Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon

I don't actually know what that means--dog day afternoon--but I envision is as laying around in the sun, being lazy and possibly licking oneself.  Never mind, scratch that last part.  Anyway, here are some dog cards for you to check out.
The Fine Print: Top dog by Stamps by Judith, sympathy dog by Copper Leaf Creations.  Remember if you run with the dogs, don't be surprised if you get fleas.

Monday, July 30, 2012

When in doubt....

.....copy yourself

Card I made awhile ago.
Card I made recently.

The Fine Print: They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when you imitate yourself I suspect it is proof of a psychosis more than anything else (and now my day is complete, I've been trying to work 'psychosis' into a sentence all day).  Papers by DCWV, butterfly border punch by Martha 'evil bitch' Stewart, single butterfly punch by EK Success, top flower stamps from the dollar bin, bottom flower stamps by Stampendous, 'explore' stamp by EK Success, 'smile' stamp by A Muse Studio.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Hi,My Name is Poppy and I'll be Your Guest Columnist Today.  But firsts I want to tell you this thing.  See, yesterdays I gots a SPANKING because apparently in this House one is not allowed to exercise her constitutional right to to free speech!
I was doing good speechifying too, with important facts and information about the state of my empty bwelly. And I had to do it loudly cuz the Adults were talking. But apparently in this dictatorship one is not allowed to do free speeches.  This is unAmericans and unacceptables! I cannot have my right to make free speeches be infringed upon by a FACIST REGIME! I tells you this so you know the difficult situation I am in.

I'm American!  I haz rights! I'm Americans and I haz papers prove it.  There is no truth the rumor that my papers are altered or made forgeries.  My papers are Signed by a RESPECTED DOCTOR IN THE COMMUNITY--Doctor Miller, DVM.  Sure he has an unfortunate habit of sticking a thermometer up my butt every time I see him, but who doesn't have secrets buried in their litterbox?  I'm not perfect but I iz a furred-American and I haz rights to free speeches!  I can say what I wants, when I wants, and as loudly as it needs to be said. 

The Fine Print: Stamps, papers, and ribbon by A Muse Studio "Greetings Earthling" set, Lido solid cardstock, petite polka dots in navy, and navy ribbon.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dah-ling, You're Mah-velous!

My big stamp club meeting happened today.  We met at a sports bar and they were nice enough to turn the sound off the TVs in the room we were using.  The Olympics were on, and let me tell you. All those swimmers in speedos were a bit distracting. They were marvelous.

We had a marvelous time minus a bit of a snafu with the sound system (some drunken karaoke dude ran off with the mic). Hey, but we got to visit and play so it's all good.  I turned in my challenge card.  'Member this?---->

Below is the card I got in exchange, which is simply marvelous! Pink and black always rock and I think making the M into the word MARVELOUS is a marvelous idea. I rarely think of abstract words when it comes to crafting with letters. I'm a firm noun girl.
Card by Elizabeth R.
We did an ATC exchange as well. The themes were vacation or rustic. Here are some ATCs from that swap.

Vacation by Becky E.

Vacation by Linda W.
Rustic by Me.

The Fine Print: Sorry that is all in one big line like that. Sometimes technology only does what it wants and it does not want any side by side action.  Pump stamp by Stampin' Up, chicken wire by Art Impressions, background sanded, foreground spritzed withTsukineko walnut ink spray, brads by Recollections. I'm proud of myself for doing a couple different things on one ATC.

Friday, July 27, 2012

My Mother--The Trickster

I remember as a little kid my mother would sometimes tell me, "You'll like what we're having for dinner tonight. It is made with hamburger meat."  I don't know if this was in response to me asking what was for dinner or if she just volunteered the information.  What I do know is you should never tell a little kid that they are having "hamburger meat" for dinner.  A little kid hears the word 'hamburger' and stops right there, pleased with the world and all that is in because there are going to be HAMBURGERS and there is nothing more exciting on this earth than hamburgers for dinner.  This is a philosophy I still subscribe to. Give me T-bone steak and I'll snub you.  Give me a hamburger and I'm yours for the taking.
Somewhere along the line I grew up enough to learn the difference between "hamburger meat" and "ground beef."  Hamburgers are yummy and awesome and mean happiness.  Ground beef means some slop that will be boring and bland.  In my mom's defense, she says it was because of my father that she made all our meals bland.  She said that's how he liked it.  This man moved to the Southwest and embraced Mexican food.  You be the judge.  But then again, I have no sense of smell so maybe I think many things are bland that the general public wouldn't agree with.

