Tuesday, April 30, 2013


My husband and I went to the Greatest Show on Earth one time (that's the circus, guys, not the strip club) by ourselves.  We had a great time, bought slushies in souvenir mugs, cotton candy, and a plush elephant toy.  We also had ringside seats so we had a good view.  We both noticed that other adults gave us mildly concerned puzzled looks.  We started wondering about it and decided that they were looking at us and thinking, "Do these two know that their children have wandered off?"  I'm sure it didn't help that a couple of seats next to us were empty.
Little did these people know that we were the children.  We went to the circus again the next year but we took along a friend's child so we wouldn't worry the other adults.  You know, we didn't want to spoil their good time.  I have no idea why that story popped into my head but it did.  And then I had words to put in this post.  Isn't that just the second greatest thing on earth?

The Fine Print: No elephants or small children were harmed in the making of this post. All stuff by Club Scrap "Birds of a Feather" kit.  Sorry if this is a rerun card.  It was in my pending folder and I was too lazy to check it out.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Colour Challenge Mid-Way Post

A whole week has gone by and I can't say I've fallen in love with the colors for the latest challenge at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog.  That said, I haven't grown to hate them either.  I just feel at a loss of what to do with so many colors.  Plus the inspiration photo has GUMDROPS in it and once I look at it all I can think is how I need some gumdrops.
My card has a distinct lack of stamping on it but by gosh, I did get all those colors in there.  This is a very simple card but I rather like it.  To remind you, here is the inspiration photo:
Now I must go hunt down some gumdrops.  Oh, and feel free to make something with these colors and join in our challenge at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog.  And feel free to mail me some gumdrops.  Or money.  Money is an acceptable substitute.  You know, so I can go and buy gumdrops with it.

The Fine Print: All supplies by A Muse Studio, stamp set used "Friend to Friend;" cardstock used pebble, berry, shell, buttercup and melon; other supplies used onyx pearl and a corner chomper thingy.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Scales of Injustice

On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm hot and itchy and overcome with a strange desire to lick the cat's ear.  I guess that puts me at about 8 with 10 being batshit crazy.  Hey, it happens.  And the cat just looks like he needs his ear licked.  And his nails trimmed, but that's a whole other story.

See, this is why I don't post when I don't have things to say.  Random insanity comes out instead.

The Fine Print: Stamps 'n Stuff by Club Scrap "Apothecary" set.  I'm still itchy.  And hot.  Spring has forsaken us for this thing called Summer, not to be confused with Furnace Blast which will be in a couple more of months.  I can see I am going to have to forgo purchasing stamps so I can purchase air conditioning instead.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Happy Day

I hope you are a having a happy day!

The Fine Print: Nothing funny here, just wishes for you to have a happy day.  You are under absolutely no obligation to have a happy day.  In fact, you can have a shitty day if that is your preference.  I mean, I don't know why you'd want to have a shitty day but maybe it is just happening and you've decided to embrace it, in which case, more power to you!  Card from some Basic Gray card kit but I don't know which one.  I hope that doesn't ruin your day.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Color Challenge

Sometimes I like the challenge of a.....um.... well, a challenge.  It can be fun to be given specific guidelines and then to come up with something using those guidelines.  Often it makes you think outside your box or comfort zone.  Other times it makes you pull your hair and gnash your teeth.

This was one of those times.

It is time for a new challenge at the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog. This time around it is a color challenge, where you are shown a picture and you need to use the color schemes shown in the photo.  I've never done one of those before and always thought they would be fun.

And indeed they are fun, if you are in a crafting mood.  After my this and that day this past weekend, I really haven't felt like settling down into any one project.  In fact, I've continued to dabble with this and that and ignored all the "need to do" crafting projects.  I did manage to crank out this challenge card but I'm not sure I really like it.
It could be the wonky color combo that I would never have put together on my own. Most color challenges I've seen are three colors, not five, so I found it hard t get them all in there.  In fact the light pink is barely represented by the pink pearls on the insides of the flowers.  The card design itself is a CASE (Copy and Steal Everything, in case you forgot).  The original is by A Muse Studio Consultant, Angela Kelley.  Her card was in a much more normal color combo in blues and greens.

