start a new hoard in it! 

The Fine Print: I really got nothing for you here because I mentioned it all up in the post.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hey Foxy

I hope you've enjoyed that my blog is a respite from Christmas cards.  I haven't shared any lately because I haven't made any lately and I haven't made any lately because frankly I'm sick of the whole Christmas card thing.

That doesn't mean I won't come visit you and your blog and ogle your holiday cards. Oh no, I'll still visit and be inspired. It just means you probably won't see many more of them here.  I think it is time to move on... time to make summertime cards! Bright ones!  Happy ones!  Ones that warm my frozen toes.
Do you think I can get this little fox to come curl up on my toes and keep them warm?  Do you think my cats will be displeased if he did?!

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio except the snippet under the greeting.  Stamps--Fall in the Forest and Redwood Background; cardstock--nutmeg, grass, onxy, and sugar; other products--Christmas Sweater designer paper, grass stitched ribbon, Nestability circle and scallop circle dies.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

More Coffee

Yesterday's coffee lover post reminded me of another take out cup card I made.  This was a rush job card for a mystery item card exchange.  The mystery item was a little square of thin cork.  I had die cut a heart from it but didn't know where to go with it from there.
I decided to put it on a die cut cup and make my card coffee themed.  I feel this card is a lousy sample of my card making abilities.  Ah well, into every life some mediocrity must fall.

The Fine Print: All products except cork and sponged edges by A Muse Studio.   Dies used--Perk up; cardstock--kraft, grape, grapefruit petite polka dat, and vanilla; other products--vanilla satin ribbon and TH distress ink for sponging.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Coffee Lovers Blog Hop

 I know that you are reeling because I'm joining a Coffee Lovers Blog Hop, since I can't even stand the smell of the stuff but bear with me.  I know the rest of you like coffee!  And for those couple few of us who don't, this very well could be hot cocoa.
I needed a warm winter wishes card in a jiffy so I made this one as a CASE card since I knew I wanted to use this stamp set but lacked ideas. I can't credit who I CASED as I can't find the original card now, but know it was highly appreciated (by both me and the recipient).

You should check out the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop for a million zillion java related ideas.  It is fabulous.  It's got this non-coffee drinker conjuring up many more hot beverage ideas.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps used-Perk Up, Rule the World and Cozy Back; Cardstock used--kraft, cherry, Twas the Night text print, cherry petite polka dot, vanilla, and sugar; Other Products-cherry felt and heart trio die.  Note: There are matching perk up dies but I didn't use them in the interest of time as this set fussy cuts up real easy.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hip Hip Hooray

I mustache you a question.  Is this the coolest stamp or what?
I really like it. I could not get a good impression from it when I tried to use it back when I first bought it but this time I persevered until I got it all figured out. I also made cards with the other stamps in the set as you saw from my post yesterday and this one here.
The whole kit and caboodle (in this case 'caboodle' is code for "stamps") was stashed in an out of the way place and with me it is out-of-sight-out-of-mind so I forgot I had them. I'm quite pleased that I unearthed them. Hip, hip, hooray!

The Fine Print: Cards, parts, and stamps by Close to My Heart, Cloud 9 Kit.  Seriously, is that mustache not the coolest?!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Bright and Happy

I'm not really feeling the Christmas vibe. The tree is up, the decorations are hung, presents are bought, cards are made... but somehow something feels off.

I don't want Christmas. I want summer! I want bright! I want happy!  I want to be as far away from Christmas as humanly possible!

These cards are what I came up with to achieve that goal.  They are bright, happy, and not at all Christmas-y.

The Fine Print: See that I said the Christmas cards are made but I did not note that they were mailed.  That's cuz they aren't and are nowhere near being so.  It's because I don't want to fuss with Christmas any more.  Card, parts, and stamps by Close to My Heart, Cloud 9 Card Making Kit.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Small Survey

Please rate your dental pain on a scale of 1 to 5.

The Fine Print: Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Make Up Monday

As promised here are some more of the autumn cards I made on a card making marathon at the end of last month. 
I thought this printed card topper was rather odd and I was at a loss of what to do with it.  I paired it up with some fall paper from my stash and turned it into a Happy Birthday card.
Here's another topper that was a bit random, so I added more designer paper, a leaf and some brads and called it good.  Happiness is a good thing.
This topper had these odd splatter dots on it, like dried raindrops on your windshield.  With the addition of some fancy schmancy sheer ribbon and a big fabric leaf it became a worthy card.
This topper was much more normal.  I turned it into another birthday card, but really the special day could have been for any reason (as long as it happened in the fall).  I liked that I perked up such dark papers in this kit with this bright and airy paper.
Another normal topper!  I added a sponged and wood grain embossed background some ribbon and called it done.

That's it for today's post, but never you fear there are more of these cards to share....  coming to Make Up Monday near you soon!