Hamburger meat!  How rude is that?

The Fine Print: I'm having hamburger meat turned into hamburgers for dinner, bitches!  Just try and stop me!  Cow stamp by Penny Black, papers by Recollections, stamped in Versafine and colored in regular bland and boring markers.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Make Me Smile

My small group of crafty friends is meeting tonight.  I thought I would bring us a card to make. My original plan was to do a card from one of the new a|s stamp sets but we can't order them until August 1st so I figure why frustrate everyone with that. It's bad enough I'm counting the hours until I can order some of the other new things; I shouldn't make all my friends be the same way.

I made a card with this A Muse set instead.  My version of this is a clear set, but it is available in the catalog now as a cling set. It is the exact same thing, no difference in size or anything. I used these colors because they are bright and cheerful...  ..and because I discovered I had a completely unopened pack of it.

Now for a story to make you smile.  I once was heading back to the office after a routine doctor's appointment. The traffic was light and I was cruising along in my trusty pick up truck. I was coming up to a red light so I down shifted my manual transmission to slow me down.  There was no one in my lane. The lane next to me had a huge 70's muscle car sitting patiently at the light.  As I got close to the light, it changed and the muscle car started to rumble. I let off my clutch, but... I was going a wee bit too fast for that gear and *>CHIRP<* went my tires.  The dude in the muscle car took that as an invitation to race and just floored it, tires squealing, engine rumbling and tearing out of there like a bat outta hell.  It made me laugh out loud.  Did that guy really think I wanted to race him in my little 4-banger truck?!  What a riot.  Ah well, I got to keep on my journey, while he probably had to stop at a gas station.

And here's a photo of my fabulous new note paper at work.  I have a bunch of it now. We're currently entertaining suggestions on what to do with several rolls of thermal paper that is the wrong size.  My suggestion of a ticker tape parade was shot down vehemently.

The Fine Print: Stamps and supplies by A Muse Studio-stamps "Vintage A Muse," solid paper, Venetian patterned paper, and ribbon "Lido," stamped in Momento and colored with Copics.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Workdesk Wednesday-There Be Monsters

Look--a big box!  It arrived yesterday while I was at work and I had to fret over it because it looked very stormy in that section of town.  I work up in the west side foothills and get a good view of the city in the valley so all I could do is sit here miserably knowing my package of crafting goodies was drowning in a puddle. BUT! This is Tucson and rain does funny things here. It did indeed pour in my area, but about a mile from where I live.  Where I live got nary a drop so my package was safe. Yea!
Here is what was in the package--lots of fun A Muse goodies--stamp sets, polka dot paper, chevron paper, ribbons, ink, and washi tape.  It isn't all mine though, as about half of it is a customer order.  I get to ogle it for a couple more days though.
Here is the floor to the right of the desk. There is almost always a pile of something right there. I just added the packing paper this morning. 

It was a deliberate addition because the cat gets so tickled when I get packages in the mail and she can play with the packaging.  She is a fan of bubble wrap too, but only under adult supervision as she will eat it.
I big scawy monster!
I made a card with a left overs that have been on my desk for months.  I didn't particularly like the colors in this kit so I keep shuffling the parts around. I tend to like the final results but seeing the kit lumped together puts me off.
I have a give away on my Monday's blog post if you are interested.  You don't have to be a follower.  I hope you check it out. I'm hosting the challenge at the A Muse Studio challenge blog this time and hope you can check that out too.  I mean what the heck, you got plenty of free time, dontcha?!