The more I look at this card the more it grows on me (like mold).  That's the color combo this time around.  I hope you jump in and join us.  I'm not just saying that for the challenge's sake, but also for my sake so I can come up with another idea using these colors for the mid-way update.

The Fine Print: Stamp sets used--Papillon, Beautiful Botanicals 2, You're So Sweet, and Extraordinary Background. Cardstock used--Melon (the orange), pebble (the light gray), and sugar (the white).  Inks used--Pebble (the background), Slate (the sponged edges), berry (the bright pink), and Buttercup (the yellow-y color).  Other products used--Copic markers, poinsettia dies, Seattle and white baker's cording, and pink pearls.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birds are Just Like People

I learned something this weekend: wild birds are just like people.  Yesterday I found some very old trail mix in the cupboard.  Rather than just toss it out I poured it into the bird feeder out back.  Lots of svelte songbirds came to eat, as did the slim cardinals as they love that fancy non-seed stuff.  Today I had some left over popcorn so I poured that into the bird feeder.  Within minutes lots of overweight doves showed up to eat it.
See!  It is just like the people.  The anxious slender folks love their trail mix and fat and happy people love their buttered popcorn!  This proves that it is all Mother Nature's doing.  Some of us were born to be sleek cardinals and others of us were born to be pudgy doves.  We shouldn't fight it. 

The Fine Print: Remember that it isn't nice to fool Mother Nature.  So on that note, someone pass me a cookie.  Card parts, cut out, and bird by Club Scrap "Birds of a Feather" kit.  White rick rack by unknown.  And some of us were born to be annoying pigeons, but that's a other story for another day.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

happy birthday

I'm having one of those days where I can't get settled.  I did a little of this, a little of that, a smidgen of this, and a bit of that.  Ultimately that means I didn't accomplish any one thing.  Except this card.  I did complete that.  I guess that's something.

The Fine Print:  Card base and cut out by Club Scrap "Lotus Pond."  Twine by May Arts.  Square brads by unknown.  I just realized there is quite the glare in the upper corner of this card.  Put on your sunglasses and it will be okay.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Double Dog Dare Ya

If you are a cardmaker then I'm sure you have heard of an easel card.  There are different styles of easel cards including an angled one and the ever-popular full frontal.  I guess one easel just isn't enough for the likes of us because now people have gone on to invent double and triple easel cards.
Here is a double easel card that I made at a workshop earlier this week.  Actually, it isn't a card, it is just the card topper.  This whole thing is made to be adhered to a card if you so desire.  I thought it was quite the fun project and easier to make than one might suspect.  Then again, I didn't have to cut out all the pieces for it.  We were given a demonstration on how to cut out some of the pieces using just butterfly wing dies.  It definitely takes some thought to cut out and to assemble.
Here is an angled view so you can see the "easel" parts better. That flower on the wire sticking out from the right of the butterflies does serve a purpose other than being decorative.
See!  That little flower on a wire helps keeps the butterflies flat.  Although the flower itself isn't particularly flat.  Work with me here! 

The Fine Print: Almost all the everythings by Stampin' Up.  The larger butterflies were a Sizzix die that may or may not be one SU sells.  This is a fun card but don't expect me to start cranking them out.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Today is my Mom's birthday.  I mentioned that to someone today and they asked me how old she was.  I thought there was some unwritten rule that you never ask a woman how old she is?  I mean, granted they weren't asking the woman in question how old she was; they were asking me to tell them.  That's rather rude to expect me to squeal like that.  Anyway, the answer to that question (since you are now dying to know it) is that my mom is older than me.  'Nuff said on that.

