Saturday, October 10, 2015

In Thru the Out Door

Somehow the card making vibe has been elusive lately. When that happens I often pick up a kit since it comes with a limited set of stuff to play with and often has ideas that you can copy--no brain power required. So I picked up one and it immediately said things I don't usually do like "color with gelatos" and "cut an aperture." It turns out that there was a lot of brain power required for these guys.
They were fun to make though. I am liking that Hero Hues black ink for nice crisp images. You can't use it with Copics because it will smear (which is why I was wondering if I should like it or not). It was fine with the water brush and gelatos. Different inks for different stuff--now I see why some of y'all have every ink out there. Yeah, don't expect me to go ink crazy though. It's never been my thing.

The Fine Print: However, lately my Memento inks have been letting me down. I think there is a limit to how often you can reink a pad before you just need to toss it start over.  Card kit from Club Scrap "Random Doorways." And what do you know, a live post from me on a weekend!


Georgiana said...

I sure do like seeing the message behind the door.

SARN said...

Shut the front door! These are great cards PJ. Even if they DID require more brain power than you originally thought.

I have a tonne of inks . . . but I agree . . . I adore Memento, but sometimes it lets me down and is NOT crisp . . . I think it depends on the cardstock!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Leslie Hanna said...

Except for the "cut an aperture" part, I like those kits. I can't do anything straight.

And yeah, different inks for different techniques, but I mostly collect black. I have a ton of colors I rarely use, and I've stopped buying ink. the black Hero Hues ink is the BEST dye ink, in my opinion. I always get a good impression with it.

Carol L said...

Having a message behind the doors is really a cute idea! I love that "shut the front door" one especially!

Greta said...

Great job! I never do the complicated ones, but fun seeing them when other people do!

Bonnie said...

What a fun card, PJ! I agree. Sometimes I think it's better to toss the ink pad rather than re-ink!

butterfly said...

Yes, more inks, more inks!! Love your apertures, opening the door onto whole new worlds.
Alison xx