The Fine Print: I ain't got nothing.  The card was made with a Club Scrap kit.  Yeah... that's it!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cards for my Stamp Club

Remember this?
It is letter charm that I was given as part of our monthly challenge swap.  The idea is that you agree make a card with the mystery item first and then find out what the item is next (hence, 'the mystery' part of it). This month everyone who played got a letter or punctuation mark.  Here is what I made.
You can see the "V" in there can't you?  I removed the loop that the charm was to hang from and I glued it down face down. I knew I didn't want to use it as a letter and am excited that it looked good as a flourish in the bird's tail. I'll have to wait until Saturday to see what other people did with their letters.

We also host a monthly card exchange and this month the theme is Trees. I originally wanted to do something with the big bare tree that DeNami has and fill it with leaves and birdhouses but while leafing through the new A Muse Studio catalog a sample card there inspired me to make this instead.
I paper pieced the trees using A Muse's gingham paper, which I just love because the gingham is so small. I also used washi tape as the ground and the border at the bottom of the card. I have several rolls of washi tape and it is about time I do something on the front of cards with it (I use it on the inside a lot).

The Fine Print: Peacock card-stamp by Hero Arts, ribbon by A Muse, background paper by DCWV.  Tree card-stamps by The Angel Company, decorative washi tape by My Mind's Eye, blue washi tape by A Muse.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Embellishments! Embellishments! Embellishments!

Hello Friends and Freaks and Freaky Friends!

Guess who is hosting the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog challenge this time?  No, not her.  No, no, not that lady. *sigh*  It's me! Shocking, I know, to discover that people will actually give me access to their blog sites.  Anyway, I'm hosting the challenge and it's all about embellishments!  Yeah, who didn't see that coming?
Triple embellishments AND another a|s sneak peak-bonus card!
Not only is the challenge about using embellishments, it is about using multiple embellishments at once.  I ask that you use at least three embellishments on your project and I get all dictator-y and tell you that the three have to be a button, ribbon, and a flower.  You aren't limited to just those three but they need to be in the mix.  So why don't you jump over to the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog and join in the fun?  You have two weeks to make a card that fits the theme and link in.
One ribbon, one button, and one flower.
There is a chance to win prizes too!  That's right--if you live in America or an American installation overseas you are eligible for a chance to win when you make a card and link in at the challenge blog.  
One bourbon, one scotch, and one beer.

However, I'm giving you a chance to win a prize off my blog just by commenting here and tellng me what your favorite embellishment is.  This prize is eligible to you no matter where you live and has nothing to do with the A Muse challenge and you don't have to be a follower to win.  My prize for leaving me a comment is some fun and funky Bermuda chevron ribbon and matching washi tape.  See:  
The prizes are the sealed unused products.
Edited to add: the random winner will be picked Friday, August 3rd.

 The Fine Print: Most everything by A Muse Studio. Witch card stamps from "Toil and Trouble" set, wasbi chevron paper, orange petite polka dot paper, onyx button, onyx stitched ribbon, orange embroidery floss, and Prima paper flower colored with Copics. Milkshake card stamps from "Sweet Love" set, cherry vintage, vanilla (cream), and onyx cardstocks, cherry silk ribbon, onyx button, and Prima paper flower.  Caffeine card stamps from "The Perfect Blend" set, French roast regular, vintage, papaya, and vanilla cardstocks, French roast button, French roach polka dot ribbon, paper flower colored with Copics, and Marvy punches.  And yes, I checked with A Muse Studio and they have no issue with me sending prizes from my blog to anywhere on the planet. They probably wouldn't mind if I could send them anywhere in the known universe, but there is a delivery issue with that.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

50 Shades of Puce

At work, we passed The Hunger Games trilogy around and enjoyed it very much.  Next up came 50 Shades of Grey, which I had heard was smutty. I figured it had some naughty bits in it but no big deal.  After all, who reads a dirty book and passes it around to their coworkers?  The people I work with apparently.  I struggled through the first 40 or so pages but I just couldn't go on. The stumbling, blushing, simpering, eyelash fluttering dippy broad heroine drove me to distraction. Someone push her out of the car and leave her for the zombies.  What? There aren't any zombies in that book?  Well, right there, that's the problem.

That brings me to spotlight cards.  No, really it does.  See, when that technique hit big, I thought it was just a way for lazy people to make cards: stamp the whole thing but don't color a lick of it except for this one small "spotlit" area.  To make it really work well, I always though you should color the whole thing in using nothing but grays except for your spotlit area that would be a burst of color.