My Mom lives in New Mexico.  You know, the 47th state of the union that is often mistaken for that entire country to the south of the United States.  The state that has the motto "Land of Enchantment" but if you've ever had the pleasure of dealing with local law enforcement quickly becomes "Land of Entrapment."  Those phrases got a coworker to ask for other three-word phrases to describe his home state of New Mexico.  "Red or Green" in reference to their chili was a popular response.  "No Habla Inglis" was another good one.  But the winner was, "Think Tucson's Boring?!"

Happy Birthday to you, Mom!  May your day be enchanting, filled with red or green chili, and just the right amount of boring.*

The Fine Print: All the card stuff by Club Scrap "Serrento."  *As I've grown older I've learned that boring isn't necessarily bad.  It tends to mean a heck of a lot less drama.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No One Told Me

Here's another card from the Serrento kit.  I have one more card from that kit (so far) to share with you but since it is the one I sent to my mom for her birthday, you'll have to wait until her birthday to see it.  Don't panic, you don't have long to wait, just one more day!
The other day I was talking to a coworker who now works at a different campus than me.  She was bemoaning about one of the guys she supervises.  She said that he doesn't do anything unless you tell him to.  She is constantly having to remind him of his next scheduled task.  "You are supposed to be doing on-line advising now."  "You are supposed to be doing student appointments now."  "You are supposed to be at that training now."  She said he trots off and does the work willingly and does a good job but she has to remind him each and every time. 

My coworker also said that he can sit next to an empty rack of brochures or an empty copy machine and it never dawns on him to get up and fill it. After she said that, I replied, "Oh!  So he is just like a husband!"  We both laughed until tears came out our eyes.  She told me that not only does he act like a husband in that regard, he has the exact same husband response when asked why he didn't do something that needed to be done, "Nobody told me."

The Fine Print: And that is the real reason God invented women.  Nobody has to tell them to get shit done, they just do it.  All the card stuff by Club Scrap.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Aspire to Inspire

Here is another card I made from the Serrento kit.  I like the greeting on it even though it alludes to the fact that one day you'll be dead.
I know people don't like to talk about death but sort of like that book....
...yeah, THAT book.  Everyone does it.
Everyone does both those things that are not discussed in polite company.

I was going to say that I didn't have any stories to share but the Everyone Poops reference dredged up an old memory.  Rather than flush it back down I thought I'd share.  Back in the day when my nephew was a sweet little toddler (instead of the shit he is now) he received the book Once Upon a Potty for Christmas.  Now, if you know me, you know given a choice I'd kayak a sewer than do Christmas with my family.  This Christmas was particularly horrendous as my older brother had developed an annoying habit of video recording every single thing even if the people involved didn't want to be video-taped.  He probably even has video of people taking a dump, in keeping with the crappy topic of this post.  After being asked nicely, cajoled, threatened, and then screamed a shit storm at, I finally dragged myself to the family opening of presents and promptly began reading Once Upon a Potty to the video camera.  And that is how I single handedly ruined Christmas more so than a turd in a punch bowl per Mr. Video Man.  Apparently the screaming, back stabbing, bickering, and belittling my family is known for never once ruined a Christmas, but shit!  Read one little children's book out loud and everything goes down the drain.

The Fine Print: Card parts 'n stuff from Club Scrap.  And might I suggest that whether or not you inspired before you expired, try not to expire on the commode.  Seriously, take it from Elvis, that's a crappy way to go.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Return of the Twinchie!

A whole week has passed since I last twinched which means that it is now time for the midway challenge for the A Muse Studio Challenge Blog.  A "twinchie" for those of you not in the know, as I was only a mere week ago, is a two-inch by two-inch decorated square that you put on your crafting artwork.  I stand by my original premise that I don't see the appeal of making twinchies but I also see that they can be more involved than I first thought.  Check out the a|s blog to see some more examples.  I know I did and that helped me better understand the twinchie.
So far no one from the public has gone out and made twinchies to join in our challenge.  Jump in and try it out!  There is a fabulous hexagon background stamp to be given to one lucky winner.