The Fine Print: Card bases, toppers, and cardstock layers from Club Scrap's Comfort Zone kit.  Designer papers, brads, leaves, and sheer ribbon from my stash.  Wood grain folder by Stampin' Up.  These sure beat looking at Christmas card, don't they?!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

HB Feathers

Here is another card I will be teaching at a workshop next weekend.  I based this card off another consultant's Thanksgiving card. Since T-day is done and over with I thought I'd adapt the set to a birthday card to show the masses that it can go beyond Thanksgiving and fall.
Feathers are a hot commodity right now and I really liked the different colored ones mingling together like this.  I can see myself using these colored feathers on many other things as well.  The only downside is the feathers have to be fussy cut, no die is available for them.  I'm down with that but I know that makes others weep.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps--Fine Feather and Looking Up (greeting); cardstock--saffron, sugar, French roast wood grain, sugar, poppy, orange, lemon whip, and Bermuda; other products--orange stitched ribbon, and Bermuda pearl sticker.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

More Snowy Weather

We are having another gray, damp day that if we lived somewhere other than where we do would probably mean it was going to snow.  Luckily we live where we live so the only snow we have to deal with is on paper.
This is a CASE card that I am going to have the ladies make at a workshop next weekend. I hemmed and hawed over if we should do another Christmas card or not and finally decided not.  My reasoning was that people should pretty much have them made by then.  I opted for this winter card instead. My thought was that  the workshop is a week away, if you were to order then the order won't come in for another week after that... so in two weeks Christmas stamps are too late but a snowman can carry you through January (and maybe even February depending on where you live).

Not that what we make in the workshop has any bearing on what gets ordered.  Sometimes it does and other times it doesn't. I think that is interesting how it works out.  More often than not it is a sample card I brought along to show off that garners orders.  You just never know.

The important part is we get to play and have fun.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio. Stamp set--Cozy Back; cardstock--kraft, cherry petite polka dot, winter sky, sugar and cherry petite pinstripe (the snowflakes); other products--onyx stitched ribbon, Snowflake Trio II die set, and Cozy Back matching die.

Friday, December 5, 2014

My Creatures are Stirring!

So the other night I had a dream that had my mother, my older brother, and my dentist in it.  We were stuck in some waiting room with old ratty magazines for hours and everyone was on everyone's nerves.  I can't really think of much more to make that dream worse except for if we were administered a test we hadn't studied for.

I think the dream means my psyche is shot and subconscious is in an uproar.  It is a few nights before Christmas and my creatures are stirring and creating agitation, pandemonium, discordance, disquiet, turmoil and toothaches.
Fuck you, creatures, quit stirring.  And you, Tooth #4...  Your days are numbered.

The Fine Print: All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps--Not a Creature was Stirring; cardstock--sugar, cherry, and wasabi petite polka dots; other products--Snowflake Trio II die, clear twinkle sticker, and cherry satin ribbon.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ooky Weather

It is gray, ugly, and moist out there today.  On the bright side though it is much too warm for this to happen:
I've been trying to decide if this card needs some glitter on it as well, but then I think of trying to glitter all those thin frills and think maybe it doesn't need it.  Yep, I am that lazy.

A friend mine told me that I don't write stories and that my blog doesn't make her laugh anymore. I asked her if it made her cry and she said no.  So, obviously I have my work cut out for me.  I haven't been writing funny stories because my brain refuses to think of any and I haven't made you cry because that's just rude.  It is what it is.

Don't let it snow on your parade.

The Fine Print: Let It Snow die by Sue Wilson/Creative Expressions, bling by A Muse Studio, card base by DCWV, and ribbon from my stash.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Fall Kitty Card

I don't give a rat's ass (or anyone else's ass for that matter) if it is December already, I'm not ready to start the final big Christmas card push.  Call me in denial.... call me too cold to craft.... just call me.  On second thought, don't.  I don't want to have to get up off my ass (which is much bigger than a rat's) to answer the phone.
This card came from the left over bits from the kit I shared yesterday (and will be sharing for the next two Mondays).  Somehow this kitty wandered away from where it was supposed to be (as kitties are wont to do) but I found him this morning.  Never fear, it was a catch and release thing.  I photographed him and then tossed him back on my desk.  Then I went crazy and cleaned off my desk.  No telling where this kitty is now!  That's the problem with cleaning frenzies; no one knows where the stuff winds up, least of all me.

The Fine Print: Papers 'n embellishments from Club Scrap's Comfort Zone kit, stamp by Rubber Soul (I think, I'm just guessing at this point) and leaves from Lawn Fawn stitched leaf die set.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Make Up Monday

I dragged out the same box that I used the last time I did a Make Up Monday post since I thought more fall cards were in order.
The one above was already made and just hanging out in the box. I think it's been waiting at least year to see the light.  The one below made me happy because it gave me an excuse to use one of those big fabric leaves I have in my stash.
This congratulations cards was way too easy; it almost felt like cheating.  I added the leaf brad to make it look like I was at least pretending to try.
This one felt like another cheat so I added in some multicolored twine and some brads.
All these are large 5" x 7" cards, not usually my thing but sometimes you just have to make them that way.  After I made this cards I realized that it really was too late to send fall cards, but that didn't stop me from making more from the box.  Stay tuned next Monday for some more of them.

The Fine Print:  Most items from Club Scrap's "Comfort Zone" kit.  The fabric leaves and leaf brads were from my stash 'o stuff.  I wonder if I'm the only crafty blog not showing Christmas cards today?