But no one ever listens to me.

The Fine Print: Puce is the color you get when you dunk the Easter egg into every single color of dye.  It is sort of a purplish brown, but when you look close you can see the red, green, yellow and orange deep in there too.  It ain't pretty.  By the way, there aren't any naughty bits in the first 40 pages of 50 Shades of Grey.  Butterfly stamp by Stamp Out Cute, colored in Copic markers, some colors and many shades of gray,but not 50 of them because I don't have that many gray Copics.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Black Cats

I don't want to say that I watched too much Breaking Bad last night but I dreamed that we had to save my black cat, Jack, from the Mexican cartel.  It was a very realistic dream complete with purring and fur shed in my face.  I woke up enough to discover that Jack had snuck into the bedroom and was curled up in my arms next to my face. 
Target of the Mexican Drug Cartel
No telling why black cats take the blame for evil and related nonsense  My husband will tell you that cats of all colors are bad, evil, and just plain wrong. Anyone who has owned been owned by a tortoiseshell knows what I'm taking about.

Anyway, sneak peak time!  A Muse Studio has a great new Halloween set coming out August 1st that has a cute cat stamp and great black cat saying. I bought a workshop kit along so I could share the thrill of a|s and Halloween with my unsuspecting craft buddies.  They sent along this card as the sample.
I really liked that card, but I had to jazz it up some with some patterned paper and add a bat.
The Halloween bundle came with 3 new bat dies, which received a lot of comments when I unveiled them on Wednesday. I couldn't wait to try one out on felt. Plus they have this new spray product called Splash and I got the orange. I had to use that right away too! I spayed over the greeting in this card. The photo doesn't show it well but it is a neat effect in person.
There is more to that set than cats and bats. In fact, there are 16 fun H'ween stamps in that one set with many great sayings. There is another great H'ween set coming too but it isn't available until August 1st. I can't sneak peak it for you either because even me, with my rank and privileges and knowing the secret A Muse Studio consultant handshake cannot order it until then.

Dude, the cartel could totally use my talents.
The Fine Print: Stamps from the "Toil and Trouble" set, dies, solid papers, and stitched ribbon by A Muse Studio.  Patterned papers from Memory Box "Nightfall" collection.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Sail Away

I'd probably get seasick as all get out, but sailing away sounds nice right about now.  I'll just settle for knowing that today is payday Friday and it's almost the weekend.
If life is a journey, why am I always stuck in the school zone?

The Fine Print: Felt cloud by Pebbles, wooden airplane by Studio Calico (colored with Copics), twine by A Muse Studio, Sail Away die cut and rayed paper by Basic Grey "What's Up" collection. Scallop border punch and Life is a Journey by A Muse Studio "Come Fly with Me" set, label punches by Stampin' Up, postage stamps from ? (I forgot), envelop die cut and papers from Basic Grey "What's Up" collection.  The collection that just keeps going and going and going and I'm glad because I'm enjoying it a lot.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

July Stampin' Up Workshop

Yesterday I shared a pop up card that I made at the Stampin' Up workshop. I promise that it was easy to make despite it looking complicated. The secret is all in getting the right dimensions cut and scored.  Just don't ask me what those are because I forgot to get that information. I'm sure I can figure it out though. I'll just slap that on to my big "to do" list right after the other 430 crafting things I need to get done.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, here is another Stampin' Up card from the same workshop. I had to laugh when this set was pulled out. I need to make a set of rustic ATCs (also on the to do list) and plan on using this pump for that.  SU has a new pokey thing with pokey thing templates that are kind of cool. That is what we used on the large circle.
We also made this lovely butterfly card. It was simple and sweet to make.  Well, except for the border punch. I love that border but somehow I always manage to leave a section out and louse it all up when I go back and try to punch it out.
Last, but definitely not least, is this loverly flower trellis card we made. I love the colors, the embossing, the layers, the trellis, and the ribbon. This card makes me happy.