The Fine Print: When I first made my twinchies I couldn't see how a person could put only two of them on a card and have it look balanced.  Once I saw what my fellow design team members made up I realized that it could be done.  All products by A Muse Studio.  Stamps used-"Extraordinary Background" and "Just My Type;" cardstock used-apple (new color alert!) and sugar; other supplies-Copic markers and washi tape from the tuxedo assortment.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Inside your Hug?

You know how I'm always saying that I get stamp kits and then tend to only make one or two cards from it at any given time?  Well, that's not always true.  You see, sometimes I get stamp kits in the mail and I'm too busy to play at all and then the next thing you know it is almost a whole year later.

I have been hugged before in my life but only once qualifies me for  being inside of one.  There was some team-building exercise at work and we were to hug at the end.  I held back not being the huggy type, but the HR lady hunt me down, like a tigress stalking her prey.   "Let me hug you!"  She grabbed me and pulled me close.  To say that this lady was bosomy is an understatement.  I disappeared right inside her hug like I was enveloped by a soft pillow.  It was a most excellent hug.  After that I refused all other hugs saying no one could top that one.  Besides, who wants to hug their coworkers?  I mean, besides our former Top Dawg who got run out of town on a rail for much more than being huggy.

The Fine Print: All pieces and parts from Club Scrap "Serrano" from July 2012.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Cute Little Book

The other day my crafting friends and I got together and we made these little books called mini maze books out of a 12x12 piece of cardstock.  We used plain cardstock so we didn't have to worry about getting things cut and folded right to make a pattern be the right way around, but the project this was based off did indeed have this concern.
We added fancy covers to our books and decorated them with goodies from the latest Club Scrap kit.  These mini maze books are made to be held shut with a ribbon.  The sample our teacher made had the ribbon held on via the back cover only.  You would wrap it around the front to tie.  I decided to adhere mine down under the front cover as well because I didn't want it to cover up the design on the front.

Hey, if you want to see how the book is made, you can check out this tutorial from Club Scrap HERE.  There is also a free download where you can download and print our your own mini mini maze book.  Since this is designed to be printed on an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper this mini book will be smaller than the ones we made in class.  It will give you the idea of how to make it and you should be able to easily transfer that idea to a 12x12 sheet.

The Fine Print:  Probably everything is Club Scrap because our teacher is a very generous person who is willing to share her Club Scrap goodies with us, including letting us each have a packet of squished bottle caps with epoxy stickers, our choice of cut outs (the cover pieces), fancy velvet paper, and a large packet of sticky pearls.  I didn't decorate the inside of my book yet, but the other ladies did with stamps and washi tapes.  I'll do mine soonish.  Probably.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Simon Says Spring

I pulled out the March Simon Says Stamp kit the other day to play with it.  I didn't get to play long as I had other non-crafting things to do (so sad, isn't it?).  I did make a couple of cards though.

This first card is not made with the flower stamp that Simon Says included.  I could not get the flower in the set they sent to work.  It is a clear stamp and no matter how I put it down on the block it got an air bubble in it so it wouldn't stamp evenly.  Also, you've heard the saying 'deeply etched rubber.'  Well, these stamps are the exact opposite of whatever deeply etched is.  I don't usually start out making cards with strips of paper.  I usually leave that for the end when strips of paper are all I have left.  I didn't really like this card once I finished it.  However, it looked quite fine in the morning.

The next card is more like how I start out making cards from a kit--with full sheets of patterned paper to play with.  This stamp had some die cut stickers with it so I opted to use one of those on this card.  I just realized that there is no stamping on this card.  I guess those not-deeply-etched stamps got the best of me.  The paper flowers are from my stash.  I try to use them from time to time since my friend likes to laugh at how many of them I own.
The Fine Print: Papers, stamps and supplies from Simon Says Stamp unless otherwise noted.  Flower head from Autumn Leaves, paper flowers by Prima, and green jewels, sparkly pink brad, and white ribbon from stash.

Monday, April 8, 2013


Once upon a time someone invented inchies.  They are one-inch square pieces of art.  You take patterned paper or create a master sheet and punch out one-inch squares that you then put on your card or layout in some pleasing manner.  The catch with inchies is that one-inch square ain't a lot of space.