The Fine Print: Really, now I gotta figure what the names of all these Stampin' Up things are? Really? I can't just say Stampin' Up and leave it at that?  No, of course not, you might need something and be upset you don't know what it is called. Happy Birthday stamp retired, pump from the Countryside set, argyle embossing folder, and essentials paper piercing pack. Elegant butterfly and dotted scallop ribbon border punches.  Delicate designs embossing folder, lattice bigz die, blossom punch, and mixed bunch stamp set.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WOYWW and a Sneak Peek

Welcome to the weekly crafting desk peep show, also known as What's on Your Workdesk, This week my desk is mildly staged for today's reveal.  I received an anxiously awaited box of goodies in the mail late last night (well, no, the post office delivered it at the regular time I just wasn't home until 15 minutes before bedtime).  Anyway, I tore into it, ogled it, and lay it out so it would make a good photo in the morning.
Can you see what it is? It is a bunch of seasonal stuff from the A Muse Studio holiday catalog. They let us consultants pre-order a select bunch of stuff from the August 1st release. I got fall and Halloween goodies and I can't wait to play with them.  I don't think you can tell that the paper pack on top has chevrons printed on it. Chevrons (AKA zig-zags) are huge right now so they will make a nice addition to many cards, not just holiday ones.

Moving away from the holidays, here is a tropical beachy card that I finally finished up.  I had it on my desk for months and showed it on my desks 2 weeks ago and promised to finish it.  See! I done did it!
I hope you are still reading because I have a request for information.  A friend of mine showed me a card she took a class for. She didn't get to complete the class and now can't get the card together, can't find directions for it, and doesn't know what it is really called.  She calls it a double horizontal water fall card.  The card is landscape with essentially two waterfalls on it.  There are pull strings on each side of the card so when you pull them, the two waterfalls parts like curtains off to the sides.  I told her I'd ask my WOYWW crowd because someone is bound to know what it is called and maybe even know where to find directions for it.
Here's a pop-up card I made at a Stampin' Up workshop last night. I thought it kind of fit in with the tropical theme of the other card I shared. This card looked complicated to make but it turns out that it wasn't. It folds flat for mailing.  Can't beat that with a stick.

Edited to add: here is a link to a picture of a double water fall card, now if only we can find directions for it!

The Fine Print: A Muse Studio holiday catalog and products available August 1 and that can't come soon enough as there are things in there that I must have and can't get until then. Tropic chick card: stamps by DeNami Designs, paper by Paper Salon, wave punch by Fiskars. Pop Up card all the eveythings by Stampin' Up, "Mixed Bunch" stamp set and blossom punch.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nothing but Blue Skies

And an arseload of humidity.  And this card.

A friend of mine said she was sad that I hadn't shared any good stories on my blog lately.  Well, I hadn't really invented any thought of any recently is why.  I pondered this morning while I was forced to work in barbaric conditions* and didn't come up with anything.  Then while I was heading off to get a salt and grease fix lunch at McDonald's I thought of one.

There was a period of time, back in The Day, when McDonald's french fries used to be the bomb.  They were the best fries on the planet hands down. They were yummy and nummy and satisfied even the hardiest of salt and grease cravings.  They were fried in animal fat.  Then I dunno, PETA got involved or people felt that wasn't healthy, whatever, but they changed to vegetable fat and now their fries are just okay.

But back in The Day I would swing by Mickey D's often and get an order of small fries.  That was my snack. Also back in The Day you could throw a buck at McDonald's and get change back for french fries. Heck, I think they cost less than 50-cents. My point: it was a cheap snack.  I used to date this guy whom we will call FF, which does not stand for French Fry. One time I was driving around with FF and pulled into McD's. I told him I was getting my french fry snack and asked if he wanted anything.  He promptly ordered two big macs, a large fries, a soda, and an apple pie.  I looked at him with my couple of bucks and asked if he planned to pay for that elaborate meal because I couldn't afford it.

Of course that set him off and went on a tirade about why did I invite him to lunch if I didn't have money, wherein I then I had to explain it wasn't lunch it was a snack and I was only getting french fries and would have gladly bought him some too.  He then went on to tell me that people don't go to McDonald's to buy only french fries.  Yeah.  Well, maybe I'm not a person but I do.  He replied that no I didn't.  ??!??!  How does one argue with that logic?  Why would one even try?