Now then someone else came along and invented TWINCHIES.  That is a two-inch square version of the same thing.  I just don't get it when it comes to twinchies.  After all a two-inch square is a real size, you can do real things with it.  What's the catch?  I guess the catch is that two inches doesn't go onto a regular card in a pleasing manner.  You can put lots of one-inch squares on an A2 card in all sorts of different ways, but with two-inch squares you are limited to a grid or overlapping.

Or it could be that I'm missing the point.  I say that because I've never twinched before.  However, it is time again for the latest A Muse Studio Challenge and this time it is all about twinchies.  I can't wait to what you and the design team comes up with to see if I'm in the ballpark.  So join in today to see if I'm in at the pier for the right boat or if I'm at the train station again.

The Fine Print: I really have no idea if it is okay for twinchies to get put on an angle or not, but I did it.  I also put borders on them also.  I'd never do either with inchies so it could be that the twinchie police will come after me real soon!  Top card: stamps used-Let's be Adventurers; card stock used-sugar, cherry, and onyx petite polka dot.  Bottom card: stamps used-Modern Zinnia, Snail & Co., and Just My Type; card stock used-shell, grass, and sugar; inks used-blackberry, grass and shell.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Little Ray of Sunshine

I pulled out one of the multiple Club Scrap boxes I have in my house and was pleasantly surprised to see that it actually had a Club Scrap kit in it.  You just never know what else I've stashed in those boxes.  I keep trying to downsize them but they are so sturdy, and handy, and useful! 

The Fine Print: All parts from a really old kit called Solstice.  Charles says hi, get off the computer and pet me.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Dapper Man

I am thinking that this may be the card I'll have my stamping pals make this week.  I rather like it  I really adore this stamp even though it is part of a Father's Day set and I have no daddy to send a card to.  And the cats aren't really into sending a card to my hubby, although the kittens have both tried their hand (paw?) at stamping, having walked though an inkpad.

Here is a math problem for you.  Not only is it a math problem, it is a math WORD problem.  I'm sorry to do this to you but my math abilities aren't up to it.  I used to own two Tim Holtz rulers.  One was in my travel bag and one was on my desk (1+1=2).  However, I broke the one in my travel bag because it stuck out and got caught on something (2-1=1).  I had to shuffle the one remaining ruler between my bag and my desk all the time and that caused me to whine because there was a reason I had two of them in the first place.  Then my hubby took pity on my and bought me a new Tim Holtz ruler (1+1=2, right?).  So how come I only have ONE Tim Holtz ruler now?  Apparently I now live in some alternate universe where 1+1=1 because I am still shuffling one ruler back and forth between my new travel bag (bigger to accommodate rulers) and my desk.

Either that or my hubby just lovingly wrapped up the ruler I already owned and gave it to me as a gift as part of some diabolical plan.  If so, it has worked for several months but now I'm on to him.

The Fine Print: Can you say 'gas lamping' kids?  I knew you could!  Dapper man stamp by A Muse Studio from the "Father's Day" set, card stock wasabi petite polka dot and plain, onxy, and silver brads.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Spring

I thought I should play with the A Muse Studio spotlight stamps some more.  I need to come up with a project for my stamping pals for when we meet next week.  I came up with this card but I'm not sure this is what we're going to do.
I really want to do something with the cute bunny from the Color Me Happy set but I am lacking ideas for that.  I know that set isn't in the spotlight, but that's okay.  I thought it would be nice to make cards based on what's on sale, but I don't have to. I have a whole weekend to come up with something so we'll see what we end up with.

By the way, my diabolical plan worked.  I knew as soon as I bought new black photo corners the ones I had but could not find would turn up.  Sure enough!  Not only did the ones I couldn't find show back up, but I found another stash I did not even know I had.  I guess I'd better come up with some card designs using black photo corners now.

The Fine Print: Stamps used-Mod Backgrounds 1, Charming Gardeners, Papillon, and Color Me Happy (greeting); card stock used-buttercups, sugar, and cocoa; inks used-cocoa, grass, and Memento black; other items-Copic markers and French roast pearls.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Good Book

I just finished a really good book.  I love to read really good books, but they are hard to follow up.  You know that the odds are not forever in your favor and whatever you decide to read next is going to pale in comparison.
The Fine Print: All stamps and papers by Club Scrap "Bookshelves" collection.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthday Party Revisited

If you read my post last week about my stamp club's birthday party then you'll know what these cards are all about.  They were an easy project that could be duplicated for 50 people and as a bonus showed folks a way to use up scraps.

As much work as it is I love doing make and takes for people.  For one thing I know how much I love to do them so I like to give that to people.  Plus so many of my fellow crafters are collectors only who rarely ever make anything.   This gives them the chance to actually create and maybe they'll go home and start using some of those supplies they are hoarding.

One of the other things I like about make and takes is seeing what people end up making.  This one was especially fun because there was such a wide variety of paper strips to chose from as well as an array of greetings.  Every single card made had its own unique flavor to it. 

Most of the ladies did the exact same design as I did and that's fine.  There were a few rebels who struck out on their own, mostly by adding more strips of paper.  Others changed how the bottom of each strip was cut.  Instead of an inverted V, they did an angle or a point.  There were other ladies who wanted to follow my sample cards to the letter.  They looked for the exact same strips of paper I used (and they were there to be had).  Some wanted to know the exact measurement each strip of paper hung down and where the exact placement of the greeting should be.  Others yet wanted to know how many times around I wrapped the twine. That is what is so fun about crafting.  We each have our own approach to projects.

The Fine Print: Greeting stamp by A Muse Studio, paper strips from Basic Grey, and twine from May Arts.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spotlight Time

I haven't used my blog to pimp out the A Muse Studio spotlight items in awhile so it is about high time I do it.  Every month a|s puts 5 stamps sets and a special paper pack sampler on sale.  The paper pack is always a scrumptious selection of great colors that go together and this month's is extra awesome.
I love the colors in it and I'm glad they bundled them together because I don't know that I would have put them together myself.  The stamps sets they chose this time are no slouch either.  Hand Scripted with all the great greetings has proven to be a very popular set.  I love that they have similar butterflies facing in opposite directions in the Papillon set.  How many times have you come up with the perfect card design only to have your butterfly facing the wrong way?!   I for one am glad I had choices otherwise my card would have looked silly.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these stamps or the Spring Fling cardstock pack, you can do so by ordering off my website HERE or contacting me directly.

The Fine Print:  Stamp used-Hand Scripted, Charming Gardeners, and Papillon; card stock used-grass and sugar; other supplies-Bermuda ribbon, Spellbinders Labels 8 die (a|s sells this) and Copic markers.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Return of Clean and Simple

It's that time!  Indeedy pie, we are at the mid-way challenge of the latest (and greatest) A Muse Studio challenge.   In case you weren't paying attention, this time around the challenge is to make a card that is clean and simple.  That means filled with wide open spaces and limited layers and embellishments.

I know!  I know!  It makes me twitchy just thinking of it!  But if I can do it, you can do it!
Here is my first Clean and Simple card.  Some folks might say that cutting out the zig zags is not simple, but it is! You just snip at an angle one way they turn back around and snip at the other angle the other way.  Easy peasy!  After seeing this post I'm thinking that all 4 corners need to be rounded and not just the top.
This second card is one of my favorite sympathy card designs.  I added a strip of chevron paper behind it for a little oomph, but it does just fine without it too.

So those are my cards, why don't you make a CAS card and join in our challenge too?  There is a fabulous die set being given out to one lucky winner!

The Fine Print: Top card-Stamps and die from "Squeeze the Day," cardstock used orange and black chevron, inks used orange and Memento black.  Bottom card-Stamps from "Friend to Friend" and "Essential Sentiments," die from Butterfly Trio, cardstock used mermaid, mermaid chevron print, and sugar, inks used mermaid and Memento black, other items onyx pearls.