FF was really into telling me what people did and by "people" he also included me.  One time he was shaving his face with a real razor (because he was a real man, just ask him). He handed it over to me and asked me to shave his neck. I declined but he wouldn't take no for an answer. So finally just to keep the peace, I grabbed the disposable razor, held it to his neck and yanked upwards.  He immediately went into a screaming fit over YOU DON'T SHAVE AGAINST THE GRAIN!  I told him that I certainly did too and again his reply was no you don't.  Well, blow me over with a feather and call me a cauliflower.  How would I know how I shave myself?

*The Internet was down.

The Fine Print: Wait, which direction is that man in the photo shaving his neck?!  No, FF doesn't stand for Feeling Fine either. All the everything's in the top photo by Basic Grey "What's Up" collection.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Muse Workshop

Yesterday I did an A Muse workshop for some folks who had not heard the gospel of A Muse Studio.  We had a fun time playing with our paper and stamps.  It is hard to decide what will appeal to people and we're kind of in a holiday dead zone at the moment (with the exception of those crazy people who already have started their Christmas cards).

I opted for this notecard sized card because who doesn't love coffee?  I mean, besides me. I thought that this was a nice card that showed off some of fun stitched ribbon and gave everyone the chance to try out a Copic marker in the most useful color ever-frost blue. I have it in the sketch, ciao, original versions myself.

Then because I once was the victim of a scrolling mouse and ended up with more sky blue gingham paper than is healthy, we made this card.  A Muse has this in their workshop ideas section as a baby card, but since we've all left those days behind, I changed it up a bit to make it a birthday card. I added in a paper flower too to show how you can color them with markers and then have flowers in the exact shade you want. That's something I really like and it isn't messy like the time someone told me to color Prima flowers with reinker (my advice: don't do it).

This last card was by request and has been seen previously on my blog.  This is a slightly different version of it.  This one has a different greeting, different ribbon, different colored pearls,  and no embossed dots, which didn't do anything for the original card anyway.

After the workshop the real adventure begin.  The city got hit with a real humdinger of a monsoon storm.  The soil in Tucson resembles cement.  Pour a bucket of water onto cement and what happens?  It runs all over the place and collects in the low spots.  Now unplug a huge section of the city and drive through that.  I understand the need for caution in these conditions but I don't understand people who buy four wheel drive and high profile vehicles and then freak out when there is a puddle in the road.  Why did you pay for it if you are too chicken to use it?  Oh yeah, and if the traffic light is out, treat it like a 4-way stop.
This person has an SUV and knows how to use it.
The Fine Print: All the everythings by A Muse Studio. Stamp sets: The Perfect Blend, Under the Big Top, Essential Sentiments, Mad for Plaid, Itty Bitty Birthday, Just Because, and Beautiful Botanicals 2. Papers: French roast, sky blue, sky blue gingham, bubble gum gingham, sugar, Bermuda, and grass. Inks: Momento tuxedo black and cocoa, a|s grass, fern, and Bermuda. Other supplies: French roast stitched ribbon, paper flower, black brad, sugar pearls, small and medium scallop dies, sugar polka dot ribbon, butterfly die, and Copic markers.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Under the Big Top

I'm doing an A Muse Studio workshop today and one of the sets we will be using to make a card is the Under the Big Top circus set. I've used the elephant a lot, the ticket several times and the high wire lady a couple of times (turning her into a ballerina).  I went looking for some ideas to inspire me and I came across Devon's blog, Paper is My Passion. I love the bright bold colors she used in her card, and the touch of adding a baker's twine bow to the balloon tied to the elephant's tail was brilliant.  I used her card as a jumping off point to create these guys.

I used the same color scheme for all three cards and nary a piece of patterned paper in sight (I may have to go lie down now to stop the twitching).  The colors are blueberry, cherry, and papaya which sounds like an excellent snack to me.

The Fine Print: Papers, stamps "Under the Big Top" and "Ahhnouncing," scallop dies, pearls, and baker's twine by A Muse Studio.  Ticket corner punch by Stampin' Up.  Colored with Copics.